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For the Jewish people have been worshiping Lucifer for centuries, some of them without wanting to admit it.

Abortion is HUMAN SACRIFICE. Please wake up.

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New abortion bill allowing for unborn children to be injected with poison into their hearts the brainchild of Jewish congresswoman

The New York state Assembly proved that promoting the best interest of women apparently includes pushing late-term abortions.
For years, the state legislature has been embroiled in a battle over a package of bills designed to push the interests of women. The bills have been held up in part because it includes a measure that would promote late-term abortions in the Empire State. Despite strenuous support from pro-abortion Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the legislature has refused to pass the package of bills because of the abortion measure.

The abortion bill would allow an abortion procedure that has abortionists shooting poison through the hearts of unborn children to kill them.

Now, the state Assembly has approved part of the package of bills — specifically the abortion promotion measure Governor Cuomo strenuously supports.

Today in a vote of 94-49 the New York State Assembly approved passage of AB 6221, the extreme stand-alone 10th point from the previously packaged 10-point Women’s Equality Act, which would expand third-trimester abortions and allow non-doctors to perform abortions. Since 2013, abortion advocates have been holding the Women’s Equality Act hostage to this single dangerous bill, refusing to break the 10-point bill up. This session, however, the will of the voters was finally heard, and the stand-alone bills have been considered.

“Expanding cruel and brutal third-trimester abortions has long been a goal of the anti-life lobby who never met an abortion they didn’t like,” said Lori Kehoe, New York State Right to Life executive director. “With no regard for the fully developed unborn baby who is violently dismembered, or otherwise killed, the New York State Assembly once again put the abortion lobby above New York State women and their children.”

AB 6221, sponsored by Assemblywoman Deborah Glick, would change existing New York State law, which currently allows for abortion in the third trimester when the mother’s life is in danger, to allow abortion on-demand throughout all nine months. The law would be changed to allow abortion for any reason deemed “relevant to the well-being of the patient” including physical, emotional, psychological, and familial factors, and the mother’s age.


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The Death of “Safe & Effective”: Government Turns on CDC as Agency’s Credibility Goes Up in Flames

Recently Robert F. Kennedy Jr. hit a historical home run in the Vermont State House as he slammed the credibly of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for 15 minutes. This came just days after Michelle Rowton went public about routine vaccine-induced damage she witnessed happening at her hospital. As the foundation continues to be torn away from the house of cards that is the CDC, State Representatives and Congressmen are pushing back hard against removal of vaccine of exemptions. It was only a matter of time until those in government without conflicts of interest join the landslide to protect medical freedom.

Maine State Representative David Sawicki has introduced LD 950 into the 127th Maine Legislature. Using language that is simple and to the point, LD 950 has drawn the line in the sand against the encroachment on parental choice and medical freedom. Sawicki has constructed an open-sourced, easy to follow act that can be reproduced immediately in any State today. A fast acting antidote to toxic bills attempting to remove vaccine choice, LD 950 consists of only one sentence:

“Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a person, employer or educational institution may not discriminate against an individual because that individual has refused a vaccination.”

Due to its simplicity, this plug-and-play bill should act as a beacon of common sense for those state and government representatives who are still concerned about medical freedom and rule of law for their citizens.

Manifesting also from Maine is LD 1076 introduced by Beth O’Connor. This act would enable a Vaccine Consumer Protection Program that would serve to halt the daily uninformed consent experienced by patients receiving vaccination. In addition, the act also puts a spotlight on vaccine injury, claims and education of medical professionals as well as the public. Essentially, this act would serve as a modern day version of the Nuremberg code for the United States medical community that has intentionally chosen to ignore such human rights codes.

Not to be outdone by O’Connor and Sawicki, Congressman Bill Posey of CDC whistleblower fame has introduced into the 114th Congress H.R. 1636 titled the Vaccine Safety Study Act. Spring boarding off the rubble of a fallen CDC, the language in this bill aims to do the correct vaccine research that the agency has failed to do. The bill specifically prohibits conflicts of interest with regards to pharmaceutical company ties and specifically requires true independent studies. In addition, the bill requires studies to be carried out on the interaction effects of multiple vaccines children are receiving daily in the United States.

