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Whenever I read things like this, I feel sick to my stomach. Satanism and luciferianism are soooooo in our face. And the dark ones are controlling the U.S. government -- and in fact, every American institution.

They must be extinguished. I do not have much hope for their awakening.

Source Article:
Senate Approves Bill that Legalizes Sodomy and Bestiality in U.S. Military

"( – (Updated) The Senate on Thursday evening voted 93-7 to approve a defense authorization bill that includes a provision which not only repeals the military law on sodomy, it also repeals the military ban on sex with animals--or bestiality.

On Nov. 15, the Senate Armed Services Committee had unanimously approved S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act, which includes a provision to repeal Article 125 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

Article 125 of the UCMJ makes it illegal to engage in both sodomy with humans and sex with animals.

It states: "(a) Any person subject to this chapter who engages in unnatural carnal copulation with another person of the same or opposite sex or with an animal is guilty of sodomy. Penetration, however slight, is sufficient to complete the offense. (b) Any person found guilty of sodomy shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.”

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said the effort to remove sodomy from military law stems from liberal Senate Democrats' and President Obama’s support for removing the military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy.

“It’s all about using the military to advance this administration’s radical social agenda,” Perkins told “Not only did they overturn Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, but they had another problem, and that is, under military law sodomy is illegal, just as adultery is illegal, so they had to remove that prohibition against sodomy.”

Perkins said removing the bestiality provision may have been intentional--or just “collateral damage”

“Well, whether it was inadvertent or not, they have also taken out the provision against bestiality,” he said. “So now, under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), there’s nothing there to prosecute bestiality."

Former Army Col. Bob Maginnis said some military lawyers have indicated that bestiality may be prosecutable under another section of the military code of justice – the “catch-all” Article 134 for offenses against “good military order and discipline.”

But don't count on that, he said.

“If we have a soldier who engages in sodomy with an animal – whether a government animal or a non-government animal – is it, in fact, a chargeable offense under the Uniform Code? I think that’s in question,” Maginnis told

“When the reader stops laughing, the reader needs to ask the question whether or not this is in the best interests of the government, in the best interests of the military and the best interests of the country? I think not.”

He added: “Soldiers, unfortunately, like it or not, have engaged in this type of behavior in the past. Will they in the future, if they remove this statute? I don’t know.”

Perkins said there was no attempt to remove the UCMJ repeal provision from the bill, which Perkins had expected the Senate to approve.

Now that it has passed, however, the Senate version will have to go to a conference committee, and Perkins predicts there will be several sticking points with the House.

“The House in their version of the defense authorization, reinforced the Defense of Marriage Act, saying that there is a military DOMA as well, prohibiting same-sex marriage on military bases – something the Department of Defense is pushing for,” he said.

“And now this is an added concern, that sodomy has been removed, and as we have discovered, that bestiality--the prohibition against it--has been removed from the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So yes, the House will have problems with this bill.”"

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To understand the forces we are up against in the spiritual battle between love and evil -- between the Real Creator and the Creator's opposite -- watch this video -- and especially the last hour.

The Illuminati 2-The Antichrist Conspiracy


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How to Recognize a Satanist (Part One)

How to Recognize a Satanist (Part One)

October 11, 2012
Posting from Craig's List Seattle (link no longer active)

How well do you know people?

The Dangerous Ones are Clean-Cut

"Long time Satanists are serious about hiding who they are. The new ones will brag, and flaunt it like it's cool. "

by "Samuel Butler"
(originally posted Dec. 15, 2009)

Many people think a Satanist will stick out like a sore thumb. Some do, most do not. Just look at Robert Yates (serial killer from Spokane, Wa.). He looked normal as did Bundy, right? Yates was a Deacon in his church too, by the way. So how do you become wise, spot these people and not be a victim?

First, know real Satanists look and dress normal -- not like Bikers, or Gothic dress or hippies. The ones that look like trouble (with tattoos, green hair, body piercings)you do not have to worry about. Unless you're into their drug culture, then watch your back. A long time Satanist is serious about hiding who they are. The new ones will brag, and flaunt it like it's cool.

The long-term ones have skeletons in their closet (as they have done sacrifices already) and are very quiet about it. Generally lower level Dabblers are Meth, Coke dealers. Many drug dealers that are not into the occult themselves know people that are.

And they could set up clients, knowing or unknowing willing or unwilling. You'd be amazed what a dealer in debt to another will do. Most Satanic cults make and sell meth. I'm talking in large quantities and much money is paid to police for protection. Many police are involved in these cults. Usually when you hear of a brutal cop that makes the local news..well guess why.


Satanic cults are everywhere if you know what to look for. There is one in Roy [42 mi s. of Seattle] that is a known compound guarded by men armed with AR-15 Rifles. They use Federal Laws on religion and the 2nd amendment on guns to guard their compounds. I know of three just like this in Florida and if you even touch their fence, they will shoot. No games with these people. These places always have lodging in bunkers underground.

All Satanic cults build large underground bunkers and tunnels. The topside is kept clean, underground is where they keep people and do deeds. No one, even Police dare to raid these compounds. Most often these people meet at different locations depending on the ceremony. Often it may be one head members home.

Depending on income of the group determines if they meet in the woods or have a bunker type compound. Not all live in a compound of course. Many members are Freemasons and we know how they are about secrets. Many Satanic cults support themselves by making things to sell to the public. Things like jewelry, especially crosses that you find in Christian stores. With a nice Christian sounding name, they have front companies.

The main reason they do this is deception, as they attach demonic spirits on each piece of jewelry they make during ceremonies. That's why they sell crosses to Christians. I think all of us have seen those fantasy Dungeons and Dragons castles with orbs, druids and dragons often made of pewter right? Now you know who makes most of them. Many are sold in places like Disney World, also in stores in the malls that sell weird things and such. So we see they have lot's of money.

Now the real threat is from clean cut looking Satanist. They have good jobs, careers like lawyers, policemen, clergy, pilots, teachers, day care, neighbors, etc..Those are the ones that you watch out for. These people most often find positions and careers working with children so they can find potentials for ceremonies. And if your child comes up missing, no one would suspect your case worker at say perhaps DSHS, crisis center or even the child's school teacher. After all they know all about your child and their patterns even schedule. Instead the police and media will look to put blame on a pedophile on the run, not even suspecting the kidnapped child was set up by one of these people in charge; members of the same cult.

Keep in mind 80% of all violent crime is committed by someone [the victim] knows directly. The odds are ALL of us know someone or many that are Satanist and we may not even suspect them. Shake your head "no way" just as all friends of serial killers would say when they find out who the person really was. Facts are who really knows anyone that well? Not to be paranoid or scared..just think outside the box here and be safe, not a victim.

10000 CULTS

There are an estimated 100,000 or more Satanic cults in America. Those numbers sadly are out-dated and from the 1980's. The numbers are much higher now of course. But it's not a priority of the F.B.I. to track anymore. Police are NOT allowed to call a ritual murder done to someone as so. There are certain codes for these type Satanic murders. This is a fact, ask any police officer. The F.B.I. Learned long ago when they mention "Satanic cult" in the news people go ape shit over it.

So most cases are hidden as just murders by crazy people. But they never mention the Satanic cult involved or the actual ritual. When kids come up missing, investigate case workers, day-care workers even teachers as well. Guaranteed someone close to the child knows's just who exactly. The child was scoped out for ceremonies I bet. I know this is hard if you lost a child. But chances are these people had something to do with arranging it, not some drunken pirate as the media will spin it.

Dig into some of these people that work with children, and you may find other cases of missing children they knew. Then figure the odds of it. The reason they do not find most missing people is they don't consider other options as potential leads. Or they don't want to find them and are covering up for these groups. After all Satanic cults tell you what they do and what believe in so why not beat on their doors first when people come up missing prior to the ceremony dates? Not that hard to do and create a profile on these assholes is it?

Remember Satanists have rights to practice their religion under Federal Laws protecting freedom of religion. Most nations now have the same laws put in place since the early 1980's. Uniformity and Globalism are great huh?

Each Satanic/Wicca cult has 13 people. You do the math with the chart on this link as to how many people they each kill yearly. This is not an "option" for them, this IS their religion keep this in mind. The 100,000 mentioned are just Satanic cults. Those numbers does not include Luciferians, Nazi death cults, JRS Jewish ritual sacrifice (Talmudic Jews only) Mexican Santeria, Voo Doo, gang initiations or serial killers.

Thou Satanist dabble with spells and conjure demons during ceremonies, they often can't control demons nor send them back. Remember if they were not getting what they want out of these ceremonies they would quit in time. So this means it is real and they are getting things they desire. Luciferians actually control demons and consider Satanist as very dangerous to them. Luciferians are ancient bloodlines. Satanists are like grunt soldiers for Luciferians. Either way they all kill people and serve the same master. You can watch "Eyes Wide Shut" for an idea of who Luciferians are.

Don't assume the Million missing people every year in America were stupid or easily tricked. But if you keep your guard up with everyone in time these people will show themselves and trip up, just as a Tiger can only hide it's stripes so long.

Always be careful of new people you meet until you know them well enough. In fact make that very well and always test people to be safe. If not, you or someone you love could become a victim to these Satanists. They almost always choose their victims long before hand. That's a fact. Real Satanist always look normal. They will try to get you to try new things, go to new places all to build trust to get you off guard when the time comes.


Remember it's the normal looking ones that will harm you. Keep in mind the real Satanists are pure evil. This is real and understand they will have no pity on killing you or your children. How these cults create monsters is simple, sad and very disturbing. All Satanic families are programmed by SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse). This is mind control. Horrific abuse fragments the human mind and causes multiple personalities. Out of shock the human brain creates compartments or places to hide. I am talking about REAL trauma here, not just beatings. The worse things you can think of aren't even bad compared to what their offspring are subjected too. This is needed to fragment their minds early in childhood.

