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Multiple Infant Vaccines Linked To Dramatically Increased Mortality

"A new study published in the journal Vaccine has brought to light an extremely disturbing though still virtually unreported dark side to immunization campaigns within low-income countries, namely, the observation that infant mortality sometimes increases when the number of co-administered vaccines increases; a finding diametrically opposed to the widely held belief that vaccination is always a life-saving intervention, and that the more vaccines administered to infants the better.

New Study Links DTP and Yellow Fever Vaccines To Infant Deaths

The new observational study from the West African country Guinea-Bissau titled, "Co-administration of live measles and yellow fever vaccines and inactivated pentavalent vaccines is associated with increased mortality compared with measles and yellow fever vaccines only,"[i] opens with a reference to the already consistent observation in the biomedical literature that the co-administration of inactivated diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP) vaccine and live attenuated measles vaccine (MV) increases mortality compared with receiving MV only. [ii] [iii]

The purpose of the new investigation was to determine whether co-administration of pentavalent vaccine (PV) with MV and yellow fever vaccine (YF) had similar negative effects. Both PV and YF vaccines were introduced in Guinea-Bissau in 2008, with PV containing 5 vaccine antigens in one shot (DTP-H. Influenza type B-Hepatitis B).

The study findings emerged from a randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial conducted in 2007-2011, where researchers administered vitamin A at routine vaccination contacts among children aged 6-23 months in urban and rural Guinea-Bissau. A total of 2331 children were randomized to placebo, receiving either live vaccines only (MV or MV+YF) or a combination of live and inactivated vaccines (MV+DTP or MV+YF+pentavalent).

When mortality was compared, the adjusted mortality rate ratio (MRR) for co-administered live and inactivated vaccines compared with live vaccines only was over three times greater (3.24 (1.20-8.73). When MV+YF+pentavalent was compared with MV+YF only, the adjusted MRR was almost eight times greater (7.73 (1.79-33.4)) for the combination of the three vaccines versus two.

The researchers concluded:

"In line with previous studies of DTP, the present results indicate that pentavalent vaccine co-administered with MV and YF is associated with increased mortality."

Pentavalent and Yellow Fever Vaccines Already Linked To Fatalities

This finding takes on a more disturbing light when one considers that by the end of 2013, largely through the efforts of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI), pentavalent vaccines will have reached close to 200 million children in 72 developing countries. GAVI also states that yellow fever vaccines have been administered to 60 million children, "averting an estimated 160,000 future deaths." Pentavalent vaccines have already created widespread controversy by being linked to clusters of infant deaths in every Southeast and South Asian country where they have been introduced, including Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and India. Similarly, yellow fever vaccines have been linked to deaths as far back as 2001, when 7 people were found contracting yellow fever and dying from the vaccine itself. The obvious question then emerges: Could both the pentavalent and yellow fever vaccines actually be increasing mortality despite GAVI's position that they are a life-saving intervention that presumably should be administered to every at risk child in the developing world?

What adds additional weight to this concern is that there is already a well-established history of DTP (and oral polio) vaccines being linked to increased morbidity and mortality in low-income countries, starting with this 2000 BMJ article also in a population of vaccinated infants from Guinea-Bissau that found recipients of one dose of DTP or polio vaccines had higher mortality than children who had received none of these vaccines. A 2011 study of Guinea-Bissau females found DTP vaccine administered simultaneously with measles vaccine is associated with increased morbidity and poor growth in girls.[iv] Clearly the vaccines can cause significant harm. Another far more recent study published this year in the journal Tropical Medicine and International Health found that DTP vaccination is responsible for higher mortality among Indian girls. Another 2005 study on vaccinated female infants in India found that those who receive both the tuberculosis vaccine Bacillus Calmette–Guérin (BCG) and DTP experience significantly higher mortality than those who receive only one of the two vaccines.[v]

Given the multitude of studies showing vaccine-induced harm, including increased infant mortality, especially for DTP vaccines, one wonders how global vaccination campaigns can blatantly promote them as infallibly effective and extremely safe.

Evidence That Vaccines Are Toxic Exposures

It has been hypothesized that this association with DTP vaccines and increased mortality may be due to the Th2-polarising effect of the aluminum phosphate adjuvant in the vaccine, as well as the chronic inflammation caused by the intramuscular administration of the vaccine at the site of injection, [vi] but another obvious explanation is that the vaccines themselves are toxic exposures, with the more vaccines given to infants the higher the likelihood of synergistic toxicity and resultant morbidity and mortality.

Exactly this possibility was raised by a 2011 study published in the journal Human and Experimental Toxicology titled, "Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?",[vii] which brought to the fore the fact that, "The infant mortality rate (IMR) is one of the most important indicators of the socio-economic well-being and public health conditions of a country. The US childhood immunization schedule specifies 26 vaccine doses for infants aged less than 1 year-the most in the world-yet 33 nations have lower IMRs." The study found that there is a highly statistically significant correlation between increasing number of vaccine doses and increasing infant mortality rates.

With the ongoing expansion of immunization schedules in the U.S. and globally, justified by the idea that more vaccines, and more vaccine antigens combined within each injection, will confer greater overall benefit to health (that far outweigh the risks of the vaccines themselves), and by 'vaccine safety' spokespersons such as Paul Offit claiming as many as 10,000 vaccines can be administered to a child at once safely, this new study indicates quite the opposite is true.

[i] Ane Bærent Fisker, Henrik Ravn, Amabelia Rodrigues, Marie Drivsholm Ostergaard, Carlito Bale, Christine Stabell Benn, Peter Aaby. Co-administration of live measles and yellow fever vaccines and inactivated pentavalent vaccines is associated with increased mortality compared with measles and yellow fever vaccines only. An observational study from Guinea-Bissau. Vaccine. 2013 Dec 7. pii: S0264-410X(13)01663-0. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2013.11.074.

[ii] J Agergaard, E Nante, G Poulstrup, J Nielsen, K L Flanagan, L Østergaard, C S Benn, P Aaby.Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine administered simultaneously with measles vaccine is associated with increased morbidity and poor growth in girls. A randomised trial from Guinea-Bissau. Vaccine. 2011 Jan 10;29(3):487-500. Epub 2010 Nov 18. PMID: 21093496

[iii] Peter Aaby, Sidu Biai, Jens Erik Veirum, Morten Sodemann, Ida Lisse, May-Lill Garly, Henrik Ravn, Christine Stabell Benn, Amabelia Rodrigues. DTP with or after measles vaccination is associated with increased in-hospital mortality in Guinea-Bissau. Vaccine. 2007 Jan 26;25(7):1265-9. Epub 2006 Oct 18.

[iv] J Agergaard, E Nante, G Poulstrup, J Nielsen, K L Flanagan, L Østergaard, C S Benn, P Aaby. Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine administered simultaneously with measles vaccine is associated with increased morbidity and poor growth in girls. A randomised trial from Guinea-Bissau. Vaccine. 2011 Jan 10;29(3):487-500. Epub 2010 Nov 18. PMID: 21093496

[v] Lawrence H Moulton, Lakshmi Rahmathullah, Neal A Halsey, R D Thulasiraj, Joanne Katz, James M Tielsch. Evaluation of non-specific effects of infant immunizations on early infant mortality in a southern Indian population. Trop Med Int Health. 2005 Oct;10(10):947-55. PMID: 16185228

[vi] Mogens Helweg Claesson. Immunological Links to Nonspecific Effects of DTwP and BCG Vaccines on Infant Mortality. J Trop Med. 2011 ;2011:706304. Epub 2011 May 5. PMID: 21760811

[vii] Neil Z Miller, Gary S Goldman. Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity? Hum Exp Toxicol. 2011 May 4. Epub 2011 May 4. PMID: 21543527"

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NEWS FLASH - URGENT - December 28, 2013 11:00 PM EST -- (TRN -- Persons residing on the west coast of North America should IMMEDIATELY begin preparing for another possible onslaught of dangerous atmospheric radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster site in Japan. The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) says radioactive steam has suddenly begun emanating from previously exploded nuclear reactor building #3 at the Fukuishima disaster site in Japan. TEPCO says they do not know why this is happening and cannot go into the building to see what's happening due to damage and lethal radiation levels in that building. Experts say this could be the beginning of a "spent fuel pool criticality (meltdown)" involving up to 89 TONS of nuclear fuel burning up into the atmosphere and heading to North America. Steam photo, full details and suggested methods to protect yourself appear below.

On December 28, 2013, the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) admitted steam was seen billowing out of reactor building #3, saying the steam appeared to be coming from what's left of the fifth floor of the mostly-destroyed building. It is widely known that persons cannot get inside Reactor Building #3 because it is severely damaged and highly radioactive, so TEPCO cannot state for certain what is happening in that building or why. TEPCO admits they do not know why this steam is being generated, but matter-of-factly revealed today (December 28) the steam was first spotted on December 19 for a short period of time, then again on December 24 and again on December 25.

Nuclear energy experts have told TRN that the ONLY way this could be happening is if radioactive material previously ejected from the reactor explosion in March, 2011 has mixed together with other materials and has begun its own self-sustaining reaction(s), also known as a "criticality." Put simply, another "meltdown" may be taking place.

There are basically two possibilities if another meltdown is in progress:

1) Pellets of radioactive fuel, ejected when the reactor exploded, have mixed together and "mini" meltdowns are taking place with those small clumps of pellets. This would not be a horrific problem and may be manageable, OR;

2) Pellets of radioactive fuel, ejected when the reactor exploded, went into the spent fuel pool located above the reactor and have begun melting down so seriously they are boiling off the water in the spent fuel pool.

Since steam is visible, experts tell TRN that Scenario #2 above is is the most likely scenario and if so, it would be an absolute nightmare -- WORSE than the original Fukushima disaster! The Spent Fuel Pool was situated on the fourth floor above Reactor #3, and if this is the source of the steam, the situation could escalate rapidly out of control.

The As shown in the diagram at left, the spent fuel pool is not a contained structure; it is literally a "pool" filled with water, to keep old fuel cool. (The metal radioactive fuel, once removed from a nuclear reactor, remains hot enough to melt itself for two to three YEARS after being removed from a reactor.) The experts tell TRN that if steam is coming out of reactor building #3 this could very well be the start of a much worse radiation release because once the spent fuel pool begins its own reactions, all of it will be uncontrolled and uncontrollable.

To provide insight into how much trouble this could be, the chart below proves that, according to TEPCO, reactor #3 was loaded with 566 fuel assemblies. The spent fuel pool in reactor building #3 contains 514 assemblies; about 89 TONS. If that "goes critical" there's nothing to contain the radiation which will go directly into the air.

The video below was taken several months ago by TEPCO. It shows that the roof is totally blown off reactor building # 3 and shows a robotic crane being operated by remote control, trying to clear debris from the Reactor # 3 spent fuel pool. TEPCO is forced use robotic cranes operated by remote control because the area is so contaminated, anyone entering the area would die from radiation within one hour.

AGreenRoad - Fukushima Daiichi Unit 3 Spent Fuel Pool Debris Removal Work Pt 1

Imagine, now, 89 tons of nuclear fuel boiling away that spent fuel pool water and releasing 89 tons of deadly radioactive fuel directly into the air. Two to three days later, the west coast of north America would be "fried" by levels of airborne radiation and "hot particles" which could kill.

PREPARATIONS YOU SHOULD CONSIDER (We do **** NOT **** sell any of the products suggested below)

1) Keep up-to-date on developments via the Internet. The mass-media is not reliable because like the government, they want to avoid any mass panic. While that is a noble goal, withholding information as was done previously when the Fukushima disaster struck in March, 2011, allowed people to get exposed to radiation which could kill them now - or years from now. TRN believes people have a right to know, so as to make an informed decisions about whether to protect themselves or not.

2) Go immediately (RIGHT NOW) to your local home improvement or hardware store for rolls of plastic, Duct tape, WIDE masking tape and a couple rolls of self-adhesive weather stripping. You want to have a roll or two of the type of plastic that is used by painters; (the kind they use to cover your floor and furniture in case paint drips) and a roll or two of Duct tape. Don't deploy this yet, but if the radiation arrives, you'll HAVE what you need and won't be battling a million other people trying to get some when the danger actually hits. You can use the plastic and duct tape things to cover the insides of your windows, doors, AC electric plugs, light switches, bathroom exhaust vents, stove exhaust vents, -- even ceiling vents, to TRY to keep out radiation particles once you know they're arriving. (NOTE: this may not be 100% effective. Houses have loads of nooks and crannies which allow air from the outside to get inside. If you cover the largest ones, you're at least giving yourself and family a fighting chance.) These supplies are available immediately at: Home Depot Lowes Walmart TrueValue Ace Hardware and many other retail stores.

3) If radiation is identified as heading toward your area or has arrived in your area:

a) Cut sheets from the roll of plastic, large enough to cover your windows, window frames/woodwork, sliding glass doors, doggie doors, etc., and do so on the INSIDE of your house. Once the sheets are cut to size, secure that plastic to your inside walls using Duct tape. You want to cover things inside not outside so the weather doesn't cause the plastic to make noise or perhaps rip off during high wind, rain or snow. The duct tape should cover 100% of the edge of the plastic, making a good seal AROUND the window, sliding glass doors, doggie doors, etc. It is important to note that the plastic should go AROUND the woodwork on the inside the window/door and NOT merely around the inner perimeter of the window itself. Gaps between the window assemblies and exterior walls might not be air-tight; especially in older homes where the silicone weather sealant around windows/doors is worn or in earthquake prone areas where the shaking has loosened-up window/door seals. This will help seal out radiation particles in the air so they shouldn't be able to get inside your home. Those of you in private homes should do this sealing on EVERY opening to the outside (doors, windows, vents) on every floor of your home, from the basement to the attic. Those of you who do not have basements, will usually find vents along the slab foundation which are designed to naturally ventilate under the house. SEAL THESE from the outside as best you can. Similarly, those of you without full attics, will usually see vents of some type for the roof rafter area. SEAL THESE as best you can too. (PLEASE don't fall off any roof or off any ladder. Be careful!)

b) Cut smaller sheets from the roll of plastic to cover electrical outlets and light switches inside the house. Those outlets and switches are breaks in the walls to the inner structure of the house. The inner structure gets naturally ventilated under the eaves and awnings of the house. While the air flow is not generally a lot, it IS there; you want to seal it out. As with the windows, use Duct tape to hold the plastic a full inch or two around the entire perimeter of the light switch our electrical outlets.

c) Cut sheets from the roll of plastic to cover vents: Bathrooms, stoves. Remember, this is just a TEMPORARY situation and the radiation will usually blow-over or dilute within a week or so. While none of us likes the smell in the bathroom after it is used, it's better to put up with that for a few days than have radiation in there from the vents. BE VERY CAREFUL IF YOU CHOOSE TO COVER A STOVE EXHAUST VENT; YOU DON'T WANT THE PLASTIC GOING ON FIRE IF YOU'RE COOKING.

d) DO NOT use duct tape or plastic over your main entry/exit door. If, God forbid, there's a fire, you want to be able to exit fast and not be battling duct tape to get out. Instead, maybe check to see the weatherstripping around the door is in good shape or at worst, add a layer of new weatherstripping to what's already there. The bottom of the door sill can be covered with a rolled-up towel if necessary,to prevent drafts at the bottom of the door.

NOTE: Duct tape, when removed, may damage the surface of the wall it was stuck to. It may peel off paint or even the paper covering of Sheetrock when you remove it. If this is a concern, you may wish to utilize WIDE masking tape instead. We do not recommend masking tape, but it may be viable if you are concerned about peeling off the duct tape when the emergency is ended.

4) Get a minimum "NIOSH N100-certified" filter mask for yourself and each member of your family. NIOSH stands for National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) which is an agency of the US Government. They rate protective gear for various industries and the lowest possible level of mask with any hope at all of filtering out radiation particles must be rated by NIOSH as N100. The masks cost about $30 on Ebay and look like the one in the image at left below.

SERIOUS NOTE: There are TIME CONSTRAINTS on the use of the N100-rated mask in a hostile environment. Having such a mask is not a license to go out and have fun. It is a limited mask, with limited capability for a limited time period, to help protect you in this type of emergency

Of course, you can go all-out and get some super-mask for several hundred dollars, but the minimum you need is an N100 rated mask.

Whatever you do, don't try to get "cute" and figure you can "get away with" a mask that is rated N95 or lower. An N95 mask will NOT filter out the tiny particles involved here and you will be fooling yourself if you buy any mask rated less than N100.

It is important to understand that a "hospital mask" normally used by Doctors, WILL NOT PROTECT YOU AT ALL from radioactive particles. The particles are so small, they can fit right through a typical surgical mask used by doctors. If you breathe-in any "hot Particles" of radiation, they will wreak havoc on your lungs and cause very rapid deterioration of your health. Cancers, Leukemias, Hemorrhaging . . . . you get the idea.

5) About your job and going to work during a radiation emergency . . . .

Those of us with jobs can't simply call-in and tell the boss we can' come to work today because we're afraid of the radiation. So start discussing this situation with your bosses first thing TODAY. See if the company as a whole is willing to develop some type of strategy to deal with taking time off due to a radioactive plume coming onto the west coast of north America from Japan, making things unsafe for a few days. Start the conversation. Don't wait until things spiral out of control and people are panicking.

6) If you HAVE to go out, clothing will get contaminated; be prepared to protect yourself

Wear an NIOSH N100 mask at all times when you are outside your house during the plume's arrival and presence. Yes, you're probably going to feel like a jerk; especially when the uninformed, the ignorant and those "in denial" about the real danger, start poking fun at you. Just remember you'll have the last laugh.

A VERY helpful tool for this situation is a disposable TYVEK suit and booties. You can get them at most home improvement stores and on EBAY for about $8. Tyvek coveralls are one-piece garments, usually white, commonly worn by mechanics, painters, installation installers, and laboratory and cleanroom workers where a disposable, one-time use coverall is needed. They are also used for some light HAZMAT applications, such as asbestos and radiation work but do not provide the protection of a full hazmat suit. Wear it to work, when you get inside, take it off right at the doorway and throw it away in a garbage can near the door. It's done. Don't touch it again. Then go wash your hands and face to wash away whatever may have accumulated on them. These suits are also available at the retailers listed above (Home Depot, Lowes, etc.).

If you simply refuse to walk outside dressed-up like a Bunny, you must realize that Clothing worn while you are outside will have contamination on it. This is unavoidable. Once you've been outside and enter your job, remove your outerwear and place it as close to the door as you can. You may want to pack a change of clothing in a tightly closed gym bag, to change-into at work. Having a change of clothes for when you get to work might not be a bad idea. The change of clothes ought to include FOOTWEAR.