The narrative and infallibility of the vaccine industry, CDC and medical community is falling apart before our eyes. Events recently are signaling a major backlash and shift of momentum regarding the fraudulent acts in many states racing to remove vaccine exemptions before credibility is completely destroyed. Senators and congressmen are speaking up and introducing bills. Nurses are speaking out and more communities are being mobilized. Against this type of growing pressure, lobbyists and others with conflicts of interests are being exposed to the world rapidly. These commonsense bills contain language that the average reader can’t help to ask why America has unwisely put the cart before the horse by requiring multiple untested combinations of vaccines without proper informed consent.


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Doctor, Please Don’t Kill Me

By A. Phoenix

Doctor, please don’t kill me.

This is not a joke. It is not sarcasm. It is not meant to be inflammatory. It is a legitimate request.

And while we’re at it, can you please not harm me either?

I would strongly prefer not to be intimidated, belittled, or coerced into any medical procedures, and I would sure love it if you would disclose the risks of the procedures accurately and leave the scare tactics at home.

I would also like not to be bankrupted to come see you. Can we discuss what your recommendations are going to cost me before I agree to be billed for them?

I have a legitimate health concern, and I could use some help. If you’re interested in helping me heal, I would be much more comfortable as your patient if you would be willing to guarantee that you will abide by these requests.

I have very good reasons for making these requests. I have been harmed by doctors. Not just once, but many times in my life. From the injury at birth that left me half-deaf for life, to a botched surgery to correct the birth injury, to misdiagnoses that almost killed me, to a birth trauma that left me scarred and almost paralyzed and my infant daughter almost killed, a vaccine injury that permanently disabled my nephew, my daughter’s arm wasn’t set right and had to be surgically rebroken and reset… sadly, I could keep going. I have been harmed by more doctors in my life than I ever care to remember.

After 5 years of a steadily worsening mystery condition, that I had to admit my home remedies were not addressing, I finally went back to a doctor to try and get some help. My new doctor says I have PTSD from doctors. Given my history of harm and my obsession with preventing medical harm, and my total avoidance of doctors and anxiety and losing sleep when I have upcoming appointments, uncontrollable shaking and crying while in a doctor office… I can see it. Sounds like an accurate diagnosis to me.

Too bad that the current testing I did consent to revealed nothing useful, was mishandled, caused a couple new wounds, and cost me an unconscionable fortune.

I can take consolation in the fact that I am not alone. Medical harm is the 3rd leading cause of death (1) in this country. Medical mistakes that harm but don’t necessarily kill patients occur 40,000 times per day(2). Despite the astronomical rate of errors in a medical setting, the doctor is unlikely to ever tell you about it (3). These errors are also astronomically costly in terms of money, with estimates of $1 Trillion spent per year on medical mistakes (4). All of these are likely underestimates of the actual toll of medical harm in the US.

This system has no incentive to change. The more mistakes they make, the more medication and procedures they sell, the more money the system rakes in, the more the shareholders are happy. The system profits off its inefficiencies, inaccuracies and lack of cures. Please show me which pharmaceutical executives and hospital boards would willingly give up that $1 Trillion in market share.

Not only that, but the system is moving to kill all competition from safer and cheaper alternatives. Health reporting is becoming criminalized (5), access to natural supplements is being threatened (6), and there is a big push to mandate risky medical procedures across the entire nation for every man, woman and child, no exceptions or exemptions (7).

So I am very serious in my request that you please don’t kill me. Deadly serious.

Do you take my request seriously? Do you take the oath to “First do no harm” or had that part of the teaching been expunged by the time you got your degree (8)? Do you properly perform informed consent (9) on all procedures that you do? Or do you shortcut that part if you feel it is in your patient’s “best interest” when the law conveniently allows you not to do so (10)?

Given how dismal the track record of doctors has been in my own life, and the likelihood of harm statistically… I am far more likely to be killed by a doctor than by any communicable disease (1) … how can you call what you do “health care”? Should an industry labeled “health care” be the 3rd leading cause of death? If this is the reality, can you agree that there is something very wrong with this picture?

Are you willing to take responsibility for the unintended consequences of the system in which you practice?

So I ask you again… Doctor, can you please not kill me?
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Let’s start our relationship right there. Because I could actually really use some help.



Class action lawsuit claims Purina Beneful sickening, killing dogs

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Over 3,000 Complaints Tied to This Brand of Dog Food

By Dr. Becker

Many of you may be aware that in early February, a pet owner, Frank Lucido, filed a lawsuit in California federal court against the Nestlé Purina PetCare Company. Lucido charged that Purina’s Beneful brand dry dog food sickened two of his dogs and caused the death of a third.

According to the court filing:

“Mr. