Thursday, September 23, 2010


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A colleague of mine recently asked me to share my thoughts about the upcoming ecstatic birth tele-summit which begins October 20th. What follows are some of my musings.

First, what I'd like to share is that when I read the original invitation to the event, what I kept imagining was that the word "sensuality" was being used in place of the word "sexuality" as a way to make the ecstatic birth tele-summit sound less threatening to the mainstream world. While it makes sense to me that there would be some concern about using the word "sexuality" in the context of a larger culture that is heavily engaged in the shadow expression of sexual energy, I feel it is important for us to honor (and not dilute the reality) that birth is a sexual experience -- and also for us to boldly encourage all people to get comfortable with the sexual realities of birth -- including the reality that birth (and breastfeeding) can lead to orgasm.

Second, it is important for us to understand (and speak to) the reasons why many people are uncomfortable thinking about birth as a sexual event - the main reason being, of course, that the expression of human sexuality in our culture has become shadowy and perverse, and millions of adults have been misusing their sexual energy and parasitically attaching to each other as a means of attaining physical gratification. It is one thing for us, as adults, to be willing to reduce ourselves and each other to objects of fleshy indulgence. It is quite another thing, however, for us to be willing to do this with our babies and/or turn our babies into objects through which we can gain a satisfactory physical sensation. That is why, when people think about having (and/or actually do have) an orgasm while giving birth and/or breastfeeding, many feel ashamed and uncomfortable, as if the experience of orgasm only has a place within the sordid world of carnal desire.

Even those who do not understand or "get" this on a conscious level intuitively understand it, and it negatively influences their acceptance of the idea that birth can and should be a sexually ecstatic experience.

This is something that absolutely needs to be understood and addressed (i.e., the shame we feel about having a sexually pleasurable experience in relation to our children) and it requires a discussion -- straight up -- about the dysfunction that is playing itself out in our culture around sexuality and the habit that most adult humans have of reducing themselves (and each other) to objects of physical gratification.

Third, it is important to understand that when we approach birth as if it is separate from the sex we had or are having (and the thoughts and experiences that we had or are having) during the conception and gestation of our children, we are missing something huge. Birth is not separate from the rest of our sexual attitudes, beliefs, habits, behaviors, customs and practices. And it is not separate from our past experiences. It is the CULMINATION of these experiences/ways of being and birth can often be a RECAPITULATION of earlier events. If either parent has negative, lustful, fearful, or shame-based thoughts about the sex they are having during conception (or about the person they are having sex with), this will imprint into the fetus and affect his or her life forever. Similarly, if either parent has experienced trauma around sexuality, conception, gestation, or birth, and/or if these experiences have remained unconscious and/or un-integrated by either parent, then they will unconsciously imprint onto the fetus and often play themselves out (i.e., recapitulate) during the gestation or at the birth of the child. It is imperative for us -- as leaders in this field -- to start paying attention to all of the circumstances leading up to the birth if we sincerely want to support women to have an ecstatic and pleasurable birth experience. Also, we should pay much more attention to the need for ALL FAMILY MEMBERS to have an ecstatic birth experience and not just the women.

Fourth, it is fundamental to understand that birth is not just a physical event and the CONSCIOUSNESS of the parents plays a fundamental role in the outcome of the process. When we approach birth as if the "sensuality" of birth is of primary importance, we are focusing on the physicality of birth, rather than supporting people to understand the spiritual, psychological, and psychic dimension of who we are and of what birth is. Birth -- when being experienced by two conscious parents who are bringing forth a conscious child -- is a shamanic and transcendent gateway. It is an INTERDIMENSIONAL event. During birth, we are allowing our physical vessels to become the portal through which another soul may enter into this dimension. This has HUGE spiritual implications which go far beyond having a physically pleasurable experience. Discussions about this reality appear minimal (or entirely missing) from the current teachings about ecstatic birth, yet they are essential for us to integrate (both within ourselves and within the events we organize and promote) if we hope to change the paradigm of birth and successfully bring forth a New Earth.

Everything is about our intention. Do we simply want women to have a physically pleasurable experience of birth? If so, why? Let's ask ourselves, for example, what are the benefits of a woman bringing a vibrator into her birth experience so she can have an orgasm? Is she doing this for hedonistic reasons only, and if so, what type of psychological message and imprint does this leave on her child? If physical pleasure is, indeed, a desired goal in birth, then let's make sure that we -- as teachers and leaders in this field -- are not promoting the pornographic consciousness of fleshy indulgence at birth, but rather helping people understand that ecstasy plays an essential role in activating the neurobiology of love during birth and in creating the context in which love can be preserved in families forever. This is a vital clarification to make.

My main concern is that when we focus on the "sensuality" of birth as a goal, we are promoting a truncated approach to this profoundly life-changing, initiatory rite-of-passage for parents and children. It is imperative for us to do more than simply invite women to be more connected to their bodies and to their sensuality during birth, lest we reduce ourselves and our species to physical objects and minimize the reality that birth is a powerful spiritual event. We need to support parents (both men and women) to understand the larger spiritual context of ecstasy at birth and help them "grock" the grand shamanic portal that is opening for them as they navigate through initiatory gateway of birth.

What I would like to see in the future is the creation of events where all the teachers of ecstatic birth have integrated the things I am sharing here today into their teachings. In this way, we can truly support parents to be fully conscious, integrated beings, who understand (and have moved to the other side of) the sexual, spiritual, psychic, and psychological dysfunction that exists within our culture and within themselves, and who have given full consideration to the multidimensional aspects of bringing forth life. Once that happens, a truly new experience of sexuality and birth can take place, and a truly new humanity can incarnate into our dimension.

One more thing -- regarding the Anastasia books and a comment that was made about Anastasia being a sensual woman and Vladimir lusting after her upon the sight of her naked body. Yes, Anastasia is a sensual being, just as all spiritual beings in a body are. However, Anastasia does not allow herself to be reduced to this function. She collapses Vladimir into paralysis when he attempts to approach her from a lusty/physical gratification perspective. She only allows him to approach her WHEN HE DESIRES TO MAKE A CHILD WITH HER and when his consciousness is not directed toward fleshy indulgence but to the grand aspiration of co-creating life.

And -- once Vladimir has experienced THIS TYPE of sexual experience, the usual sex becomes repugnant to him. He can no longer engage in it. And he can no longer look at Anastasia as a sexual object -- or as a prospective candidate for what our culture would term "romantic love" (which is actually lustful attraction).

Something to consider.

Here are several relevant quotes about sexuality from the Anastasia books, by Vladimir Megre:

Most people are conceived in fleshy indulgence. But Man, the image and likeness of God, should not come into the world as a result of fleshy indulgence.” (Book 4, Co-Creation, p. 168)

“Tell me who – what individual – would want to come into the world as a result of carnal pleasure alone? We would all like to be created under a great impulsion of love, the aspiration to creation itself, and not simply come into the world as a result of someone’s carnal pleasure.” (Book 1, Anastasia, p. 64)

“What people do in bed today, calling it ‘love-making,’ is a mere mockery of Love and a debasement of God. The satisfaction of fleshy needs lasts but for a moment, and I would venture to say that it cannot compare with even a hundredth part of what has been determined in God’s plan for Man.” (Book 8.2, The Rites of Love, p. 152)

“People may enter many times afresh into sexual interaction only through the flesh – not realizing that true satisfaction in the flesh is impossible to attain. A man and a woman who unite on every plane of existence, impelled by radiant inspiration, earnestly aspiring to the act of creation, experience tremendous satisfaction. The Creator gave this experience to Man alone. No transitory thing this satisfaction. In never can compare with fleeting, fleshly gratification.” (Book 1, Anastasia, p. 67)

“They will strive to possess body after body, or make paltry and fateful use of their own bodies, realizing only intuitively that they are drifting farther and farther away from the true happiness of a true union… Here is an absolutely accurate explanation of the cause of conjugal infidelity… a man and a woman – the so-called husband and wife – engage in sex just for the sake of sex. When they intuitively feel they are not getting sufficient satisfaction, they turn to a specialist and read supplementary literature on the subject. They are advised to try various positions and ways of caressing each other – in other words, to engage in a search for greater satisfaction through switching sexual techniques. Note what I said – engage in a search… but where are the limits of this search. Is it just to a change of positions? The logical next step is a change of bodies… (Book 6, The Book of Kin, p. 18)

“No woman can restrain a man from fornication if she allows herself to submit to him merely to satisfy his carnal needs. If that has happened, their marital life will not be a happy one. There marital life is only an illusion of togetherness, a lie, a deception accepted by convention. For the woman immediately becomes a fornicator, regardless of whether she is married to the man or not.” (Book 1, Anastasia, p. 63)

“[Society has] tried to attach shame to anyone who leaves his family. But nothing, at any time or in any situation, has been able to stop Man’s desire to seek out that sense of intuitively felt grace – the greatest satisfaction. And to persist in seeking it.” (Book 1, Anastasia, p. 64)

“Here is the first rule… A female desiring to bear a fully fledged Man and create a solid and happy family must be able to capture the moment at which the male wishes to join with her for the purpose of giving birth to a [child], cherishes the image of their child-to-be and desires its birth… Under these conditions the man and woman obtain the highest possible satisfaction from their intimacy. And the child-to-be obtains a kind of energy which is absent in those who are born in the traditional manner – i.e., haphazardly… The pleasure and bliss experienced through this are significantly superior to mere sexual gratification… once the man has experienced it, he cannot bring himself to exchange the new sensation for mere sexual gratification. He will not be able to, or even desire to, betray his wife – his beloved. That is the moment that marks the beginning of the formation of the family. A happy family.” (Book 6, The Book of Kin, pp. 14-15).