When you're outside, your footwear is going to be picking up the contamination that fell onto the ground. This is unavoidable. What you CAN do, is take those shoes off once you get where you're going, and thereby not track the radiation into wherever you are. You may want to get "Disposable Plastic Shoe Covers" to help avoid at least SOME of the radiation getting onto your shoes. These shoe covers are cheap, and you throw them away as soon as you get inside your destination.

For Eye protection, we suggest a cheap pair of Swimmer's Goggles. They vary in cost from 99 cents to about $10 on Ebay - or your local sporting goods store. The purpose of this is to prevent radioactive particles from landing on your eyeballs. Swimmer's goggles will fit the bill pretty well and you can wash them off once you get to where you're going, and use the goggles again the next time you go out. Radiation washes off with soap and water.


The same procedures listed above for going to and from work, should be used by you and your family when going to/from home. After all, you don't want to bring radiation into your house on your clothes, shoes etc, or walk-it-through the whole house once you arrive. Put a coat rack just-inside the entry door. Put a shoe rack too. First thing everyone does when they walk in the door - ditch the outerwear and shoes right then and there. YOU DO NOT want to be tracking radiation into and all over your house, then spewing it up into the air when you vacuum and it comes out with the vacuum exhaust air. You want to stop the radiation as close to the door as you can. If you prefer, put a clothes hamper -- LINED WITH A PLASTIC LAWN-AND-LEAF-SIZE BAG just inside the front door and change your clothes the moment you get in. When the hamper is full, seal-up the bag, take it to the washer and wash the radiation away.

8) Wash obsessively during the emergency

External radioactive material washes off with soap and water. When you consider that everything you touch and all the air that touches you OUTSIDE can be contaminated, it is important to WASH exposed body parts (face & hands) with soap and water often. When you get home from your daily routine and get out of potentially contaminated clothing, take a shower before anything else. A SHOWER, NOT A BATH. Showering will allow the radiation to fall off you and go down the drain whereas a bath could possible allow the radioactive materials to cling to your body as you leave the bathwater. Sadly, this brings us to one, final, MAJOR, MAJOR, MAJOR problem: Water comes from reservoirs and reservoirs are out in the open; radiation has and will continue to fall into our water supplies.


The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists the maximum safe levels and government-approved methods for removing, radiation in water. Yet according to KHOU-TV in Texas, local and state officials in that state deliberately conspired for YEARS to alter the results from their municipal water tests, to deliberately CONCEAL high levels of radiation in municipal water! If local and state officials in one state have already been caught deliberately concealing radiation in water, can any rational person believe they aren't doing it now in other states -- or won't do it (again) in the future? You can read that story and watch the KHOU-TV news video HERE.

In fact, KHOU-TV found that the radiation in local water was so severe, that it made the underground water pipes and the water heaters inside homes radioactive; in some cases 11 times more radioactive than allowable by law! The pipes and water heaters were so radioactive that none of those things could be scrapped in a junk yard! You can read this separate KHOU-TV story and watch the video HERE.

Given the irrefutable proof above we suggest equipping your sinks and shower head(s) with a water filter. Now, getting radiation out of water is NOT simple. Paper filters do nothing in that regard.

Granular Activated Carbon filters have shown SOME ability to remove SOME types of radiation. Reverse-Osmosis has shown good ability to remove other types of radiation. ION Exhange is the final method which has shown good ability to remove radiation. Yet getting all these types of filters in ONE system is not easy and it is considerably expensive. As such, we suggest that having a filter of some type is better than having no filter at all. Of course, once the filters become saturated with pollutants, they're useless, so expect to change-out those filters PRECISELY in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendation or even more frequently. Yes, this will cost a few bucks, but this is an extraordinary situation calling for extraordinary response. What good is all the safety you exercise with the steps above, if you then eat, drink and bathe-in contaminated water?

The suggestions above are just that SUGGESTIONS. What you choose to do - or not do - is, of course, up to you. One thing is clear, though: Fukushima is acting up again and when it does, the wind and, later, the sea will carry the results to North America within days.

If you would like to be alerted by e-mail about future news of this type or of RADIATION ALERTS, you can subscribe to our "ALERTS" e-mail service, free! This is *NOT* a discussion list; you will *NOT* be deluged with email and your email will *NEVER* be sold or rented to anyone. To sign-up, click HERE




51 Sailors from USS Ronald Reagan Suffering Thyroid Cancer, Leukemia, Brain Tumors After Participating in Fukushima Nuclear Rescue Efforts

"Health Canada" Caught Concealing Fukushima Radiation; 6000% Higher in British Columbia Than Stated on Gov't Web Site!








Source Article by Jeanne Ohm, DC:
Common Obstetrical Procedures and Their Link to Autism

"Birth today has become a technological experience where a natural process has been replaced with artificial procedures and schedules. Without the necessary vitalistic support during pregnancy, women enter the birth process with fear and are led to rely on drugs instead of their bodies’ own natural strengths. These drugs weaken the body’s ability to function and lead to even further interventions. The more interventions used in pregnancy and birth, the greater the risk of injury to both the mother and baby.

Autism Spectrum Disorders are diagnosed by a collection of symptoms that indicate neurological damage. The greatest causal relationship for neurological damage is oxygen deprivation in the fetus and newborn. This article will examine routine procedures in obstetrics that have significant adverse effects on the baby’s developing neurology. These neurological effects are considered contributing factors to the alarming rise in autism. Here are the most common, routine procedures in pregnancy and birth and the causes for concern.


In more than 30 years of its use, the frequency of this procedure has increased significantly despite warning signs of danger. As early as 1979, studies questioned the use of ultrasound and its potential effects on DNA and growth patterns. In 1987, a published study reported diagnostic levels of ultrasound disrupted myelination. The ultrasound intensities used in this study were consistent with those used for human imaging.

Another study in 1993 concluded that children exposed to ultrasound in utero were twice as likely to develop delayed speech and advised physicians to caution their patients about the vulnerability of the fetus to noxious agents.

The use of ultrasound has dramatically increased in prenatal care. Its safety and efficacy remains highly questionable. Even the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says, “While ultrasound has been around for many years, expectant women and their families need to know that the long-term effects of repeated ultrasound exposures on the fetus are not fully known.”

In 2005, researchers reported, “Obstetric ultrasound should only be done for medical reasons, and exposure should be kept as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA) because of the potential for tissue heating. Temperature increases in utero have been shown to cause damage to the developing central nervous system of the fetus.” One year later, a study warned exposure to ultrasound can affect fetal brain development.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Consensus Development Conference states, “Lack of risk has been assumed because no adverse effects have been demonstrated clearly in humans. However, other evidence dictates that a hypothetical risk must be presumed with ultrasound. Likewise, the efficacy of many uses of ultrasound in improving the management and outcome of pregnancy also has been assumed rather than demonstrated, especially its value as a routine screening procedure.”

Research shows populations exposed to ultrasound have a quadrupled perinatal death rate, increased rates of brain damage, nerve cell demylienation, dyslexia, speech delays, epilepsy, and learning difficulties.

Beyond the neurological damage caused by ultrasonic waves, are the implications of the misdiagnosis associated with its use. Early in pregnancy, mothers may be given inaccurate information about fetal development. During pregnancy, mothers are already sensitive about the health of their unborn babies. When told there may be something wrong, their anxiety levels increase, directly affecting a rise in their stress hormone production. Research has determined the release of these hormones in pregnancy will have long-term effects on the infant’s neurological development and behavior. There is no consciousness in the practice of obstetrics concerning the mother’s stress level and its effects on baby development.

Baby’s weight and due dates are sometimes determined by ultrasound and very frequently, mothers are coerced into induction and even C-sections. The literature, however cautions the unreliability of ultrasound for this purpose. How many babies have been neurologically impaired by this careless practice?

Mercury in pregnancy

It has been known for a long time, that mercury is a toxic and dangerous substance adversely affecting fetal neurology. According to Web MD, “Mercury is very dangerous to children. Relatively low concentrations keep a child’s brain from developing normally. Kids with mercury-poisoning have problems with thinking, language, memory, motor skills, perception, and behavior.” Richard Weisman, MD, a toxicologist at the University of Miami School of Medicine and director of the Poison Control Center for South Florida tells us, “There is no doubt that mercury is one of the worst [toxins affecting the brain].”

There have been 4 primary sources of mercury exposure to pregnant women: The RHO(D) (Rhogam) shot, the flu shot, dental fillings, and fish. Although warnings of toxic mercury exposure by eating fish has gotten significant media press and acceptance, other forms of mercury exposure to pregnant women and infants has not.

The Rhogam and Flu Shots: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tells us, “Two groups are most vulnerable to methyl mercury: the fetus and pregnant women.” I can only question, why then, were mercury-laden Rhogam shots ever recommended for women during pregnancy? It wasn’t until 2001 that the FDA issued a voluntary recall of thimerosal from the Rhogam shot. This showed apparent concern for mercury toxicity via vaccine injection in pregnancy. Strangely enough, the very next year, the FDA began recommending flu shots for pregnant women and infants. The flu shot has the highest levels of thimerosal of all vaccines—as much as 25 micrograms of mercury, more than 10 times the safe limit for an infant. Its package insert has this disclaimer, “It is also not known whether influenza virus vaccine can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman...” These blatant inconsistencies in our public “health” policies are frightening.

Dental Amalgam Fillings: For years there has been controversy about mercury-laden amalgam fillings and their potential risk. The American Dental Association has been defending their use for years, denying any potential harm from mercury leakage, however numerous studies have determined otherwise. After years of denial and questionable research, it finally took a law suit in 2008 to force the FDA to agree to alert consumers on its website about its potential risks.

It has become a sad state of affairs that the U.S. Government agencies support industry over individuals. It is so important that parents do not allow their practitioners to intimidate them by citing rhetoric and tainted data. Parents must actively seek providers that support and encourage their right to make informed health choices.


The use of Pitocin in labor has been associated with autism. Pitocin is a synthetic version of oxytocin, the naturally produced hormone in laboring women. Its use is wrought with side effects; the most common is increased blood pressure in both the mother and child. Pitocin is used for either labor induction or labor enhancement. The use of Pitocin does not, however, duplicate the natural progression of labor. Pitocin-induced labors have longer, harder, and more painful uterine contractions for the mother. More pain for the mother means greater fetal distress.

In either induced or enhanced use of Pitocin, the blood supply, and therefore the oxygen source to the uterus, is greatly reduced. With naturally-paced contractions, there is a time interval between contractions allowing for the baby to be fully oxygenated before the next contraction. In induced or enhanced labor, the contractions are closer together and last for a longer time, thus shortening the interval where the baby receives its oxygen supply. Reduced oxygen to the baby in labor has life-long consequences on the baby’s brain function.

Pitocin makes contractions unbearable, and almost every woman who has been given Pitocin will get an epidural to withstand the unnatural pain it causes. Once again we see how one intervention is the gateway to the next.


The Physicians Desk Reference cautions that “local anesthesia rapidly crosses the placenta...and when used for epidural blocks, anesthesia can cause varying degrees of maternal, fetal and neonatal toxicity.” It continues, “this toxicity can result in the following side effects: hypotension, urinary retention, fecal and urinary incontinence, paralysis of lower extremities, loss of feeling in the limbs, headache, backache, septic meningitis, slowing of labor, increased need for forceps and vacuum deliveries, cranial nerve palsies, allergic reactions, respiratory depression, nausea, vomiting, and seizures.” Many of these side effects result in multiple complications. For example, maternal hypotension causes bradycardia (decreased heart rate) in the fetus. This too decreases fetal oxygen supply resulting in brain dysfunction, fetal distress, and operative deliveries.

Additional side effects of epidurals relating to autism include: longer labors with slower progress, an increased use of Pitocin by more than 3 times, an increased use of forceps by as much 4 to 20 times, altered red blood cells that affect fetal oxygen levels, adverse behavioral effects of the neonate, and increased use of mechanically-assisted deliveries which lead to neurological damage from birth trauma.

Sarah Buckley, MD, cautions, “Epidural drugs can directly cause toxic effects to the fetus and newborn, whose drug levels may be even higher than the mother’s drug levels. It is also important to note that a newborn baby’s ability to process and excrete drugs is much less than an adult’s. Also, drug blood levels may not accurately reflect the baby’s toxic load because drugs may be taken up from the blood and stored in newborn tissues such as brain and liver, from where they are more slowly released.”

Restricted Maternal Position

In addition to the direct toxic side effects of epidurals, once given an epidural, the mother is confined to her bed, usually on her back. Restricted motion in labor interferes with normal pelvic biomechanics of the laboring mother. On her back, the normal pivitol action of her sacro-illiac joints becomes impaired, her sacrum becomes restricted, and the progress of labor can slow down and even stop. Difficult and halted labors due to controlled maternal positioning lead to further pain and nerve system stress for the mother and baby.

Electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) is used to determine fetal distress despite the lack of efficacy shown for its use. Research shows it does not improve birth outcome and may in fact hinder it. Again, restricted maternal position used with EFM may be the primary reason for increased birth complications and fetal injury.

Once fetal distress has been determined, mechanical interventions are implemented. Here is where the most neurological damage can occur. One medical researcher on birth trauma, Abraham Towbin, MD, tells us, “Mechanical stress imposed by obstetric manipulation—even the application of standard orthodox procedures—may prove intolerable to the fetus…Spinal cord and brain stem injuries often occur during the process of birth but frequently escape diagnosis. Respiratory depression in the neonate is a cardinal sign of much injury. In infants, there may be lasting neurological defects reflecting the primary injury.”

Injury from routine birthing procedures causes damage to the baby’s delicate brain and spinal cord. When there is damage to the respiratory centers in the brain stem, the baby’s oxygen intake is compromised. Impaired nerve function, however insidious it may be, can compromise all current and future aspects of the baby’s health and well-being.

Forceps, Vacuum Extraction

These 2 invasive procedures occur as a result of all preceding birth interventions discussed. They have grave effects on the baby’s future brain function. Abraham Towbin, MD, expert on birth trauma tells us, “Forceful pulling on the baby’s neck particularly when combined with stretching of the spine…has been considered the most important cause of infant spinal and brain stem injury.”

A recent study published in the The New England Journal of Medicine revealed startling data. It reported, “Difficult labor itself and the method of delivery may lead to brain injuries and deaths in babies.” In another study, Abraham Towbin, MD, reports, “Survival of the newborn is governed mainly by the integrity and function of the vital centers in the brain stem. Yet paradoxically, the importance of injury at birth to the brain stem and spinal cord are matters which have generally escaped lasting attention.”


As seen above, C-sections are frequently caused by the cascading effect of the numerous interventions and procedures of modern obstetrics. The current rise in C-sections is alarming. The World Health organization says our C-section rate should be about 12%, and yet we see the nation’s average C-section rate as high as 33%. A baby born by C-section is 3 to 4 times more likely to have autism says George Malcom Morley, a frequently published OB/Gyn. One hospital in Britain scheduled all mothers for elective C-sections 1 week prior to their due dates resulting in a 21 times higher rate of autism then neighboring hospitals.

Mothers are being erroneously convinced that cesareans could actually be better than a natural process! Unfortunately, they are not aware of the dangers and resulting injuries associated with them. During this surgical procedure, most women experience a great tugging sensation as the doctor is pulling on the baby. The struggle and pulling used to extract a baby out from the mother’s small incision is often not seen by the parents. Trauma to the baby’s spine and the resulting respiratory impairment is escalated. Is this the reason for the high correlation between C-sections and autism?

Another deficit that C-section babies experience is in their level of “friendly bacteria” in their gut. Because they do not pass through the vaginal canal, they are not exposed to these helpful bacteria at birth and their immune system development suffers from this deficit. With many indications that autism and immune system function are related, it is imperative we choose providers who will support our inherent ability to give birth naturally.

Finally, C-sections usually have immediate cord clamping.George Malcolm Morley, MB, ChB, FACOG, author of numerous papers on the dangers of immediate cord clamping reports, “C-section babies are four times more likely to be autistic than vaginal deliveries.”

Umbilical Cord Clamping

It is common obstetrical practice to cut and clamp the umbilical cord immediately after birth because over the last 20 years doctors have mistakenly believed this could reduce the risk of mothers bleeding to death. During this time, the cord is still pulsating, bringing all of the placenta blood to the baby. Cutting the cord before it stops pulsating can result in as much as a 40% decrease in blood volume and can lead to anemia. This anemia is proportional to the degree of childhood mental retardation.

David Hutchon, consultant obstetrician at Darlington Memorial Hospital who has studied the effects of cord clamping said, “Babies are being put at risk by clamping the cord too quickly.” He also said, “In susceptible infants, early cord clamping and the lack of blood to the baby increases the risk of brain hemorrhage and breathing problems. This could help explain the rise in autism. Why are we doing it?”

When a cord clamp is not used, the child receives a large transfusion of placental blood, after which the cord vessels close naturally. With natural, physiological cord closure, the child receives enough blood and enough iron to prevent anemia for the first year of life, and enough blood volume to prevent ischemic encephalopathy and mental retardation for the rest of his or her life.

In a letter to the British Medical Journal, obstetrician and author, George Malcom Morley writes, “I therefore conclude that Immediate Cord Clamping, especially when imposed on existing birth asphyxia, can cause mental impairment without obvious neurological impairment, and therefore may well be a significant contributory cause of the current autism epidemic.”

As with all obstetric interventions mentioned so far, early cord clamping is yet another that needs careful, unbiased examination. It is time that normal physiology is considered and the perpetuation of these routine interventions is weighed against very real risk factors associated with their use.


The importance of natural birthing cannot be underestimated in the future of our children’s health. Under the medical leadership of Mayer Eisenstein, MD, JD, MPH, doctors with Homefirst Health Services in the metropolitan Chicago area have delivered more than 15,000 babies at home. “We don’t have a single case of autism in an unvaccinated child,” said Eisenstein. The International Cesarean Awareness Network, (ICAN) advises: “Interview your care providers like your life depended on it. In order to have a healthy birth, trust is essential in a relationship. If your care provider gives you outlandish risk assessments or impossible criteria…then you know to go elsewhere because that physician isn’t giving you adequate information or choices that apply to healthy birthing women. Know your options. Explore midwives, homebirth, CNMs, OBs, family practitioners, and birth centers. Birth is not only in hospitals and not only with obstetricians. Remember that starting with low risk care and being assessed properly often encourages moms to stay low risk.”