Once fragmented they then get into the child's mind by getting them to go into another personality then they abuse that one. In time the child has no safe place to go, even in his/her own mind. This violation of their minds is complicated but once it's done the children do not even dare think about revolting. Each personality is found then programmed for different tasks. Most MPD do dot even know they have other personalities. The level of physical abuse children of Satanic cults is sickening not to mention the mental torture needed to create the next generation.

In these cults they have breeders and use the babies for rituals. Also all members are one complete family. So all children are violated sexually by most members. Some children do not comply to programming, or refuse to kill animals, are then killed by other toddlers as commanded. By 5 these children have to kill another children then remove their organs. This is when they split personalities in order to deal with the commanded task.

By 5-6, they are weeded out. By 10 they are seasoned in killing. In SRA the only time their children are shown attention and love is on ceremony days. In time these children look forward to ceremonies. This is when they are let out of isolation, get fed well, and shown actual love and affection. Afterward they are isolated again from the world. Again starved, deprived of water if they ask or cry for it, often for days.

This makes them hard and callous in nature. By the time these children of Satanist/Luciferians are 8 or 9 they get used to killing other children usually play mates from school or the neighborhood. Then they are ready to "recruit" or bring playmates from school to kill. And they will do this for acceptance and love. This is how they groom their children. This is also how these people keep secrets in the family.

So you see these people are not playing games here and this is very serious stuff. Remember it's not what your religion is, or lack of that's theirs that matters as killing you is their religion . Warn others and always keep both guards up always, trust no one new especially the least likely ones you'd suspect such as clergy, church members.

Many Satanist are active church members. Fact are Freemasons and Satanists donate the most money in most churches all to gain positions of power and trust. From there they can guide the flock onto what passages they want you to learn and not others. These are all facts from retired F.B.I Ted Gunderson Agent (Google videos of him available, just type into key search in Google and watch) .

Be wise as serpents!

Source Article:
How to Recognize a Satanist (Part Two)

From Feb 11, 2011

"A MPD [multiple personality] can be a clean-cut preacher, having no idea of other hidden personalities. This mind fracturing explains how these clean-cut Satanists can praise Jesus one hour doing good deeds, then later go to Black Mass after Christmas Mass."

By "Samuel Butler"

I posted a thread in Dec. 2009 on Craig's List. It was picked up and posted on this website. I noticed that people had some questions as to how to spot a Satanist.

It depends if a Satanist is a generational bloodline or new at it. If new, they like to flaunt it and show others how scary they are or look. These types usually bark rather than bite. The ones that can blend in, and take key positions of power are the ones to worry about.

People should understand the difference between Satanists and Luciferians. Satanists are not Luciferians. They are often considered a threat to a Luciferian, for their lack of dedication and knowledge. A Luciferian is generational. They know more due to being exposed to secret societies that have direct contact with Lucifer.

Lucifer is Satan. Satan is a title; Lucifer is his name. Most Satanists are pledge-ins, not always Generational Bloodline. Luciferian generational bloodline are taught how to summon a demon. Then control the demon. And when done, send the demon back.

The majority of Satanists overestimate their abilities. And they're often novice dabblers when they summon a demon, lacking knowledge to send the demon back when done. Often they too may be harmed. So, most are considered below Wicca's in the food-chain.

Yes Wicca is evil as well. Though Satanists do kill, the difference is they may kill a few people a year. When a Luciferian is in power, he may kill millions in a planned war. Take George W. Bush for example. Luciferians have power. They hang out at The Bohemian Grove. That's when they're not in male bath houses.


Signs to look for a Satanist can be things such as time-loss MPD/DID. This might be a sign of early childhood trauma. Research into this if you're not aware. Christ said you will know them by their deeds. They often slip up.

Now a MPD can be a clean-cut preacher, having no idea of other hidden personalities. This mind fracturing explains how these clean cut Satanists can praise Jesus one hour doing good deeds, then later go to Black Mass after Christmas Mass.

But most of these people have blank stares...their eyes seem void of empathy, love, compassion and concern. Thou they may play it off, you can tell it's an act..(red flag).

They also are liberal with events like say Halloween parties at a church. I can go on, but you can get the idea..they corrupt and pervert churches.

They are uncomfortable in a real God fearing church. In Ministry, Satanist go for top positions to control the flow of doctrine as well as to preach certain passages, not other words 'feel-good' ministry to keep many church shoppers coming back.

A good example of this might be Robert Yates serial killer from Spokane Wa. He was a Deacon and actually killed a victim in his church. Thou I have never heard him confess to being a Satanist...would you think otherwise when you hear his deeds?

Most Satanic crimes are not reported as so by Police. If people knew how prevalent it is, there would be mass lynchings. Trust me, Police know how bad this problem is. You do the math...number of ceremonies multiplied by covens nation-wide equals lot's of missing people nationwide every year. Make that Worldwide.

Now most Satanists are very private, solitary people. They may flaunt their religion to intimidate neighbors if low level. These types usually have mean large black dogs.

A clean cut Satanist is not so foolish; they are different; they are serious. They hold positions in key places, often around children or authority. They have reason to be discreet. They are.

If suspicious, just follow them on ceremony nights. Just do a key search on Satanic Holiday calendar. One thing they seem to have in common is bunkers underground. More signs to look for can be missing cats, in your neighborhood. Even young children that come up missing..make note of Satanic ceremony dates. Keep watch of yours, and other neighborhood children a week prior. It is said certain demonic known biker gangs are involved in these kidnappings.

Other signs to look for might be piles of animals bones say in the woods. Fire pits with charred animal bones are common. Go back on ceremony nights to confirm..but be careful. Use of dark candles is another sign (do a key search on different colored candles used in Satanism for ceremonies).

If you have a gut feeling of evil or 'something's not right' in an area, you're probably correct. Negative energy seems to stay in an area afterward. Look for pagan signs in their house, or office. They seem to like animals with horns, even dragons.

Most Satanic compounds have very tall chain link fences perhaps adorned with razor wire. There will be an underground hidden bunker there as well. Make sure no one is in there before you implode it ;-)

There's one Satanic compound in Central Florida, around Bradenton area. The front gate is blocked with a huge boulder on the inside. This rock is huge, not native to Florida..I know. These people use a large Caterpillar loader to move the boulder as an unmarked semi rolls into the gate. Then the boulder is rolled back into place blocking the gate during unloading/loading.

The place is well known in the area as the 'guards' are dressed in cloaks armed with AR-15's assault rifles. They do not hide who they are. If you stand along the river behind this compound you can actually see a bit of a large flat slab decorated with a Pentagram on top. The walls are high I'm sure to mask any noises from inside.

In conclusion research as much as you can about Satanists if you'd like to expose their whereabouts. Or, who they are. Perhaps start in your local church.

Be wise as these serpents."

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There is a tidal wave building and it is sooooo big, it is poised to take out every last child raping, child trafficking, satan-worshipping mother-fucker. YOU LOSERS ARE DOOMED!!!

Source Article:
Queen Elizabeth and Cameron issued warrants for a paedophile ring?

"Today Queen Elizabeth and UK Prime Minister David Cameron were issued arrest warrants. The two were charged with sexual crimes against children as part of an international pedophile ring.

“We have enough evidence to prosecute and hold both the Prime Minister and Queen of England" said ex-Royal Military Policeman Matt Taylor.

Last Thursday Activist David Compan was released from the London Park Royal Mental Health Centre. The psychiatric facility had been swamped with calls about his forced detainment there. David, plus his wife, were arrested on three occasions this month - without being charged. His apparent "crime" was daring to post Brussels common law court arrest warrants on the Queen, Cameron, former Catholic Pope Joseph Ratzinger and 37 other global elites.

The present Catholic Pope Francis Bergoglio was alleged to be part of child trafficking in an international pedophile ring. Victims who were prostituted as children at the Vatican have come forward, along with survivors who alleged they were abused in international pedophile rings. Victims have also alleged sex abuse and murder of children by former Pope Ratzinger, Catholic Cardinal Bernard Alfrink of Utrecht, a second Catholic Cardinal, a French judge, Belgian priests, other members of the British Royal family and Prince Bernhard of Holland.

A former Argentine government official recently agreed to testify about Bergoglio's role in a pedophile ring during Argentine's Junta "Dirty War." A Brussels international Common Law court was slated on the matter to begin March 15 2014.

On Feb. 25 2013 six judges of a Brussels common law court found the Queen, Cameron, Ratzinger and 37 other global elites guilty in the disappearance of 50,000 Canadian indigent children. Cases were prosecuted by the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, ITCCS.

Evidence presented could be reviewed in ITCCS's Kevin Annett's "Hidden No Longer" at and

Why common law courts?

Common Law court actions were proven effective. In Feb. 2013 Catholic Pope Joseph Ratzinger resigned within days of being issued his arrest warrant.

Should parents consider common law courts to protect their children?

Yes, evidently. On Oct. 10 1964 Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip were seen taking ten native children from the Canadian Kamloops Residential School. The age-ten children haven't been heard of since. Canadian courts refused to hear the case that also involved the 50,000 Canadian missing indigent children.

Are we in danger if global elites were not held responsible for their crimes?

Evidently so. Two witnesses died of mysterious causes prior to the Feb. 2013 Brussels court that convicted the Queen, Cameron, former Pope Ratzinger and 37 other elites of Crimes Against Humanity.

Would our present court system prosecute international pedophile rings?

Evidently not. ITCCS efforts for excavation of 31 child mass grave sites of the 50,000 missing children have been thwarted since the first was discovered in 2008. The child mass grave sites were on grounds of 80 Canadian government-owned residential schools run by the Catholic and Anglican churches and the United Church of Canada. Victims of the Catholic priest abuse scandal have seen very few perpetrators find the inside of a jail cell.

“It’s time to display documentation so that common law verdicts can be understood and enforced by the community” stated Kevin Annett of the ITCCS. Annett will explain common law court action today on the Radio Warrior We the Jury show at 4 pm EDT

Along with the March 15 common law court on Popes Bergoglio and Ratzinger, several common law court actions were being organized for 2014. Survivors came forward from Ireland Templemore Forgotten Victims, Canadian Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared, Italian Rete L’Abuso and in the US, United Against Church Terror, plus government mind-control and Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors from SMART and Child Abuse Recovery

With help of legal experts and judges, the ITCCS has united survivors of genocide and child torture worldwide. ITCCS is active in 26 countries with over 50 affiliated groups.

To volunteer for the citizen juries of these court actions, contact A Common Law Training Manual can be found at

The ITCCS operates from an undisclosed central headquarters in Brussels, Belgium and regional offices in Vancouver, New York, Dublin, London and Paris. ITCCS officers and their legal and political advisers generally retain their anonymity for reasons of security.

Suggested by the author

Queen guilty in missing children case, warrant server arrested?

Are the Queen and global elites supporting child exploitation rings?

Is Pope Bergoglio going to court on child trafficking and sex-abuse cover up?

Queen avoids arrest for child trafficking by detaining innocent man?

Is there government cover-up of child genocide and mass graves?"

Source Article:

"Matt Taylor the next MP for Brighton Kemptown in 2015, has issued an extraordinary order for the immediate arrest of David Cameron and The Queen on charges of High Treason and sexual crimes against children.

Following the explosive interview between Louise Collins from the UK Column News and Bill Maloney from Pie’n'Mash films, in which the Queen was named as part of an international paedophile ring, Matt Taylor from Brighton has declared to hold the higher moral ground, and as an ex-Royal Military Police, the authority to order the immediate arrest of David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the UK and Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of England and the Common Wealth.

He said, “We have enough evidence to prosecute and holding the higher moral ground over both the Prime Minister and Queen of England, I hereby order their immediate arrest for High Treason and sexual crimes against children.”


Are the Queen and global elites supporting child exploitation rings?

By Judy Byington - January 21, 2014

This week Queen Elizabeth was implicated in another international child exploitation ring as she handed over responsibilities to Prince Charles for his eventual succession.

According to award-winning film producer Bill Maloney who interviewed on the UK Column News Live Radio, a whistle-blower, “Andrew,” recently testified to the Daily Express Newspaper that he was prostituted to British Royalty in an international child exploitation ring.

Guerrilla Democracy News were the first to spread the news: Are you Angry Yet?

Is Satanic Ritual Abuse child exploitation rings being perpetrated by global elites in our neighbourhoods, on our children? If so, do they have the connections to effectively cover-up the child rape, torture and murder of thousands?

The Satanic Ritual Abuse international child exploitation ring was said to involve prominent leaders in the British Parliament, entertainment, political, legal and medical fields and included former Catholic Pope Joseph Ratzinger.

This was the second time the Queen had been charged with affiliation to a Satanic Ritual Abuse international child exploitation ring. On Feb. 25 2013 an international court found her and Prince Phillip guilty of taking ten aboriginal youngsters from the Canadian Kamloops Residential School on Oct.10 1964. Parents haven’t seen their children since.

In the past few months at least two witnesses named former Pope Ratzinger as present in Satanic Ritual Abuse child sacrifices. Ratzinger was found guilty in the disappearance of 50,000 Canadian native children in the same 2013 Brussels international court. He immediately stepped down as Pope after being issued an arrest warrant.

The list went on, and was frightening. During Argentina’s “Dirty War” of 1976-1983, Ratzinger’s successor the now-Pope Francis Bergoglio, was the Catholic Superior in the Society of Jesus. Victims claimed that as orphans of the over 30,000 missing, they were placed in Satanic Ritual Abuse international child sex exploitation rings – some at the Vatican.

Kevin Annett: Argentine official to testify against Pope Bergoglio's child trafficking

In early 2014 Kevin Annett of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State which prosecuted the successful 2013 Brussels case, was planning an international court on Popes Bergoglio and Ratzinger’s charges of Satanic Ritual Abuse and involvement in international child exploitation rings.

The ITCCS could have a long list of defendants from Satanic Ritual Abuse international child exploitation rings unless government legal entities prosecuted first – which didn’t appear to be happening. For instance, since the UK police didn’t pick up on the job, at least 138 victims out of 664 complaints against the late British celebrity Jimmy Savile were pursuing their own civil actions against UK public broadcaster, the BBC.

The final report of a BBC probe was expected to soon verify Savile – along with his friends in the entertainment and political world – potentially sexually abused up to 1,000 people in late-night parties steeped in Satanic Ritual Abuse that involved the rape of children.

None of these cases were yet prosecuted, although many were accused of enabling Savile. According to the UK public broadcaster The Guardian’s sister publication The Observer, those accused included the CEO of The New York Times.

The US ties to Satanic Ritual Abuse and international child exploitation rings were survivors and perpetrators of the CIA mind-control program – connected to Satanic cults and human experimentation on the 50,000 missing Canadian children. Satanic Ritual Abuse involved the rape, torture and murder of children. Jenny Hill discussed a Satanic Ritual Abuse child sacrifice that was overseen by a CIA master mind-control programmer:

Woman Sees Human Sacrifice

Several European witness-survivors such as Holland Therapist Toos Nijenhuis said that as children, they attended Satanic Ritual Abuse rites much like Hill’s. They named their Satanic Ritual Abuse perpetrators as former Catholic Pope Joseph Ratzinger, Catholic Cardinal Bernard Alfrink of Utrecht, a second Catholic Cardinal, a French judge, Belgian priests, members of the British Royal family and Prince Bernhard of Holland. Their assaults occurred in various locations in the UK, Holland, Scotland and a military experimental base in Melbourne, Australia.

In this video Nijenhuis discussed Satanic Ritual Abuse murders and burials of children as late as November 2010:

Child Sacrifice and Trafficking in Holland An Eyewitness speaks out Introduction

“We have an international child exploitation ring operating in every democratic government on our planet” stated Bill Maloney in the radio interview with Lou Collins.…

With so many witnesses coming forward on Satanic Ritual Abuse international child exploitation rings cases that were decades in the making, why isn’t the news hitting the mainstream press? Are our children in danger of global elites who operate above the law?

Some brave souls were speaking out: “The heroic effort of Toos to save children from future torture and murder at the hands of powerful men is being threatened today now that others are coming forward to confirm her story,” stated Kevin Annett, whose ITCCS successfully prosecuted the Queen, Pope Ratzinger, Canadian Prime Minister Harper and 37 other global elites.


Hurry! Watch this video ASAP. It has already been deleted once but it must be seen! If you want to know The Truth about the British "royal" family and the evil bloodline that has been controlling this planet for far too long, please watch this immediately. Open your eyes and learn! This is so important.

An accurate account of the insanity and psychopathy that runs through the British "royal" family. It is time to expose The Truth and to let people know the real nature of those who have attempted to rule this planet for too long. Mirrored from -- video removed due to the accuracy of the information portrayed herein.

Murdered by the British Royal Family

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Source Article:
Bill Gates exposed for funding research, promotion of spraying geo-engineered 'chemtrails' across globe

"(NaturalNews) The latest scam to enter the debate about so-called "global warming" involves spending billions of dollars to spray the atmosphere with tiny particulate matter for the alleged purpose of reflecting sunlight back into space, and thus cooling the planet. But research into this controversial practice of "chemtrailing," which has actually already been going on for quite some time now, is largely funded directly by Mr. Vaccine himself, the infamous Bill Gates.

The U.K.'s Guardian paper reports that Gates, who is a huge advocate of global intervention programs that forcibly affect large people groups whether they like it or not, has been spending untold millions of dollars from his own personal fortune to fund research into geo-engineering programs. These funds are being used to study things like how much it will cost every year to blast the skies with tiny particles of sulfur dioxide, a toxic industrial byproduct linked to serious respiratory illnesses like asthma (

Gates and his small cadre of allies, which include co-founder of Skype Niklas Zennstrom and owner of the Virgin Group Sir Richard Branson, reportedly spend exorbitant amounts of cash every year trying to push geo-engineering initiative across the globe. They claim that if nations like the U.S. will not cut greenhouse gas emissions by tremendous amounts, the spraying of toxic poisons into the atmosphere will be necessary to thwart impending disaster.

The entire concept of geo-engineering to save the planet is utter hogwash, of course. This is true not only because "global warming" itself has proven to be a man-made scam, but also because literally blocking sunlight for the stated purpose of reflecting the warmth of its rays back into space makes no logical or scientific sense.

Geo-engineering does, however, give unprecedented control over the world's weather patterns to a select few, allowing them to manipulate the environment for their own gain in the name of saving the planet. And blocking the sun's rays with tiny particles also serves much more sinister purposes like preventing humans from absorbing much-needed ultraviolet B (UVB) rays from the sun, which are responsible for producing vitamin D in the body (

But while chemtrail advocates like Bill Gates act as though these poison plumes are a potential future intervention, evidence already points to the fact that chemtrails have already been in use for many years now. Be sure to check out the film What in the World are They Spraying? for more shocking information about chemtrails:

Sources for this article include:"


Source Article:
GMOs cause horrible deformities, birth defects in piglets

"(NaturalNews) When Danish pig farmer Ib Pedersen first noticed the sudden uptick in disease, deformities and death among his farrow, his immediate reaction was to investigate the diet of his pigs to look for possible causes. And what he found confirms what a growing body of evidence also suggests: that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in conventional animal feed are increasingly responsible for triggering birth defects, deformities, spontaneous abortions and other growth and development abnormalities in both pigs and cattle.

With 13,000 pigs on his farm, Pedersen knows the ins and outs of how to properly raise swine, as well as what is considered normal in terms of pig health. This is why he grew particularly alarmed when many more of them than usual began to come down with strange illnesses. Besides noticeably lower birthrates, Pedersen observed more of his pigs than normal being born with strange defects like spinal deformities and limb problems, and many more pigs than usual were dying.

"When using GM feed I saw symptoms of bloat, stomach ulcers, high rates of diarrhea, pigs born with deformities," explained Pedersen to The Ecologist's Andrew Wasley, who recently conducted an in-depth investigation into the link between GMOs and animal health problems. "But when I switched [to non-GM feed] these problems went away, some within a matter of days."

Switching to non-GM feed reduces costs, boosts profits

Pedersen's case is hardly an isolated one, as animal farmers all over the world are now reporting more illness and death associated with the use of GM animal feed, problems that typically go away when GM feed is replaced with non-GM feed. Monsanto's Roundup Ready soybeans are especially problematic, as they are doused with the toxic herbicide glyphosate, which numerous studies have linked to causing birth defects, endocrine disruption and other problems.

"Farmers who have worked to exclude GM ingredients from their feed report dramatic improvements in herd health," says Claire Robinson from the group GM Watch. "Farmers should be worried and should not settle for what some scientists are calling a 'new norm' of increased rates of malformations, deaths and digestive and reproductive problems, as GM feed becomes more common."

Those like Pedersen who have made the switch to non-GM feed say it has actually saved them money in the long run. Not only are there fewer animal health issues that require treatment when using non-GM feed, they say, but transgenic corn and soy also hampers productivity.

"In my experience, farmers have found increased production costs and escalating antibiotic use when feeding GM crops," says Howard Vlieger, an Iowa-based farmer who helped coordinate an independent study comparing the health of pigs fed GM feed to those fed non-GM feed. The findings of Vlieger's study corroborate what Pedersen observed on his farm.

Many farmers have no choice but to settle for disease-causing GM feed

Finding affordable, non-GM feed, however, is an entirely different story. The unfortunate reality is that even in places like Europe where GMOs are widely rejected by the public, and where GMO labeling is mandatory, non-GM animal feed is getting harder and harder to come by. And this, of course, is due to the fact that corporations like Monsanto dominate the seed stocks used by staple crop growers throughout North and South America.

"It's a nightmare trying to source non GM feed," stated one U.K.-based supermarket source to The Ecologist. "The reality is that trying to source it on the scale needed [by large retailers] is very difficult. The feed companies own the boats, the mills, they control the supply chain."

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If you can get beyond the religious tone of this article, it is incredibly insightful. Everything the medical industry does involves an attempt to alter the human race and prohibit the soul from taken full residence in the body. This information is extremely important.

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Pharmaceuticals -The Sorceries of Babylon

"Almost everyone is now taking drugs for one reason or another. There is that vast array sold over-the-counter, plus the daily "coping" varieties of caffeine, nicotine and alcohol, and there's that which finds its way into processed food and drink, which you probably consume several times a day. Then, there's the prescription kind. Most doctors, who are plied by the pharmaceutical companies, are happy as can be to write prescriptions for every symptom on your list, which meets the expectation of and even demands of many patients. Some point to this as a great evil because of the greed factor and the vast sums of money involved, and while I wouldn't dispute that, my interest in this study lies elsewhere.

Most folks are casual about drug use because we've been sold the idea that "legal" drugs are for our good, physically, and harmless, spiritually, and that we can trust our lives to the professionals. What I'm going to present may be difficult to accept, but the evidence to the contrary is very convincing indeed. In this study you will find evidence that points to the real bottom line about drugs, that they have been and continue to be primarily about conforming mankind to the image of the serpent, Satan. In the present season, the goal is to prepare us for the mark of the Beast.

The words "pharmacy" and "pharmaceutical" are derived from the Greek word, pharmakeia (Strong's G5331). This word is found in the Bible in the following passages of scripture.

Now the deeds of the flesh are evident, which are: immorality, impurity, sensuality,
20) idolatry, sorcery (pharmakeia), enmities, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, disputes, dissensions, factions,
21) envying, drunkenness, carousing, and things like these, of which I forewarn you, just as I have forewarned you, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.
- Galatians 5:19-21

and the light of a lamp will not shine in you (the great city Babylon) any longer; and the voice of the bridegroom and bride will not be heard in you any longer; for your merchants were the great men of the earth, because all the nations (ethnos) were deceived by your sorcery (pharmakeia). - Revelation 18:23

The Heritage Bible interprets the phrase "because all the nations were deceived by your pharmakeia" as "...because in your spell inducing drugs all the races were led astray."

Nearly everyone is being influenced by this sorcery. Even if you aren't taking prescription medication, over-the-counter or other drugs, you still ingest food and drink, bathe, shower or breathe air, so you too are influenced by this sorcery. Drug spells are not always the direct result of someone intentionally practicing witchcraft, who casts a spell with a potion. While this certainly does happen, spells are inherent in the action of many drugs and even "natural" preparations. These may come with a literal curse attached or invite one.

What is the impact on you, personally, and on those around you? As a saint, what can or should you do about this situation in this critical hour at the closing of this age? Perhaps what you read here will help you understand the situation better and gain a higher level of freedom from pharmakeia's deceitful influence.

To make sense of why Bible versions translate the word we associate with drugs into words like "sorceries" and "witchcraft" you have to see it as one of Satan's schemes. It helps, too, to know where pharmakeia came from, and how and why it works.

so that no advantage would be taken of us by Satan, for we are not ignorant of his schemes. - 2 Corinthians 2:11

The Pharmakeia Strategy

Pharmakeia is one among many schemes (Greek - "noema") or strategies of Satan. It absolutely does, in the language of 2 Corinthians, take advantage of us! This scheme or strategy prepares us for Satan's approaching crux move involving the Beast and the mark of the Beast. To trick people into receiving the mark of the Beast is the ultimate "taking advantage of," is it not? Pharmakeia is singularly credited in Revelation 18 as the means by which all the ethnos/races are deceived. Pharmakeia thus provides the cover for all his dark strategies, but the effectual work of this evil is also very direct!

It's no big secret that some drugs are used to facilitate satanic spells and demonic activity. While it's not popularly known, the still widely recognized witch's broomstick was used as an drug applicator. (What's the deal with witches and broomsticks? / An interview of (Rev.) Hazel L’Aura G / Joy Juice and Witches) While the delivery systems are usually more sophisticated now, the effects produced today by the whole of pharmakeia are, if we take Revelation 18 seriously, quite effectual.

What I recently came to realize is that the ultimate goal of all pharmakeia, whether "legal" or "illegal," is one solitary end, which is to facilitate the union of the sons of god with the daughters of men!

Because the procreative scheme is thus the foundation for understanding the role of pharmakeia, I'm offering, here, a synopsis of what I wrote recently in the series, Who is Cain's Father?. From the garden of Eden onward, the serpent has been bent on bringing forth offspring in his own image. This first manifested in the conception and birth of Cain, the union of the serpent and Eve. The effectiveness of this campaign is evident in that the great flood of Noah's day was expressly brought forth to purge the earth of the serpent-kind. Despite that setback, the serpent has persisted in this work and will soon be granted a major success in the milestone mark of the Beast. This mark will transform the offspring made in the image of the Creator and Most High God into the serpent's own image. The pharmaceutical strategy supports this epic scheme. It does so by providing cover for Satan's other schemes, and also, by direct action, plying our bodies, minds and emotions, our very souls.

The Watcher/Nephilim Connection

Have you been under the impressionthat man gradually learned about drugs strictly through the trial and error of multiplied centuries of effort? That would be a false impression. Mankind actually learned from those described in the Bible as "the sons of god" (Genesis 6) and "angels who did not keep their own domain, but abandoned their proper abode." (Jude 1:6)

The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown. - Genesis 6:4

In the book of Enoch (referenced in Jude 1:14), we find an expanded testimony about these beings called Watchers, learning of their activity and their Nephilim "large giant" spawn.

1) And they took wives for themselves and everyone chose for himself one each. And they began to go into them and were promiscuous with them. And they taught them charms and spells, and they showed them the cutting of roots and trees. 2) And they became pregnant and bore large giants. And their height was three thousand cubits. 3) These devoured all the toil of men; until men were unable to sustain them. 4) And the giants turned against them in order to devour men. 5) And they began to sin against birds, and against animals, and against reptiles, and against fish, and they devoured one another's flesh, and drank the blood from it. 6) Then the Earth complained about the lawless ones. - Enoch Chapter 7

1) And Azazel taught men to make swords, and daggers, and shields, and breastplates. And he showed them the things after these, and the art of making them; bracelets, and ornaments, and the art of making up the eyes, and of beautifying the eyelids, and the most precious stones, and all kinds of coloured dyes. And the world was changed. 2) And there was great impiety, and much fornication, and they went astray, and all their ways became corrupt. 3) Amezarak taught all those who cast spells and cut roots, Armaros the release of spells, and Baraqiel astrologers, and Kokabiel portents, and Tamiel taught astrology, and Asradel taught the path of the Moon. 4) And at the destruction of men they cried out; and their voices reached Heaven. - Enoch Chapter 8

As very likely more properly rendered in the popular translation by H. R. Charles, verse 3a reads: "Semjaza taught enchantments, and root-cuttings."

As it was, so it is and will be. The Lord Y'shua declared, "For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah." (Matthew 24:37) This same condition responsible for the great flood of Noah's day, which is the genetic mixture of the sons of god and daughters of men, is appointed for the last days - our day!