“Nobody in a million years will ever be able to describe in detail what occurs between him and her when, when people merge together into one for the purpose of co-creation and bring forth the image of themselves and of God in a mutual impulse of love. But the god-people of the Vedruss culture knew for certain that when two people are joined together by an unexplainable miracle, each of them subsequently maintains his or her individuality. At the same time, the Universe shudders at the unexplainable moment, upon seeing the vision of the infant’s soul tripping barefoot through the stars, making way to the Earth, thereby embodying in itself the twain – plus a third, in one. (Book 8.2, Rites of Love, p. 150)

The lovers’ bodies were not the focus of attention. The bodies simply carried out people’s will and desire. People at that moment found themselves living in a different dimension. When the great and worthy act was accomplished, they returned to the Earth.” (Book 8.2, Rites of Love, pp. 152-153)

Monday, September 13, 2010


1. My heartfelt desire to uplift and empower the masculine energy and to assist in the transformation of male consciousness worldwide.

2. My wisdom about the social construction of masculinity and my belief that the American definition of manhood has little or nothing to do with who men really are and everything to do with imprisoning the masculine essence on our planet and keeping it trapped in a wounded paradigm of separation from love and the feminine.

3. My ideas about how men can reclaim their power and potency as men and step fully into the Godman essence that is their birthright.

4. My knowing that a whole new culture in male/female relationships needs to be created, and that in order to do this we must be ruthlessly honest with ourselves about the way we have been manipulated and conditioned to have sex. It is imperative for us, as a species, to make a radical shift away from the lustful paradigm of “love” that we have all been participating in and steadfastly refuse to view each other as objects of physical gratification.

5. My commitment to helping men understand the damage that is being done to our species by the habit most people have of conceiving their babies unconsciously and during moments of fleshy indulgence. It is imperative for men to understand that their consciousness plays an extremely important role during the conception, gestation and birth of their children. Men’s thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes – especially at the precise moment of conception – will be imprinted onto their child’s psyche forever. The thoughts that men have about the sex they are having and the women they are having sex with will lay the foundation for the relationship patterns and sexual inclinations of their offspring. If we hope to end the lineage of a pornographically addicted, love-deprived species, we must educate men about the part their consciousness plays in the development and outcome of their children.

6. My truth that the most important thing for all humans, men and women alike, is that they find the path to creating a life filled with love. That path is outlined in the Anastasia books and is covered, in depth, in the Birth of a New Earth educational programs, some of which are designed specifically for men.

7. My ability as a woman to give birth ecstatically and to bring forth new life in a conscious, joyful way. My goal is to use this birthing ability to give birth to a whole New Earth. The future Earth will be filled with men and women living in sacred partnership, bringing forth new life in a conscious, love-filled way. All children will be deeply wanted, consciously conceived, gestated in trauma-free wombs, and birthed in gentle, loving environments. Our planet will become a flourishing garden, filled with happy families who are immersed in a culture that understands the keys to the preservation of love in families forever.

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one

John Lennon

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Jeanice Barcelo, M.A. is an independent childbirth educator, TV and radio show host, international public speaker, and prenatal and birth trauma prevention specialist. She brings the message of conscious procreation to planetary leaders worldwide and is especially enthusiastic about empowering men regarding the important role they play during the conception, gestation and birth of their children. She is the creator of the Birth of a New Earth Curriculum which is based, in large part, on the Anastasia series written by Vladimir Megre, and which outlines the specific details necessary to the creation of happy families and to the preservation of love in families forever. She offers workshops, seminars, and teacher trainings, as well as educational programs and talks designed specifically for men. She can be reached through her website at or by emailing

Friday, September 10, 2010

GATEWAY - A Poem About Conscious Procreation

I’m standing today at the gateway
Between what was and what is to come
Prepared to embrace my future
Yet remembering where I come from

Integration is happening inside me
All my pieces are coming together
Parts of me that were hiding in darkness
Have come into the light now – forever

The road has been long and treacherous
So many memories I kept from myself
Wounded imprints from trauma in childhood
Hidden poisons left rotting on the shelf