Pregnancy and birth need our respect—not our intervention. We can no longer rely on failing systems, organizations, or authorities to determine our birth outcome. More and more mothers are committed to finding providers during pregnancy who support and encourage the natural process of birth. This team of providers include midwives, doulas, holistic obstetricians, doctors of chiropractic, massage therapists, naturopaths, and practitioners of Chinese medicine to name a few. Their invaluable services are helping us regain trust in our inherent ability to function and be well."

Friday, December 27, 2013


As if the kids in daycare centers don't have enough to deal with (having been born to parents who do not have the time, resources, and/or inclination to actually raise them), now they will also be subjected to very sick adults forcefully injecting them with neurotoxic chemicals that can lead to permanent brain damage and death.

This has to be the worst possible time in all of history to be a child or to have children.


Source Article:
NYC Board Of Health Approves Flu Shot Mandate For Young Children
"NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Children who go to preschool or day care in New York City will now be required to get flu shots.

The Board of Health voted unanimously Wednesday in favor of the mandatory vaccine for children under 6 years old. The new rule takes effect in 30 days and will be required for about 150,000 children.

“Because the regulation is being adopted at this current time period, we actually won’t be officially enforcing it until one year from now,” Dr. Jay Varma, deputy commissioner for disease control, told 1010 WINS. “The requirement is that children who are attending a licensed preschool or day care center need to have received their influenza vaccination by Dec. 31 of any given year.”

Connecticut and New Jersey are the only two states in America with mandatory flu shots for children in day care. The measure passed Wednesday by the Board of Health would only apply to New York City and not the rest of New York state.

“We think we can prevent 20,000 to 25,000 kids a year from being sick,” Varma said.

Long Island mother Melody Butler told CBS 2′s Scott Rapoport she wished the measure did extend past New York City. “I am a pediatric nurse and I find vaccines to be one of the greatest inventions we have to protect ourselves,” Butler said.

But some autism advocates strongly oppose the plan. Kimberly Mack Rosenberg has a child on the autism spectrum and isn’t ruling out that a flu shot might be responsible.

“For him, I don’t know if it was a flu vaccine,” she said. “I do believe that his autism was at least partially vaccine mediated.”

Some educators also have reluctance toward the new mandate. “A lot of problems with autism — parents are very scared. I think they should have their choice, whether they want to vaccinate their child or not,” said Carol Schafenberg, principal of P.S. 76 in Long Island City.

Children in day care and preschool are already required to get vaccinated against illnesses such as measles and chicken pox. City officials believe the latest initiative adds another layer of protection for children and those who come in contact with them.

“Children under the age of 5 are at the highest risk of both contracting influenza as well as suffering severe complications,” Varma told WCBS 880′s Marla Diamond. “The only absolute contraindication is a previous severe allergic reaction.”

Parents who are strongly opposed to the initiative could avoid the mandated vaccines by sending their children to a state preschool or day care. Parents may also opt out for medical and religious reasons.

Decisions on exemptions will be made by an administrator at each facility on a case by case basis.

For more information, click here."

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Source Article:

"The grandson of Lucky Luciano, Gambino, 63, just released from prison also sets the record straight about the JFK and Hoffa assassinations.

Tony Gambino of the infamous Gambino New York crime family said besides Mob Bosses, the outfits that benefit most from organized crime are the corrupt Vatican and U.S. government.

The grandson of Lucky Luciano, Gambino made a guest appearance Tuesday on Greg Szymanski’s radio show, The Investigative Journal on Liberty Radio at The entire interview can be heard at as well as Liberty Radio.

The high-level former mobster talked openly for an hour, indicting top Vatican and U.S. government officials with complicity in high crimes, treason and assassinations as they worked together “like a tight-knit happy family” with the Gambino and other Mafia families.

With America’s fascination of the Mafia, Gambino’s statements should shake the halls of St. Peter’s Basilica, as well as Capitol Hill, since he talked about his first hand knowledge of George Bush, the Pope and other high level Jesuits complicity and knowledge of 9/11.

“When you grow up in “The Family” like I did, you learn right off the bat that protection comes from everywhere, including the CIA, FBI and blessings from the Vatican who are at the top of the ladder when it comes to benefiting from Mafia street crime,” said Gambino, who became a “Made Man” at the age of five, a Mafia term used for their top street captains.

“The Vatican officials, federal judges, top politicians all used to get regular pay-offs from the Gambino Family and, in fact, the Vatican and U.S. government make more money off the illegal drug trade then we did.

“That is why I am talking after just getting out of jail after 20 years. I am talking because people need to know the U.S. government and the Vatican are more dangerous and corrupt then the Mafia ever was.

“For example, I know for a fact the Cardinal in Palermo runs the Sicilian mob and former Cardinal Spellman of New York was considered the Vatican’s American Godfather since he pulled the strings and had his hands deep into organized crime.

“I know for a fact Bush, the Pope and other top Vatican and U.S. government leaders had prior knowledge and help organize 9/11. They did it for many obvious reason, one being instigating the war in Iraq. But they also did it to get their hands on all the gold that was hidden below in the Twin Towers.

“My grandfather’s construction company built the Twin Towers and after it was completed, I know they went in and put in big underground vaults to house an enormous amount of gold which is now in Bush’s and Vatican hands in order to fund the war.”

Besides implicating the Vatican and Bush in 9/11, Gambino set the record straight about the JFK assassination, saying he was in Dallas when Kennedy was shot and the fatal bullet came from a shooter located in an underground storm drain.

“I was there when he was shot and I know for a fact Rosselli was in the storm drain doing the shooting and Frank Sturgiss was also part of the hit team,” said Gambino. “The same group of guys we have talked about in the Vatican and U.S. government gave the orders and asked the Mafia families for help in taking down Kennedy.”

Growing up on the streets of New York in one of the top crime families, Gambino recalls getting his first lesson of Mafia life at the age of 13.

“My grandfather was Lucky Luciano so I had it made,” said Gambino, now 63 and living on the East Coast with a probation stipulation that he can’t associate or talk with any organized crime figures. “Lucky had all the politicians and even the Vatican heads in his pocket. He was making $55 to $100 million a week and when Vegas opened the money really started to roll in.

“He got Frank Sinatra and many others like Marylin Monroe, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Clint Eastwood, Sammy Davis started in Hollywood. He then would take a percentage of their earnings and this went on for their entire careers.

“Remember, the horse’s head being cut-off in Godfather I and then put in the Hollywood producer’s bed? That really happened and it had to do with forcing a Hollywood producer to star Sinatra in one of his movies.”

Gambino also had inside information about how union boss Jimmy Hoffa was really killed, saying his time ran out when a huge Mafia debt wasn’t repaid.

“Hoffa was working behind the scenes with crack head and truck hi-jacker, John Gotti,” recalls Gambino. “That’s all Gotti was good at and when they brought in a $5 million drug truckload, Hoffa got deeper in debt to the other Mafia bosses.

“He never gave his courtesy calls to the bosses for repayment and finally his time ran out so he was killed. They picked him up, put him in a body bag alive and then dumped his body in one of the concrete abutments at the George Washington Bridge while the concrete was being poured. All they did was pay the concrete man $150,000 and the whole thing has been covered up. But that is where Hoffa’s body is today and I know that for a fact.”

Although Gambino knows he’s crossing a sensitive line for going public about the inner-workings of the Mafia and its complicity with the Vatican and U.S. government, he added that it’s important for Americans to finally understand how things “really work on the streets” and how Church, State and big business are working together to destroy America.

And if there remains any doubters that the Vatican and Jesuit Order have had its dirty hands in organized crime in order to destroy the moral and financial fabric of the U.S., Gambino’s confessions should lay that to rest.

“If you don’t believe the hard facts and the hundreds of researchers who have implicated the Vatican to the demise of America, then believe Gambino because he learned it first hand from being on the streets and working with the top crime bosses. He has nothing to gain from lying since he has already served his time and wants to set the record straight once and for all regarding who are the real controllers of the New World Order,” said one patriot close studying and alerting America of Vatican and Jesuit intrigue.





Scientists Link Spike in Thyroid Disease to Fukushima Disaster

Source Article:
West Coast Alarm! Stunning Surge In Thyroid Cancers Worries Health Experts

"A stunning surge in thyroid cancers in children both in Japan and the West coast of America has alarmed experts who are warning that we should be prepared for this surge to increase. The video below from the TheRealNews is not for the weak of heart and should be taken as a sign of things to come in America as Fukushima continues to spew radioactivity into the air and ocean. While this ENENews story shares that there is division as to the cause of this surge, anyone paying attention knows that the sudden release of massive amounts of radiation into the air and oceans via Fukushima is the most likely cause.

Japan experts voice alarm over “surge in cancers among young in Fukushima” — Gov’t told to “implement measures now” and be prepared for surge to increase further

South China Morning Post
, Dec. 23, 2013 (emphasis added): Surge in cancers among young in Fukushima, but experts divided on cause [...] experts are divided about whether their illness is caused by nuclear radiation [from Fukushima Daiichi]. [...] At a meeting hosted by Japan’s Environmental Ministry and the prefectural government on Saturday, most experts were not convinced [...] Among those who voiced alarm was Toshihide Tsuda, a professor of epidemiology [...] In the Chernobyl disaster of 1986, it was not until four or five years after the accident that thyroid cancer cases surged.

Asahi Shimbun
, Dec. 22, 2013: Experts differ over nuclear accident’s effect on cancer rate in children [...] Experts were divided over whether radiation from the Fukushima nuclear accident affected the thyroid cancer rate among children in Fukushima Prefecture, in which 59 young people have been diagnosed with or suspected of contracting the disease [of 239,000 tested]. Most of the experts dismissed the possibility that effects from radiation from the accident at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant could appear so soon in children"

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Source Article By Sheryl Ubelacker
Father's diet before conception may play role in health of offspring: study

"TORONTO - It's well-known that what a mother eats before and during pregnancy can affect fetal development, but research now suggests that a father's diet prior to conception may also play a critical role in a newborn's health.

Women are advised to get sufficient amounts of vitamin B9, or folate — found in green leafy vegetables, cereals, fruit and meats — to prevent miscarriages or birth defects in their babies.

But the way that a father's diet can influence the health and development of offspring has received little attention, said Sarah Kimmins, a specialist in reproductive biology at McGill University who led a study looking at the effects of paternal folate levels.

"It can't all be on the mother," Kimmins said Tuesday from Montreal. "Our study and others are now showing that the father can be a route for the transmission of birth defects and can influence offspring health."

"Guys need to pay attention to what they're doing in terms of lifestyle choices prior to having a baby, just like the woman does."

In a study of mice published in the journal Nature Communications, researchers found that a low-folate diet in males was linked to an increased rate of birth defects among their pups, compared to the rate among pups whose fathers were fed a folate-sufficient diet.

"When we looked at the offspring, when we looked at the fetuses, we were really quite shocked that we saw the birth defects," Kimmins said Tuesday from Montreal.

"We had increased changes in the pregnancy rate, and we expected that we would affect fertility, but we didn't expect that we would have these paternal-driven birth defects in response to a folate-deficient diet."

The birth anomalies, which occurred across the litters sired by folate-deficient mice, included spinal malformations, cranio-facial defects such as a shortened jaw, underdeveloped digits and club feet.

"Those were the types of things we saw as a consequence of that diet," Kimmins said. "So they're quite striking birth defects."

In humans, about three per cent of children are born with a birth defect of some kind, and the cause is known for only about half of them, she said.

In the mouse litters born to fathers with inadequate dietary folate, about four per cent of the pups had a birth anomaly.

"We were very surprised to see that there was an almost 30 per cent increase in birth defects in the litters sired by fathers whose levels of folates were insufficient," compared with those from sires fed folate-rich diets, said co-author Romain Lambrot, a post-doctoral fellow in McGill's department of animal science.

"We saw some pretty severe skeletal abnormalities."

While folic acid is added to a variety of foods, men who eat high-fat, fast-food diets or who are overweight or obese may not be able to efficiently metabolize B9, said Kimmins, noting that a lack of folate can affect their sperm.

"People who live in the Canadian North or in other parts of the world where there is food insecurity may also be particularly at risk for folate deficiency," she said. "And we now know that this information will be passed on from the father to the embryo with consequences that may be quite serious."

The researchers say a man's sperm carries a memory of his environment and possibly even his diet and other lifestyle choices through the epigenome, a network of chemical compounds surrounding DNA.

The epigenome, which is affected by environmental cues, is like a switch that influences how genes are turned on or off and how genetic information is passed from parents to children.

"I wouldn't go so far as to tell guys you need to start taking a folate supplement because we don't know what the right dose is, we don't know how it affects the human sperm genome," said Kimmins. "But I think we can say let's start paying attention to a male's preconception health."

"Look at things in your life like smoking, drinking, what you're eating and be aware that if you're living a bad lifestyle, you might transmit some of that information to your offspring."

The researchers' next step will be working with a fertility clinic to assess the links between a man's diet and the health of their children."


Source Article:
Peer-Reviewed Study Shows Shocking Link Between Induced Abortion and Cancer

"After decades of denial, the link is now clear. Anti-abortion activists are rightfully highlighting a new meta-analysis of studies published in the peer-reviewed journal Cancer Causes and Control. The study concluded that there is a significant association and increased risk of breast cancer in women as the number of induced abortions increases. Even a single abortion was found to raise the risk of breast cancer by a whopping 44 percent.

Abortion is know to carry more emotional reactions than those who miscarry and the long-term impact may be stronger for some, but the verifiable link between cancer and abortion has been denied for decades.

Regardless of your position on abortion, the science can no longer be ignored. Abortion does in fact increase a woman's breast cancer risk. In 2010, a team of scientists found that abortion could triple a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer in later life. While concluding that breastfeeding offered significant protection from cancer, they also noted that the highest reported risk factor in developing the disease was abortion.

The findings, published in the Journal Cancer Epidemiology was consider ground breaking research to show a link between abortion and breast cancer. It was carried out by scientists at the University of Colombo in Sri Lanka and was the fourth epidemiological study to report such a link in the past within 14 months, with research in China, Turkey and the U.S. showing similar conclusions.

The new study's conclusion published on November 24, 2013 comes amid legal battles against Obamcare's requirement that employers pay for abortifacients and steroid drugs, commonly known as birth control pills.

The analysis by Yubei Huang, published in the peer-reviewed journal Cancer Causes and Control, looked at all 36 studies that have been done in China regarding the risk of developing breast cancer for women who have had at least one induced abortion.

The risk rocketed 44 percent, Huang found, after one abortion. After two, the risk rose to 76 percent. After three, it climbed to 89 percent.

Brind said his 1996 study was attacked by abortion advocates "entrenched in universities, medical societies, breast cancer charities, journals, and especially, government agencies like the National Cancer Institute," the NCI.

"In reality, the NCI is just another corrupt federal agency like the IRS and the NSA," he asserted.

The relationship between induced and spontaneous abortion and breast cancer risk has been the subject of extensive research beginning in the late 1950s. Until the mid-1990s, the evidence was inconsistent. Findings from some studies suggested there was no increase in risk of breast cancer among women who had had an abortion, while findings from other studies suggested there was an increased risk.

On the NCI website they specifically state and contrary to the Chinese study:

"the National Cancer Institute (NCI) convened a workshop of over 100 of the world's leading experts who study pregnancy and breast cancer risk. Workshop participants reviewed existing population-based, clinical, and animal studies on the relationship between pregnancy and breast cancer risk, including studies of induced and spontaneous abortions. They concluded that having an abortion or miscarriage does not increase a woman's subsequent risk of developing breast cancer."

Professor Joel Brind, a science advisor for the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer who reached a similar conclusion to Huang's in 1996, called the finding a "real game-changer" in the controversy over the link between abortion and breast cancer.

"Not only does it validate the earlier findings from 1996, but its findings are even stronger," he said.

First, it documents a 44 percent breast cancer risk increase with a single abortion.

It also confirms the "dose effect," that more abortions results in a higher risk, he said.

"Risk factors that show such a dose effect have more credibility in terms of actually causing the disease," he noted.

And he noted studies from India and Bangladesh earlier this year "reported breast cancer risk increases of unprecedented magnitude: over 600 percent and over 2,000 percent, respectively, among women who had any induced abortions."

Americans must pay attention, he said, because of the pending U.S. Supreme Court cases over Obamacare's required coverage of abortion and contraceptives.

He noted the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer and the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute have filed briefs in the cases.

Ignored Risks

Yet, despite convincing evidence of the dangers of breast cancer from abortions and contraceptive use, the lucrative abortion industry continues to deny any link exists. Attacking the credibility of studies conducted by Brind and others, the abortion lobby claims there is no consensus in the scientific community on the subject, and so its patients are told they are not at risk.

"The Planned Parenthood position is that abortion poses no demonstrated health risks," says Nancy L. Sasaki, president of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles. "The link between induced abortion and breast cancer is a theory whose principal promoters oppose abortion regardless of its safety. The theory has not been borne out by research. While Planned Parenthood believes that women should have access to information about all factors that influence the risk of disease, PPLA also believes that women deserve information that is medically substantiated and untainted by a political agenda. Because the research community has not reached a consensus on breast cancer and abortion, Planned Parenthood advises women who are considering terminating a pregnancy that there is no currently demonstrated health risk from abortion that would warrant basing a decision on that factor alone."

Dr. Jane Orient, a spokeswoman for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, stated that it is outrageous that American health care providers are not more aggressive and deliberate in warning women of the risk of a fatal cancer if they choose to abort.

"Women do want to know," she said. "The abortion interests do not want them to know this. The medical establishment has been behind the effort to conceal it [the link]."

Reggie Littlejohn, whose organization Womens Rights Without Frontiers focuses on China's forced-abortion policy, said the warning to women around the world is clear.

"Obviously this does not simply apply to Chinese women, but to all women. When we're talking about informed consent in the U.S., women need to be informed of the very strong link between abortion and breast cancer," she said.

She said the documentation turns the Chinese policy of one-child limits and forced abortion into secondary women's rights violations. The first violation is when hundreds of thousands of unborn girls are aborted each year in a society that stands on the primacy of males. The second is when an aborted baby girl's mother faces the much higher risk of breast cancer.

Her organization noted the Chinese work was done by a team of epidemiologists from Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital.

The study found induced abortion "significantly associated with an increased risk of breast cancer among Chinese females, and the risk of breast cancer increases as the number of IA increases."

Breast Cancer Increasing At An Alarming Rate

Historically, China had had a low breast cancer rate compared to Western nations, but over the last two decades the rate has "increased at an alarming rate," the study said.

The increase was parallel to China's one-child policy, which includes forced abortions, the report said.