This is the condition represented in Daniel chapter 2 in the mixture of iron and clay composing the feet of the statue. The statue is a prophetic device that pictures a time line through the succession of earthly kingdoms from head down, from ancient Babylon forward in time to Mystery Babylon and the reign of the Beast.

And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay. - Daniel 2:43

The Watchers who had taken the daughters of men as wives mingled themselves with the seed of men through their procreative union. The mingled, or hybrid, offspring are referred to as giants, Nephilim. The ultimate goal of the fallen angels' "knowledge download" and practice has not changed! Satan's pharmakeia strategy is to facilitate the bringing forth of offspring. The fallen Semjaza taught all those who cast spells and cut roots, which is pharmakeia. The iron/sons-of-god are leveraging Satan's strategies, including pharmakeia, to mingle themselves with the clay/seed-of-men.

What clued me in to the primary goal of the pharmakeia strategy was the realization that most of the schemes serve Satan's grand procreative scheme. When the Lord began to grant me surprising insight into the modern "graven images" as one of Satan's schemes (See The Open Scroll Blog from the end of October, 2009 forward), it became apparent that this procreative scheme is and has ever been the underlying theme of graven images. It dawned on me (Thank you Lord!) that the procreative scheme was at the root of these other schemes, even pharmakeia!

The pharmakeia "card was played" in the garden, according to some historical accounts of how the serpent seduced Eve. The pharmakeia "card was played" as the Watcher Semjaza taught all those who cast spells and cut roots, which I'll elaborate upon shortly. It was played again after the flood when Noah was taken advantage of while drunk, with Ham seizing the opportunity to procreate with Noah's wife and bring forth the cursed father of the giant Canaanites. It's being played still today. Have you ever heard of "date rape" drugs? This is nothing new! Revelation 18:23 testifies to this same card being played today to the same end, naming pharmakeia as the agency of deception - WITH the use of the word "ethnos" when describing the scope of the deception. Take this as a clue.

To see the connection between today's pharmaceuticals and Satan's ancient agents we have only to recognize the symbol used to identify prescription medication and the merchants who sell it.

The Rx Connection

Pharmakeia has a symbol associated with it, a stylized "Rx" that signals "prescription" to most people today. This may surprise you, but the Rx symbol is actually the Eye of Horus, identifying mark of Horus-Jupiter-Zeus! This compares to another familiar version - the glowing capstone of the pyramid on the back of the one dollar bill. Search it out to verify for yourself this important fact. Here's one example of what you'll find: The Eye of Horus.

If you're savvy about symbols (following The Open Scroll Blog yet?), you know the Rx as the Eye of Horus links pharmaceutical drugs to the Beast and mark of the Beast ploy. There is nothing ambiguous about this connection because anything identified with such a mark means what all similar symbols mean. The Rx symbol and the spell inducing drug scheme it represents exist to facilitate the mark of the beast. This symbol is ubiquitous in the health care environment, as is the Rod of Asclepius that links the medical practice to the Greek god known by that name or alias. The health care environment has been and continues to be signaled by the elite agencies as the primary sector in which the mark will be introduced. (Search my blog for such as marketing scenes, the ObamaCare bill, PositiveId, Osirix, etc.) From the early enchantments and cutting of roots taught by the fallen Semjaza forward through time to the pharmakeia referenced in Revelation 18 you can track the Rx symbol and the trade it represents.

The Rx symbol has another interpretation that provides an interesting perspective. "Rx is an abbreviation for the Latin word 'recipere' or 'recipe,' which means 'Take, thou.'" (What does the pharmacist's symbol "Rx" mean?) This is an expression of a command to receive the drug/spell being offered. The interpretation of Rx as 'recipere' acknowledges the symbol as an inducement to receive the pharmakeia.

This compares to the inducement inherent in the name "PositiveId," the implantable microchip family of companies recently renamed from Verichip. "PositiveId" can be understood as equivalent to, "accept (acceptance-Positive) the mark (Id)" of the Beast.

These two inducements, "take, thou" and "accept the mark," have already teamed up, with the implantable microchip functioning as a Rx delivery system and as a means of linking the chipped person with their medical records, including their Rx!

Here's a quote from a source where the author rejected the 'recipere' interpretation in favor of the Rx symbol as a reference to Jupiter. (Jupiter is an alias for the Beast and the dragon who gives him his power, comparing to Horus, Zeus or Apollo.) "Rx is not, as is frequently supposed, an abbreviation of a Latin word meaning recipe or compound, but is an invocation to Jupiter, a prayer for his aid to make the treatment effective...sometimes in old medical manuscripts all the R's occurring in the text were crossed." (Devils, Drugs, and Doctors (1931)) The author makes a good point based upon the observation that 'R's were crossed in the old medical manuscripts.

It seems obvious to me that the Rx symbol is an invocation to Jupiter, seeing how it was a Watcher who taught men about spells and the cutting of roots. Such an invocation of aid from Jupiter is the invitation for a curse, biblically and truthfully. It may well be said that the familiar Rx symbol is an accursed graven image.

How Pharmakeia Works: Detuning for a biological realignment towards genetic reassignment

Towards the goal of facilitating the union of the sons of god with the daughters of men, pharmakeia plies our bodies and minds, acting to conform us to the image of the serpent.

Drugs induce changes in our body chemistry. These effect our body's function, metabolic processes. They influence how we feel, think and act, our personality, responses and reactions. These changes may be temporary but may also last a very long time. Some cause our DNA to be rewritten, which changes us quite tangibly into a different "us." Because the life of the flesh is in the blood (Leviticus 17:11) and our blood is subject to pharmakeia's effects, there is a direct impact on our souls! The influence is also supernatural, with the very real effect of opening a door or gateway, a dimensional portal through which demons may pass. Our thoughts and actions are then given over to their control. These entities are referred to as familiar spirits. The supernatural activity of angels and demons is the effectual power, which do work through natural agencies. Pharmakeia can hinder people from receiving the holy spirit, or can isolate those who have it from the Lord and deny them what benefit would otherwise be enjoyed.

Technically, I believe effectual chemical agents configure biological structures so they resonate with certain vibrational frequencies. These tune us, literally, to match established frequencies or their harmonics. A resonant link is established like that between a singer and a crystal glass when the singer can hold a note and break the glass. The principle can be noted in relevant passages of scripture. Consider the following verses and how voices produce audio signals.

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. - Genesis 1:3

So the people shouted, and priests blew the trumpets; and when the people heard the sound of the trumpet, the people shouted with a great shout and the wall fell down flat, so that the people went up into the city, every man straight ahead, and they took the city. - Joshua 6:20

For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. - 2 Thessalonians 4:16

There is a link between the natural and supernatural that involves wavelengths and frequencies. The understanding of chemistry involves knowledge of the three (or higher?) dimensional molecular structures and the nature of the bonds. I believe pharmakeia is the knowing manipulation of these structures and bonds by drugs and spells, effectively retuning the targeted resonating structures from those of the inherited Yahweh/Adamic to the fallen serpent / Watcher / Nephilim. Think of this like an antichrist detuning mechanism that works to reset our biology from Messiah-like to antiMessiah-like.

For more insight, see the blog series Threshold - The CBS sci-fi series from 2005 and watch this sci-fi series, considering the alien signal that invokes the transformation - and how blessed we are that the Lord would expose the enemy's hand in this hour.

The fact that this kind of transformation occurs is documented in the Bible. Genesis 10:8 reveals that Nimrod began to be a mighty one in the earth. The Hebrew for "began to be a mighty one" is "chalal gibbowr" which, when you search out the usage of these two words, makes it very apparent what is meant. He was detuned, if you will, from the image of Yahweh to Lucifer, or, in a figure, broken off from the Yahweh/Adam tree and grafted into the serpent tree. This is the intent of pharmakeia, to ungraft and regraft, to facilitate a genetic reassignment that will come through the addition of a third strand of DNA.

Pharmakeia prepares an individual for the mark of the beast on an emotional level, causing an affinity for the serpent and the serpent-kind and a desire for union with the serpent as an aphrodisiac. It facilitates the supernatural opening of what is referred to as the third eye or sixth chakra enlightenment channel. It prepares an individual physically by making them a fit container, a welcoming abode for the entities who were bound during the great flood and that still await their release. An individual so detuned is a willing and even eager receptacle, a canning jar ready to be filled, a receiver slave.

How Pharmakeia Works: Deceit, delusion, smoke and mirrors

As stated earlier, pharmakeia provides cover for Satan's strategies, according to Revelation 18:23, "... because all the nations (ethnos) were deceived by your sorcery (pharmakeia)." A key passage on this topic is found in 2 Thessalonians.

8) Then that lawless one will be revealed whom the Lord will slay with the breath of His mouth and bring to an end by the appearance of His coming;
9) that is, the one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan, with all power and signs and false wonders,
10) and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved.
11) For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false,
12) in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness.
- 2 Thessalonians 2:8-12

I often refer to the deception wrought as the antichrist delusion. The deluding influence God sends can, to a large degree, be equated to the great city Babylon's pharmakeia. The sovereign God has ordained that it should be as so presented, to accomplish His purposes of judgment. Don't fret about it - this is a good thing because ultimately judgment has two sides, including reward! Certainly, we have had and are even now receiving sufficient warning. The deception of wickedness for those who perish isn't explicitly defined in the passage, but it really doesn't need to be. The subject is addressed throughout the scriptures.

The activity of Satan underwrites the procreative scheme with myriad strategies. Pharmakeia provides the cover for these with powerful synergy as it works its magical biological realignment towards genetic reassignment. It is the ultimate facilitation tool. The drug spells are unlocking doors and providing control levers and bases of control. Pharmakeia lowers the natural resistance to the foreign ideas and images Satan introduces so influentially. What I mean by "natural resistance" is something imprinted into the nature of created beings that establishes a basis for discernment and accountability.

18) For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness,
19) because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them.
20) For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.
- Romans 1:18-20

Drug Spells and Satan's Myriad Schemes

What are some of Satan's myriad schemes that are underwritten by pharmakeia?

The most obvious of Satan's schemes is the simple lie, a contradiction of the truth of the word of God. For example, the serpent told Eve while in the garden of Eden, "Ye shall not surely die," but the Lord God had said, "thou shalt surely die." As with that lie, the ultimate goal of these lies is seduction. The lies come through the speech and song lyrics of deceived and deceiving people in every context, or through the written word. Sometimes what comes to the conscious mind aren't actual words but rather pictures of familiar and recognizable things. Pharmakeia provides a smokescreen, an environment like "smoke and mirrors" that causes mental confusion and the inability to discern truth, making it difficult or even impossible to recognize and subsequently filter out lies. The spell inducing drugs thus provide something akin to lubrication for the insertion so the lies slide right on in.

Lies often come in the form of words that are perceived by the conscious mind but that's merely the most obvious way. When the "front door" is locked, that doesn't mean the devil can't get in to your "house." There are many ways; back doors, side doors, windows, through the doggie door or down the chimney! The serpent is subtle. You might think these things we see and hear consciously have the most influence, but the more I learn the more I think otherwise.

Musical Enchantment

"Sex, drugs and rock and roll" or "Wine, women and song" - how many people have been taken advantage of through the millennia by such a combination as these? Music can have a powerful influence, for good or for evil.

The Bible testifies that David, son of Jesse, was a skillful musician and that the Lord was with him.

So it came about whenever the evil spirit from God came to Saul, David would take the harp and play it with his hand; and Saul would be refreshed and be well, and the evil spirit would depart from him. - 1 Samuel 16:23

If inspired music can drive an evil spirit from a man, can music inspired from another source have the opposite effect? Certainly! The key testimony from the book of Enoch ("Semjaza taught enchantments, and root-cuttings" - Enoch 8:3a) that documents how pharmakeia was learned from the Watchers is also understood to relate to music. The following excerpt references the work of the noted British cuneiform scholar Oliver Robert Gurney (1911 - 2001).

"Enchantment: Gurney describes the Hittite worship and shows that the rituals were almost identical to the Canaanite and Hebrew worship. One of the features of 'sympathetic' magic among the Hittites was the "Old Woman" or "wise woman" which may mean "midwife." Other scholars note that early musicians acted as midwives between a worshipper and their god. Gurney notes that "thirteen such women are known, but they function as sorceresses in countless rituals." Of the sorceresses who performed magic through the incantation of what we would call a poem or song, the "author" are 3 midwives, 1 doctor, 1 prostitute, and 2 temple singers." (Enoch Book 1: Watchers)

What does a midwife do but facilitate the delivery of offspring? As more than a hint, you see, the enchantments and root cutting as pharmakeia and music operate together to facilitate the procreative agenda of the ages, to bring forth the offspring of the union of the sons of god and the daughters of men, a race bearing the image of the serpent. Wine, women and song! Sex, drugs and rock 'n roll! Seeing this combination in the context of the mark of the Beast may seem novel to you but such as that has been the goal for a very long time.

Subliminal - below the threshold of consciousness

Most likely, you've heard of subliminal messages. It's also likely you've heard subliminal messages aren't effective. I'm sure you've heard there's no such thing as Satan, too. I hope you didn't fall for either one! If you check modern dictionaries, you'll find definitions like the following because subliminals are legitimate.

Subliminal: "existing or operating below the threshold of consciousness; being or employing stimuli insufficiently intense to produce a discrete sensation but often being or designed to be intense enough to influence the mental processes or the behavior of the individual: a subliminal stimulus; subliminal advertising." ( Unabridged - Based on the Random House Dictionary)

When words and images are presented below the threshold of our consciousness there is, by definition, no awareness of the stimulus and thus no opportunity to consciously control our response. Reason is removed from the equation. This situation is taken advantage of in many ways.

Regarding visual imagery, words like "sex" and "death" may be found subtly imprinted in paintings, ads, commercials and magazine covers, and also pictures of skulls, violent crime, male and female genitalia, and people engaging in sexual activity. For some examples, see this video: Subliminal persuasion through media, music and HAARP (Programming The Nation trailer). Such as this would not be accepted if it were obvious to our conscious minds. When presented with sufficient subtilty, however, most people are influenced and the intentionally solicited reaction is produced.

Regarding audible imagery, words and sounds are sometimes presented with similar subtilty, heard and received without being consciously perceived. Walmart was accused of subliminal programming not long ago. They played messages through the store's loudspeakers encouraging shoppers not to steal. In 2003, the words, "I hate you" were heard by Blanche Skelton coming from an item purchased from Walmart that had been hung on her baby's crib. This repeating mantra was concealed within the sounds of ocean waves from the aquarium toy that was intended to lull the baby to sleep.

There are risks involved when someone undertakes to present subliminal messaging. If the subliminal artifact is discovered and exposed, depending on the nature of or result of what has been done, there may be some negative impact on the transgressors's reputation. Watch this video to see CNN flashing a subliminal ad for a pharmaceutical. The popularity of subliminals reveals how their use is popularly deemed a worthwhile risk. The perception is that the benefits are substantial, and the evidence validates that perception.

Symbols and the Second Commandment

Beyond the presentation of literal words and recognizable images there are symbols. These can be presented in such a way that whether or not we're consciously aware of their presence, it makes little difference; they influence our thoughts, feelings and behavior. These work even when we can't consciously interpret their meaning. Symbols can be gestures, shapes, colors, sounds or quantities or numberings of things, and combinations and alignments of component elements. Symbols have been leveraged for the exercise of control over people for a very long time. They are continually used to great effect.

What I've learned about such things in the last few years has changed the way I perceive the world around me in a big way. As I've shared what I've learned with others I've heard the amazing testimony of others whose eyes have also been opened. The messaging and influence of such spells comes through incredibly diverse media. Our culture is saturated with symbols whose bottom line is to prepare us for joining with Satan through the mark of the Beast. If you doubt that statement is true, you probably haven't considered the Beijing Olympics closing ceremonies or followed The Open Scroll Blog.

"The psychological mechanism that transforms energy is the symbol."
Carl Jung (1875 - 1961) - father of analytical psychology

"To cast a spell is to project energy through a symbol."
"The Spiral Dance" - a popular manual for witchcraft by Starhawk

"A symbol can act in two ways. First, it can be used to focus and project your energy through it. Second, a symbol can function as a magnifier and transmitter of energy, even if you are not focusing attention on the symbol. Symbols do have a life force of their own. They are mini-transmitting stations for subtle energies that are infused in our reality. Each symbol interacts with your energy field, constantly generating a force field that strengthens you."
"Sacred Space" - a popular Wiccan magic book by Denise Linn

"Signs and symbols control the world, not phases and laws."
Confucius (551-479 BC)

You might wonder why, if this is really so, the Bible doesn't warn about such a threat to our freedom. It does, but we've been lied to about it so the deceivers (for example, the institution of the Roman Catholic church; an extension of the throne of Babylon) could leverage this powerful mechanism, this strategy of Satan. This threat is actually addressed be the second commandment of the famous and famously ignored ten.

4) Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. 5) Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; 6) And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments. - Exodus 20:4-6

There is the warning. Such an image might be as obvious as a statue of a golden calf, or as subtle as a missing or misplaced dot in a corporate logo. There are two parts to this commandment. The first involves the making of such a likeness. The second involves the worship of such an image. If an image is made that represents or attempts to represent what is described (which are found in other contexts as generally relating to the created beings called angels), it is contrary to His command and, as acts of disobedience, will reap consequences. A shrine for the worship of "Mary," a St. Christopher medal, or perhaps a simple cross or dove; if a thing is assigned a spiritual meaning or elevated in importance it is such an idol. Any "good luck" charm is still a charm, meaning, witchcraft is involved. Unless the making of the form of some thing in the physical world that is intended to represent something else symbolically is explicitly directed by the most High God (as in the building of the tabernacle) it will absolutely serve to bring a curse. I see no option here.

Reversed Speech - Speech Inversion

There's another kind of operative activity that compares somewhat to visual symbols but is auditory in nature, and still quite controversial at the present time. It's popularly referred to as Reverse SpeechTM, which is now a trademark owned by David John Oates of It differs from symbols in that symbols can be consciously recognized and interpreted but this other activity is only ever imperceptible to the conscious mind, directly. At least this is the case in my experience and in the experience of others like myself. While this is not directly perceptible to the conscious mind, we know about it because we have the means to record speech, invert the audio signal and play it back, which exposes the phenomenon.

I reason that the fact of the existance of this phenomenon suggests that, given the requisite generating and transmitting mechanisms, some provision has been made for receiving and rendering the messaging in real time. As to what influence this has upon our thoughts, feelings and behavior in our condition at the present time, well, I could only speculate, but perhaps this functions in some way that compares to how the symbolic visual imagery functions.

The content of speech inversion involves both recognizable words and unrecognizable. Most of it sounds rather murky at best, and much of it often sounds like gibberish, even when listening over and over for something recognizable. Yet, something is being said, sometimes with words foreign to "known" languages. Whether words like nairf, schneerch, niersch and marf are of the tongue of angels or perhaps "lost" languages of men, I can't say. I can tell you that I've personally listened for hundreds of hours to reversed speech and that I believe this has been at the Lord's direction. I am convinced that this content compares with regular forward speech in many ways. Reversals expose the fact that there is a spiritual realm and that people function as hosts and mouthpieces for beings from another dimension. There is content broadcasted on this channel that is what I call soul chatter, describing what's on a speaker's mind. There is also that which can only be identified as coming from somewhere else, from holy or unholy spirit. Since demons do broadcast on this channel there is vast potential for influence upon the minds of the speakers and hearers as a strategy of Satan.