The courage it has taken is enormous
To lift the lid on the secret and unseen
To understand what has locked me in misery
To release it and finally feel clean

Generations of wounded have come before me
Passing their darkness onto their young
Unwilling to examine their shadows
Burying their heads and biting their tongues

Their silence and denial offends me
How dare they perpetuate their pain?
Why haven’t they owned up to their darkness?
Instead of creating more and more of the same

As a teenager I decided I had had it
That I would NOT pass on the disease
That I’d rather stay childless and single
Until at last I had found the right keys

To unlocking the doorway to divinity
Putting an end to the lineage of abuse
Saying NO to the lies of my elders
And then finally untangling the noose

The core of our pain starts in childbirth
And gestation filled with loathing and fear
Our own mothers handing over their power
Taking drugs, smoking cigarettes, drinking beer

And then birthing their babies in violence
C-sections, episiotomies, and more
Epidurals, anesthetic, and demerol
Separation that goes right to the core

Ridiculous attempts to create numbness
To deny our culture of hate
Birthing babies asleep and unconscious
Leaving infants alone at the gate

How disgusting to hand over our power
Undermining the essence of birth
What on Earth could we possibly be thinking
As we belittle our value and worth

Denying our own inner calling
To protect our infants at birth
Handing over our sons to be circumcised
Then pretending that they don’t feel traumatized

Allowing our babies to be taken
To be poked and prodded and hurt
Then placed in nurseries of horror
Their nervous systems on hyper-alert

And I question how many infants must suffer
At the hands of this sadism and pain
C-sections, episiotomy, circumcision,
All done for profit and gain

It’s pathetic and I knew it from the get go
That the buck stops with me – and that’s that
I will NOT birth my babies in violence
Or allow others to tell me where it’s at

I have grown into a strong, empowered woman
With a voice that’s committed to truth
Speaking out about outrageous betrayals
When others may think me uncouth

Well too bad! I accept myself fully
And I am done with holding myself back
Stripping away old layers of uncertainty
Putting an end to my suffering and lack

And my efforts have evolved me into an elder
That embodies great wisdom and love
Standing ready to guide the next generation
On the path to rising above

Stepping into my God-given power
At the portal to really BIG love
Now attracting the arrival of my bridegroom
On the threshold to all I dream of

Passing through the gateway to divinity
Into the life I was really born to live
Filled with passion, aliveness and abundance
And receiving all that I give

I am standing today at the gateway
To fulfilling my purpose on Earth
Sacred union of male and female
Conscious conception, enlightened gestation, ecstatic birth

Jeanice Barcelo, M.A.
TV and Radio Show Host
Empowering Men at Birth
Prenatal and Birth Trauma Prevention

Monday, September 6, 2010


Birth of a New Earth is pleased to announce the creation of a brand new educational series designed specifically for men. This revolutionary 12-week program is being offered — first on Maui and then worldwide — as a means to uplift the masculine energy on planet Earth and to help fill a void that runs very deep in our culture due to its tendency to focus on women’s role during pregnancy and birth while relegating men to the peripheral background.

Throughout the western world, there is virtually no education or support for future fathers. The lack of information regarding the masculine role during the conception, pregnancy, and birth phases of family life has left many men feeling alienated and confused during the gestation and birth of their children. Assigned the menial position of “spare part” by their culture and by the medical profession, men have been denied the opportunity to enact their full power during pregnancy and birth, often losing the respect of their partners and unable to fully bond with their children. The alienation and isolation that fathers feel during the childbearing year is at least partially responsible for the breakdown of family love on our planet and the reason why men are leaving their families in droves. It is imperative for us as a species to reverse this negative trend and re-establish the important role of the masculine as it relates to bringing forth new life.

This series is intended to call men forward into their full power and potency and will be a forum to discuss a variety of topics including human sexuality, male/female relationships, the western definition of “masculinity,” the importance of the preconception and conception phases of childbirth, and the vital part that men need to play during the gestation and birth of their children. Classes are scheduled to begin in early November at a location that is soon to be announced.

This series is being offered FREE OF CHARGE to the first 10 men who register ($195 per person thereafter). We will be videotaping the entire series in order to use it for future television programs and to make the footage available to men and couples worldwide.

PLEASE NOTE: the teachings about conscious procreation that are presented in the Ringing Cedars series of books written by Vladimir Megre, are an essential component of this program. The first 10 men who register for this series will receive a FREE copy of the first book in the series entitled “Anastasia.”

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you live on Maui and know someone who you think may be interested to participate in the classes, please have them contact me at

If you are inspired by this endeavor and would like to support it, donations can be made by clicking on the paypal “donate” button below.