"This groundbreaking study reveals yet another human rights violation in connection with China's one-child policy: Forcibly aborted women are also at significantly higher risk of breast cancer," Littlejohn said.

"Not only do the women of China have to endure the tremendous trauma of late-term forced abortion, taking their babies from them; but also, years later, breast cancer, taking their health and even their lives from them," she said.

Littlejohn said the strong association of abortion and breast cancer established by the new study "brings the women's rights violations under the one child policy to a new level: a woman pregnant in China without a birth permit is subjected to both government-imposed forced abortion, and also breast cancer as a result of it."

"Where abortion is forced, the subsequent development of breast cancer becomes a violation of women's rights in itself," she said.

The study looked at 36 articles (two cohort studies and 34 case-control studies) covering 14 provinces in China.

Just months ago, the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association, JAMA, published a study showing the rate of metastatic breast cancer in women ages 25 to 39 nearly doubled between 1976 and 2009, from 1.53 to 2.9 per 100,000.

The American Council on Science and Health calls the increase "slight." But at the time, Orient pointed out there has been no corresponding increase in older women.

Karen Malec, president of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer, said it was "utterly stunning" that lead author Rebecca Johnson's team called the increased incidence in advanced cancers among young women "small."

"That's a nearly doubled increase in the incidence of a disease with a mean five-year fatality rate of 69 percent," she said. "By contrast, the mean five-year fatality rate among women with breast cancers that have not spread to distant sites is 13.2 percent."

And what distinguishes the younger women from the older? The sexual revolution, said Orient.

"Young women in huge numbers have taken higher doses of hormones than their menopausal sisters -- in birth-control pills," she said.

It was in 2005 when the World Health Organization classified oral contraceptives as Class-1 carcinogens, one of only about 100 substances found to be "carcinogenic in humans."

Orient said breast cancer is generally hormone sensitive and is often treated with anti-estrogens. Pregnancy is the most important cause of a high estrogen level.

She noted estrogen increases by 2,000 percent by the end of the first trimester, increasing cancer vulnerability. However, by the end of pregnancy, 85 percent of breast-cancer tissue has become cancer-resistant because of hormones made by the fetal-placenta presence.

That means a completed pregnancy protects against breast cancer. The protection is lost when a pregnancy is aborted, making a woman even more vulnerable to breast cancer."

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Source Article:
USS Ronald Reagan Sailors Suffering Radiation Illness

"There is an awful collusion of gross negligence now taking place between TEPCO, the operators of the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, which suffered a triple meltdown and the US Department of Defense.

Once again, as with so much that is awry in our world, the exposure to massive liability will keep both parties lying through their teeth until they are successfully sued - and that is exactly what is 51 US Navy crew members of the USS Ronald Reagan are intending to do.

Crew members, many of whom are in their early- and mid-20s, have been diagnosed with conditions including thyroid cancer, testicular cancer and leukemia. The affected sailors are suing Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), alleging that the utility mishandled the crisis and did not adequately warn the crew of the risk of participating as first responders to the Japanese victims of the earthquake and tsunami, which took roughly 20,000 lives. There are reports among the 100,000 displaced victims in Japan who dare to speak out about the connection between the non-stop release of of radiation over the ensuing 3 years and their own mounting cases of illness are being threatened with internment in concentration camps.

To further add insult to injury, the US Department of Defense is denying that crew members were exposed to dangerous radiation levels.

Charles Bonner, attorney for the sailors, explains that the USS Reagan, a Nimitz-Class Supercarrier desalinates its own water. Crew members were unknowingly drinking, cooking with, and bathing in contaminated water, due to the ship's close proximity to the disaster site.

The number of plaintiffs in the case could grow significantly, as 150 additional crew members are currently
being medically screened to join. The sailors are seeking $40 million each in punitive damages as well as a $1 billion fund for future medical expenses for members of the USS Reagan.

USS Ronald Reagan sailors suffering radiation illness

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Source Article:
Supporting a Loved One Through PTSD or Panic Attacks

"This cartoon, in my opinion, illustrates the perfect way to handle every PTSD or anxiety episode. If I could actually live inside a blanket fort forever, I would.

Unfortunately, flashbacks, panic attacks, nightmares, intrusive thoughts, memories, triggers, and all those other lovely things that survivors have to live with don’t have the courtesy to always wait for blanket forts to be available.

It’s scary for the person experiencing the attack, but it’s also scary for any loved ones who are trying to comfort and support someone through an attack.

This post is for the supporters.

Often in the midst of the episode, the distressed person doesn’t necessarily have their full vocabulary and can’t articulate exactly what they need in that moment. Afterwards, they may avoid talking about it out of embarrassment, fear, or a desire to preserve the peacefulness of the present.

So how do you learn what is helpful?

If you’re like my partner, mostly through trial and error. However, this cartoon inspired me to draw up a list of tips, taking from my own preferences as well as those of some friends. They’re not universal, but they’re a starting point, I think, for the right mindset.


Usually when someone is having an episode, they’re not actually in danger. Their body just thinks they are in danger. The first step to helping anyone is to remind them of their safety. It seems obvious, but just telling them they’re going to be okay can alleviate some of the stress of what’s happening.

However, please note that reassuring someone they are okay is not the same thing as minimizing the trigger or their response. Making fun of the trigger, ordering them to stop, scoffing at their response—those will exacerbate the situation rather than help it, and you may find yourself on the do-not-trust list in the future.


Someone who is experiencing a flashback or panic attack needs to have something to hold onto, to bring them back to themselves, and to put them in the present moment.

Jess M. mentions that shuffling cards, counting toothpicks, and other similar tasks helps her.

Dani, in her post from Friday, writes how important breath is in grounding. “Tell me to breathe, and then deliberately breathe for me so I have a rhythm to focus on and match.”

To be honest, telling me to breathe would probably make me swear at you. I prefer to have the “first aid box” that my therapist inspired me to create. It’s filled with a range of things like incense, pictures, or slips of paper with quotes on them. Depending on what my trigger is, different things will speak to me at different times.

Obviously, these anchoring techniques differ from individual to individual and from situation to situation, but the goal is to gently engage the senses in a way that brings them back to the “here and now.”

Touch (Use with extreme caution!)

Touch can be one of the most beneficial ways of supporting someone through an episode, or it can be one of the most impairing. Touch is going to be incredibly specific to personal preferences and situations.

Dani states, “Sometimes it grounds me and gives me a point of reference. But I need whoever is with me to pay very very close attention to my body language when they touch me. Often I’m not able to speak to tell you whether where your touching is okay, and probably the only hint you’ll get that your touch is bad is that I’ll tense up all over.”

I like to be touched for the most part, but if touch brought on the panic attack (someone hugging me from behind or touching me without permission), then touch makes me practically feral. Sometimes I like to be cocooned in my partner’s arms so that I feel like nothing else can get to me. Other times, I desperately need to feel like I’m not trapped.

If you’re close to the person you’re trying to support, chances are you know whether they prefer touch or not. If you don’t know the person all that well, it may be better to just avoid touch altogether.

However, regardless of whether you know them or not, it’s always best to ask permission before touching. “Is it okay if I put my hand on your back?” “Is it okay if I hug you?” “Is it okay if I hold your hand?”

This is particularly important for anyone who has a history of sexual trauma or abuse since touch has so often been used to hurt.


Once the storm settles down, there are still residual effects. Don’t expect things to jump back to normal immediately. Fatigue usually follows, both physically and emotionally.

Some people, like Dani, will prefer spectator activities that don’t require much engagement. Others, like Angela and Jess M. prefer absorbing activities like reading or organizing. I tend to go for animated movies with happy endings or card games. However, Keith, John, and Jess D. all expressed that quiet was important for their recuperation.

Dani highlights the importance of providing simple options to choose from and of introducing those options slowly. Perhaps start out with some quiet sitting or some calm music, then in a little while suggest a few non-taxing activities that the person typically enjoys. Blanket forts are good here if you can build one.


Like touch, talking can be either good or bad.

Carol P. tells me that questions make things worse for her.

Machelle expresses that, “Sometimes I go deep inside of myself and I don’t come out until I have ‘it’ figured out. Other times I need to talk, talk, talk it all out.”

It’s a good idea to ask if they want to talk about what they’re feeling, thinking, or experiencing. Give them a lot of space to speak up because it can take a long time for someone to work up the courage to talk about their anxieties or traumas.

But don’t push.

It’s not necessary for you, the supporter, to know what is going on in order to lend support. Sometimes, the fact that you’re willing to sit there in silence, comfortable with not knowing, is enough to get someone to open up. It’s like a signal that tells them that you’re not going to push them for information they don’t feel comfortable giving, nor are you going to become so impatient with their process that you leave them hanging.

But even if they never tell you what was going on in their world at the time, that’s okay. They need that space, that right to keep their truth to themselves. It may feel like you’re abandoning them in their emotions, but respecting them in their choice not to talk is more supportive than forcing them to disclose.

Plan ahead

I hope that this post has given you some ideas of how you can support your loved one through crises, but the most important thing you can do to support someone is talk about it ahead of time. Let them know that you are interested in supporting them and ask them to articulate what they need in those times. Maybe even compile a first aid box together.

(And if you’re the person in need of support, don’t be afraid to send this post to your supporters and start a discussion of what the best way to support you would be)."