Inverted speech is not of itself an evil scheme of Satan. The holy spirit is a "content producer" on the reverse channel and there is also benign soul chatter. Likewise, neither are music and symbolism of themselves inherently evil. It's when devils operate that an evil scheme is in play, like when a "graven image" symbol has been made contrary to the second commandment. The nature of what is produced is in accordance with its source.

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. - Proverbs 4:23

18) "But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and those defile the man.
19) "For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, slanders.
- Matthew 15:18-19

14) After He called the crowd to Him again, He began saying to them, "Listen to Me, all of you, and understand:
15) there is nothing outside the man which can defile him if it goes into him; but the things which proceed out of the man are what defile the man.
16) ["If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear."]
- Mark 7:14-16

If we tend to our hearts as the Lord has commanded, what we say and do is going to be the blessed fruit of obedience and love. Otherwise, what's brought forth will be evil, whether music, symbols, speech reversals, or whatever else. It matters not whether you or I or anyone else involved consciously intends to participate in one of Satan's schemes, what matters is the fact of participation.

Satan's schemes constantly work to detune our biological structures and get us resonating on his frequencies. You and I have been influenced by all his schemes, by some, even while yet in the womb! We are constantly being influentially manipulated by drug spells and other kinds of spells, subliminally discipled for antichrist, and there are precious few among us that escape that snare. Many think they will, and ARE ALREADY DECEIVED! The procreative transformation of the mark of the Beast is coming, and, let me be very forthright about this: Unless you are watchful and are very attentive to constantly seek diligently to obey the Lord Y'shua in all things, you will be deceived and your end will be cause for regret. If you don't submit to God and resist the devil you will surely dance to the beat of Satan's music. The flood of demonic influence saturating our environment massages us in every way possible to encourage the union of the sons of god with the daughters of men, conforming us to Satan's image in the most cunning, subtle and deceitful ways. Yet, a defense against the attack of the enemy has been provided, and such a defense as the Lord Y'shua provides is essential to the one who is to be found awake and watching when He comes for His Bride!

Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. - James 4:7

Here are more schemes you may have heard about that work in subtle ways.

Of course, brainwashing comes to mind straightaway as a general descriptive. What is sometimes labeled propaganda works to program and condition our thinking with determined terminology and linguistic structures. Hypnotic suggestions are planted in various ways, some with great effect. These may or may not be done under the recognizable banners of witchcraft as magical spells and incantations. What is known today as NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) is in the category of mind and behavior control. Such books as "Awaken the Giant Within" (Right. Think about it.) by Anthony Robbins, and, "Get the Life You Want" by Richard Bandler, are related examples. Attempting to use techniques on one's self to shortcut the learned discipline of self-control at the Lord's direction yields bad results, and when such techniques are "applied" to control others it's, of course, never good. Attempts to control others by manipulation may be done targeting a single individual or with the goal of controlling entire populations. Search online for such as subliminal persuasion, conversational hypnosis, creative visualization. Compare, too, what is at the core of all this to what you recognize as popular religious practice. Hmmmmm.

If you have never considered such the Manchurian Candidate as a potential reality, you haven't paid attention to events in recent years that really have no other explanation than that or something similar. Watch this BBC News clip of the "unexplainable" behavior of a pair of Swedish twins, then give what you saw some serious consideration. Twins are unfortunately the subjects of many kinds of experiments. Remember Joseph Mengele? The explanation for the behavior of the Swedish twins seems obvious. Someone's control experiment was entirely successful. The media's report and the public reaction to the reporting of the event makes some interesting statements about the reality of our time as well.

It may be that every kind of audio wave and frequency has been studied with a view to understanding the effects on human behavior and health. You and I have been unwitting subjects in these experiments. Technologies like HAARP are believed to be leveraged to that end of exerting broad controlling influence. What a powerful tuning fork for the global population! Other devices have been developed that target more localized groups or individuals. Some have the ability to put voices inside heads like a magical ventriloquist. If you haven't seen the movie "Men Who Stare at Goats" and then listened to John Alexander's interview in the bonus features section, I recommend doing so, Lord willing.

Drugs in the water supply, processed foods and chemtrails - genetically modified plants and animals used for food and the spread of spores, bacterias and virus - waveform "pollution" from the electrical grid and broadcast towers and every sort of energetic projection coming through the entertainment media - all these things work to tune us, to retune us from Yahweh-like to serpent-like. What is done for control is not just for the simple acquisition of money or goods. Material wealth is only a means to the end. What is done is beyond even the feeding of the prideful ego of a few wicked people. When you evaluate the scope and scale of these schemes, the greed and pride points beyond mere natural man to the serpent and to his interest in men as the means to acquire worship as God, having the subjects in his kingdom made in his own image. It is a full replacement agenda, substituting himself for the Most High, his body for His Body, his body's head for His Body's Head and even his bride for His Bride.

The Aphrodisiac

One could hardly address this topic without considering aphrodisiacs. "Aphrodisia" means sexual desire. An "aphrodisiac" is a food, drug, potion, or other agent that arouses sexual desire. I've presented pharmakeia as facilitating the procreation scheme, which means that it truly serves on some level as an aphrodisiac.

Word Origin & History: aphrodisiac - 1719, from Gk. aphrodisiakos "inducing sexual desire," from aphrodisios, "pertaining to Aphrodite" (q.v.), Gk. goddess of love and beauty. (Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper)

Just that connection alone should speak to many of you pretty loudly about the point of pharmakeia. Yes, it facilitates procreation between the sons of god and daughters of men. Like the Rx symbol, aphrodisiacs can be traced back to the Watchers who taught the magic of pharmaceuticals. Since this Aphrodite is secretly so popular and influential even today, I'm going to expose some of what's been hidden so you can perceive this presence in your daily life.

"Aphrodite was the ancient Greek goddess of sexual love, fertility, and beauty. In Greek mythology Aphrodite was renowned for her mortal lovers, who included Adonis and Anchises." (Wikipedia entry for Aphrodite) It's the union of the immortal with the mortal lovers that is, of course, the real focus of the pharmakeia aphrodisiac. Aphrodite may be a reference to Lucifer or to a Watcher like, perhaps, Azazel. This demonic entity is celebrated in many cultures, associated with the Roman Venus, the Phoenician Ashtoreth, the Egyptian Hathor, the Saxon Eostre and Ostara, and the Assyrian Ishtar. When temple prostitutes are involved, a Baal/Ashtoreth god/goddess alias is being worshiped.

I can easily demonstrate the influence Aphrodite has in today's world.

The fertility goddess is celebrated in pagan christianity as/at Easter with eggs, prolific bunnies and sunrise rites around the Vernal Equinox.

"In ancient Anglo-Saxon myth, Ostara is the personification of the rising sun. In that capacity she is associated with the spring and is considered to be a fertility goddess. She is the friend of all children and to amuse them she changed her pet bird into a rabbit. This rabbit brought forth brightly colored eggs, which the goddess gave to the children as gifts. From her name and rites the festival of Easter is derived." (Ostara - Encyclopedia Mythica)

Easter, that's still pretty influential, right? There is coming a fake baptism/resurrection at that time of the year that's going to reveal the Beast, which is the hinge pin of the procreation / transformation! Have you ever seen children on an Easter morning sugar / food dye / chocolate-caffeine buzz? Oh my! An aphrodisiac attack!

The Aphrodite legend presents her as arising from the sea, from the sea foam (aphros), comparing to the picture presented in Revelation 13:1: "And the dragon stood on the sand of the seashore. Then I saw a beast coming up out of the sea ..."

Some elements associated with the goddess are the shell, dolphin, dove, sparrow, swan, rose, mirror. The famous painting by Botticelli shows Venus (Aphrodite) on the shell. As Ostara she is the personification of the rising sun. Tying in with my blogging about occult symbols, note how these are combined in a logo you should find familiar.

Here's another logo of note. Sea-Doo is a brand of personal watercraft. Their logo just shouts Aphrodite! If you're savvy about occult symbols, you notice the letters called out are the A and D, as in Aphro-Dite. This god's emblematic dolphin is featured, which forms an arc. The arc presents the heavenly arch and suggests that underneath it is a female circle. Within the female circle is the male dot (a Bindu). The most obvious shape in view is the downward-pointing delta signaling the triple helix transformation of the daughters of the Adam and Eve. This is about the union of the sons of god with the daughters of men, suggesting the aphrodisiac facilitation. Their slogan, "The good life just got better," appears with the focus on the word "good." This is a signal phrase because the better life referenced is the one that comes with the triple helix "upgrade" - a HUGE LIE! It compares to Walmart's "live better," whose slogan is associated with their comparable six pointed star.

The rose and mirror are combined in this snapshot from The Iron Giant, an antichrist signaling feature length animation.

While The Iron Giant has never achieved widespread popularity, a thematically related movie sure has, called Momma Mia! In December 2008, Mamma Mia! surpassed Titanic (1997) as the highest-grossing film of all time in the United Kingdom. That record is now held by Avatar (2009), a movie that serves the very same gods and agenda. Mamma Mia! is a musical that features 17 songs by the band ABBA. The setting is a Greek island and a villa in particular that is in the storyline "rumored" to be built on the legendary fountain of Aphrodite. I put "rumored" in quotes because the magical effects of the waters of the fountain are certainly evidenced in the movie. I watched this movie recently, knowing that it was at the Lord's direction, who had been directing me to watch particular movies in a curriculum of instruction about symbolic representations and the gods they honor.

Many of these movies feature the number 9, the single digit signal of the triple helix transformation. Mamma Mia! is one of a similar kind marked with number 8 signals, being made in 2008 and having a duration of 108 minutes, which actually sums to 9. Did you notice how the current Shell logo exhibits eight rays? The number eight was heavily featured during the Olympics in Beijing and in the associated crop sign of 8/8/08. It signals the counter-flood of Noah the eighth (2 Peter 2:5), the coming of which is most certainly being facilitated by the aphrodisiac scheme.

The Eye as agent of transformation

Another form of the Rx symbol that apparently used to be popular actually presented an eye instead of the R, positioning the x below it. (If anyone finds a good picture of this example, please let me know.) That "prescription" eye was even known as the Eye of Horus. Horus has been considered the "father of pharmacy." It's in identifying this symbol as the EYE of Horus that really highlights the objective of the pharmakeia scheme.

It was the eye that some versions of the ancient story accounted as holding the magical regenerative force, the power of resurrection or rebirth. The eye symbol points beyond death to a different life and identity, which is to say that it's not representing any "band-aid" healing restorative work that simply extends the life of man in this body and soul identity. The Eye of Horus is all about such a dramatic transformation. The mark of the Beast will involve this same magic, in the promise of the granting to mortal men a facsimile of immortality through a triple helix DNA transformation. See this blog post for some very convincing documentation.

And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them. - Revelation 9:6

Often, the truth of Satan's schemes that the higher echelon agents will only reveal when cloaked in esoteric symbolism is more plainly declared by agents with lesser visibility. In such an example, I want you to consider what I found on the site DNA Alchemy. This is a validation of much of what I've been declaring. The following is a testimony excerpted from The Eye of Horus page. Consider it as brought forth by way of familiar spirits.

I have always seen the Eye of Horus shown as an ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Symbol and heard the story about Osiris and Isis and the birth of Horus their son.

It was not until I was activated through the Eye of Horus that I understood what it really meant and that the story was a parable meant to keep alive the energies until humanity was ready. The Eye of Horus Clearing and Activation is energy work that was "downloaded" to me as I was deep in Meditation just as I directly experienced my own personal Eye of Horus Activation. The Eye is the Eternal Eye through which a template of vibratory patterns is used by the Masters and Lords of Light to generate physical creation. The Father’s Eye of divine creation coordinating the minds of the Elohim so that the divine image can be passed on to all generations of creations. The Eternal Eye allows the Father’s Living Light to make visible His garment so that it can form the Light substances.

From the Father’s Living Light through Sacred Geometry, Light is transmitted through the Eye of Horus to the human being to transform him into a Light Being.

This is known to me as a remembrance as far back as Lemuria and is a very ancient system that had been used on the Earth Plane but forgotten until now. I am not the only person who has remembered this.

When it is said that through the Eye of Horus you are transformed into a Light Being it does not mean that this is the only means. I believe that everyone is receiving the accelerated energies that are present on the Earth now. The people who are drawn to activate through the Eye of Horus energies are, in my opinion, the way showers. The Eye of Horus refers to the ancient Mystery School Teachings of Creational Geometry encoded by Isis and Osiris and left behind with their priests in Egypt. These are the same souls who are the priests in Atlantis and other programs. They carry this genetically encoded information in their DNA - triggered now as we move back to 2012.

If you understand the testimony of Luke 11 and how the "dark" light of a lamp is cast by the occult pyramid eye, and the corresponding Olympic torch and cauldron, no further commentary about that person's testimony is necessary.

Pharmakeia as procreative facilitator - exposed by technical means

The function of pharmakeia as a primary facilitator of the procreative agenda can be recognized through the exercise of some more technical study methodologies. If this kind of thing interests you, you should find this simple thematic structure of Enoch 7 of great interest. It certainly speaks to me!

1) And they took wives for themselves and everyone chose for himself one each. And they began to go into them and were promiscuous with them. And they taught them charms and spells, and they showed them the cutting of roots and trees. 2) And they became pregnant and bore large giants. - Enoch 7:1-2a

If you wrap parenthesis around the third "sentence" of verse 1, the surrounding context then flows with unbroken continuity. This exercise reveals that the third part of verse 1 functions as a parenthetical insertion. E. W. Bullinger would refer to it as an "introversion" structural form, examples of which you may have encountered in the popular work, The Companion Bible. Because the pharmakeia strategy is presented as if it were sandwiched between two slices of procreation, so to speak, we can see these as particularly related. The literary structure highlighting pharmakeia as the central element supports the bracketing procreative scheme.

In another manner of showing that two subjects are related, consider the language of Revelation chapter 18.

and the light of a lamp will not shine in you any longer; and the voice of the bridegroom and bride will not be heard in you any longer; for your merchants were the great men of the earth, because all the nations (ethnos) were deceived by your sorcery (pharmakeia). - Revelation 18:23

The English words "ethnic" and "ethnicity" derive from the word "ethnos." This Bible text's manner of identifying the Earth's inhabitants makes a racial rather than geo-political distinction, which would be implied by (mis)translating ethnos as "nations." When, in verse 23, the Greek words "ethnos" and "pharmakeia" are presented together, you can read between the lines, so to speak. When you consider the evidence that history, past, present and future, revolves around two fruit bearing trees (the Adamic (Yahweh's line) and Luciferian) and have eyes to see the procreative theme being redundantly signaled by every apparent means, well, Revelation 18:23 just speaks pretty loudly about the 23 (verse) chromosome packages composing the mark-of-the-Beast (6+6+6=18 - the chapter number).

Now, consider how the greater context of that verse 23 (chapters 17 and 18) features illicit sexual relationships.

17:3) and upon her forehead was a name written: `Secret, Babylon the Great, the Mother of the Whores, and the Abominations of the earth.'

18:3) because of the wine of the wrath of her whoredom have all the nations drunk, and the kings of the earth with her did commit whoredom, and merchants of the earth from the power of her revel were made rich.
- Revelation 17:3, 18:3 (YLT)

These are, of course, figurative expressions, yet, I've learned time and again, as the Lord opens my eyes, how metaphorical and allegorical language used in the Bible conceals literal truths. Certainly, beyond the figurative, whoredom with a harlot involves a sexual relationship, procreation.

A couple years back I put a lot of time and effort into trying to discern the thematic structure of Revelation 17 and 18, and as a result of the Lord prospering this effort with much favor I can direct you to the result. Revelation 17 & 18 - An interactive presentation of its thematic structure There, you can see for yourself how verse 3 and 23 are directly linked, one to the other. To expose the helpful highlighting, hover your mouse over the lightest gray bar in front of 18:3. Make sure you can see both the 18:3 and 18:23b-24 sections in your view at the same time. There's a lot of effort in the thematic structure work but there's always a big reward with the insight granted!

The ultimate goal of the fallen angels' "knowledge download" and practice has not changed. The pharmakeia taught by Semjaza facilitated the procreative scheme prior to the flood and so it is today, in the days of the coming of the son of Man when the transforming mark of the beast nears its prophesied introduction.

In Closing

There's an obvious lesson here. Mind your drug use. Weigh whatever promises or benefits are associated with the medications with what they might actually be costing you. If you suspect the influence of curses in your life and find the Lord's blessings elusive, consider the potential role pharmakeia plays in your life. If you find yourself struggling with faith and peace, less pharmaceuticals and not more is usually the better choice. I encourage you to entrust your health and well-being to the Lord, who is the great physician. Seek His specific guidance and take care to follow through with that direction. You might want to print some copies of the following paragraph to relabel your drugs.

"Warning," taking this drug may increase your susceptibility to demonic influence. Long term use may lead to unpleasant side effects such as but not limited to falling under satanic spells, demonic possession, and antichrist delusion. Destruction may occur. If a bustle occurs in your hedgerow while taking this drug, please stop taking it immediately and call your friendly ministering saints who can seek the Lord with you for deliverance."

If you ever watch TV, you've spent time watching commercials for drugs of many kinds. The drug companies and the mass media are pushing drugs like there's no tomorrow! Why? Because, truly, not many more tomorrows remain. No effort is being spared to medicate the masses, globally. Such as GlaxoSmithKline, Hoffmann–La Roche, Pfizer and even long respected Johnson & Johnson don't have clean ethics records, and there is every reason to question their motives as we consider what is done over what is said. Given what has been presented in this writing, you have another version of the facts to consider about what big pharma is really all about.

If you feel sure you would know whether or not you were under a spell, I challenge that reasoning because in fact you would not consciously perceive it unless the Lord Y'shua gave you a conviction about it. Spells are by their very nature deceitful. Otherwise, how could they work? Since there is no conscious awareness about our state, our primary, and really, only, defense, is to trust in the author of the Bible to uphold His promises of blessing for obedience, and make every effort to obey! It's very important to grasp the relationship between obedience and the state of being deceived. In these last days it's really so very critical for you and I to understand, who truly seek to be found worthy of becoming Y'shua's Bride at His coming. Consider the following scripture.

For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. - Matthew 24:24

The language used in that verse conceals from some and reveals to others the truth that everyone will absolutely be deceived, excepting the small number accounted as "the very elect," because it is not possible to deceive them.

What assurance do you have that you personally will be accounted among such a small number as the "very elect"? Strive to be found worthy of the Lord until your appointed end. Watch, according to Mark 13:37. What you will see as you watch in this hour is that all the sorceries of Babylon are being leveraged to deceive!

12) Take care, brethren, that there not be in any one of you an evil, unbelieving heart that falls away from the living God.

13) But encourage one another day after day, as long as it is still called "Today," so that none of you will be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.

14) For we have become partakers of Christ, if we hold fast the beginning of our assurance firm until the end,
- Hebrews 3:12-14"