Monday, December 16, 2013


You see kids, this is what happens when you sign-up to work for the dark side! There's no glory or goodness in choosing to serve the U.S. military -- only dread, disease, death and destruction. The U.S. military is satan's army and it is filled with satan's spawn. In this case, these evil ones allowed sailors to drink and bathe in radioactive sea water at Fukushima! They were ordered to jump into the radioactive water to rescue people. They were ordered to handle highly radioactive items on their radioactive ships. And it's all in a days work for the evil U.S. military.

Now the dark ones can study the effects of intense radiation exposure on humans. And they can sit back and observe how long it will take for all of the young people to die.


Please stop breeding.

Source Article:
Another 20 Navy Sailors: USS Ronald Reagan crew with thyroid cancers, leukemia, brain tumors, bleeding, blindness after Fukushima disaster — Young kids developing problems — Gov’t and Tepco involved in major conspiracy (AUDIO)

Full Interview Available Here

At 27:00 in

Charles Bonner, attorney representing sailors from the USS Ronald Reagan: They’re not only going to the rescue by jumping into the water and rescuing people out of the water, but they were drinking desalinated sea water, bathing in it, until finally the captain of the USS Ronald Reagan alarmed people that they were encountering high levels of radiation. As a result of this exposure, the 51 sailors that we represent right now have come down with a host of medical problems, including cancers and leukemias, all kinds of gynecological problems [...] people who are going blind, pilots who had perfect eyesight but now have tumors on the brain. These service men and women are young people 21, 22, 23 years old and no one in their family had ever (inaudible) any of these kinds of illnesses before.

At 33:00
Bonner: These sailors had none of these kind of medical problems, now they have back pains, memory loss, severe anxiety. They have testicular cancer, they have thyroid cancers, they have leukemias, they have a host of problems, rectal and gynecological bleeding, a host of problems that they did not have before [...] And it’s only been 3 years since they went in. [...] The Japanese government is in a major conspiracy with Tepco to hide and conceal the true facts.

At 34:30 in

Bonner: We’ll be adding approximately 20 sailors, bringing the total number in the lawsuit to 70 to 75.

At 47:30 in

Bonner: 21 and 22 year-olds who are just beginning to start their lives, start their families, and many have little children and now they’re sick. They are going constantly to the doctors, their children are sick — we even have small children as some of our plaintiffs, because they too have developed problems.

Source Article:
Fuked US Navy Sailors Going Blind (Video)

ENENews with the latest devastating result of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami crippling Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant and the radiation that flooded the atmosphere as well as the radioactive water pouring into the Pacific, hundreds of tons daily.

US Naval members from the USS Ronald Reagan crew with thyroid cancers, leukemia, brain tumors, bleeding, blindness after Fukushima disaster, people 21, 22 and 23, years old going blind. Sailors are now suffering the effects of the Fukushima disaster, 70-75 of which are now suing, according to attorney Charles Bonner, who is representing them.

At 27:00 in

Charles Bonner, attorney representing sailors from the USS Ronald Reagan: They’re not only going to the rescue by jumping into the water and rescuing people out of the water, but they were drinking desalinated sea water, bathing in it, until finally the captain of the USS Ronald Reagan alarmed people that they were encountering high levels of radiation. As a result of this exposure, the 51 sailors that we represent right now have come down with a host of medical problems, including cancers and leukemias, all kinds of gynecological problems [...] people who are going blind, pilots who had perfect eyesight but now have tumors on the brain. These service men and women are young people 21, 22, 23 years old and no one in their family had ever (inaudible) any of these kinds of illnesses before.

At 33:00

Bonner: These sailors had none of these kind of medical problems, now they have back pains, memory loss, severe anxiety. They have testicular cancer, they have thyroid cancers, they have leukemias, they have a host of problems, rectal and gynecological bleeding, a host of problems that they did not have before [...] And it’s only been 3 years since they went in. [...] The Japanese government is in a major conspiracy with Tepco to hide and conceal the true facts.

Full interview available here.


Source Article:
51 Sailors from USS Ronald Reagan Suffering Thyroid Cancer, Leukemia, Brain Tumors After Participating in Fukushima Nuclear Rescue Efforts

December 12, 2013 -- (TRN -- Crew members in their mid-20's from the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan are coming down with all sorts of radiation-related illnesses after being deployed less than 3 years ago to assist with earthquake rescue operations off the coast of Japan in 2011. It looks as though the onboard desalinization systems that take salt out of seawater to make it drinkable, were taking-in radioactive water from the ocean for the crew to drink, cook with and bath-in, before anyone realized there was a massive radiation spill into the ocean.

Charles Bonner, attorney representing sailors from the USS Ronald Reagan said "the crew members were not only going to the rescue by jumping into the water and rescuing people out of the water, but they were drinking desalinated sea water, bathing in it, until finally the captain of the USS Ronald Reagan alarmed people that they were encountering high levels of radiation."

Bonner says that as a result of this exposure, the 51 sailors have come down with a host of medical problems, "They have testicular cancer, they have thyroid cancers, they have leukemias, they have rectal and gynecological bleeding, a host of problems that they did not have before ... people are going blind, pilots who had perfect eyesight but now have tumors on the brain. And it’s only been 3 years since they went in." Bonner pointed out that these service men and women are young people, ages 21, 22, 23 years old and no one in their family had ever suffered any of these kinds of illnesses before.

At present, 51 sailors from the USS Ronald Reagan are named as Plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) and Bonner says he anticipates adding twenty additional Sailors soon, bringing the total to 70 to 75 because "The Japanese government is in a major conspiracy with TEPCO to hide and conceal the true facts."

In an utterly shocking admission at a meeting of the Japan Press Club on December 12, 2013, the former Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan, who was in-office when the Fukushima disaster took place, told assembled journalists "[People think it was March 12th but] the first meltdown occurred 5 hours after the earthquake." This means that the government of Japan KNEW there was horrific radiation being released, but did not tell the U.S. Navy which had deployed the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan to assist with rescue efforts. Our story covering this new aspect of the Fukushima incident is available HERE.

According to "Stars and Stripes" one Plaintiff in the lawsuit is Petty Officer 3rd Class Daniel Hair. When the earthquake struck, Hair and his Reagan shipmates were en route to Korea. They immediately turned around and steamed to the affected area. “There were people in distress,” he said. “This is what we signed up for.”

The Reagan passed through debris as far as the eye could see: wood, refrigerators, car tires, roofs of houses with people riding on them. Hair was told they were five to 10 miles off the coast from Fukushima, which had been damaged by a massive tsunami spawned by the quake.

Sailors were drinking desalinated seawater and bathing in it until the ship’s leadership came over the public address system and told them to stop because it was contaminated, Hair said. They were told the ventilation system was contaminated, and he claims he was pressured into signing a form that said he had been given an iodine pill even though none had been provided. As a low-ranking sailor, he believed he had no choice.

The Navy has acknowledged that the Reagan passed through a plume of radiation but declined to comment on the details in Hair’s story.

Shortly after the disaster, Senior Chief Mike Sebourn was sent from his home base, Naval Air Facility Atsugi, to Misawa Air Base, 200 miles from the faltering power plant. As a designated radiation decontamination officer, he dealt with aircraft and personnel that had flown into the area.

Sebourn, with only two days of training, was tasked with testing seven points on an aircraft’s skin for radiation. He and others crawled all over the crafts for months, he said, with only gloves for protection. At one point, he said, they took the radiator out of one aircraft and tested it. The radiation was four times greater than what should have required them to wear a suit and respirator, he said.

The level of radiation “was incredibly dangerous,” Sebourn said. “Navy aviation had never dealt with radiation before. Nobody knew what to do. Nobody knew what was safe. It was a nightmare.”

Sebourn said he suffered nose bleeds, headaches and nausea in the immediate aftermath — symptoms consistent with radiation poisoning. Months later, he felt weak in his right arm; excruciating pain followed. He said the command fitness leader in charge of physical training at Atsugi watched as his arm atrophied to about half its size.

“I have issues that can’t be explained,” Sebourn said. “It just seems like I am deteriorating.”

Sebourn said he went to doctors more than a dozen times, but no one knew what had caused the former personal trainer to lose 70 percent of the strength in the right side of his body. He retired after 17 years in Japan.

Sebourn is alarmed that the word “radiation” doesn’t appear anywhere in his service record, even though that was his job and he was exposed to it. He believed troops exposed would be red-flagged in their service records and be tracked for medical problems.

According to "The Huffington Post" another Plaintiff in the lawsuit is former Navy Quartermaster Maurice Enis.

Enis says it was more than a month after arriving off the coast of Japan -- and circling at distances of one to 10 miles from the crippled reactors -- when sailors aboard the carrier got word that a nuclear plant had been affected. "Even then, it was rumors," he said. And it wasn't until the USS Ronald Reagan had left Japan and sailors were scrubbing down the ship that they were offered radiation protection. Enis said the enlisted sailors were never offered any iodine. He said he later learned the "higher ups" -- officers and pilots -- had received the tablets to protect their thyroids from radiation damage.

"They had us sign off that we were medically fine, had no sickness, and that we couldn't sue the U.S. government," Enis told The Huffington Post, recalling widespread anger among the sailors who saw it as "B.S." but who also felt they had little choice.


The first video below is when the Captain tells the crew they have moved the ship to fresher water and radiation is now down to acceptable levels, so they can begin using the water again! The second is what the Captain told the crew when the ship WAS HEADING BACK INTO the radiation!

Radiation Scare...cleaner water

Radiation scare....stating the plan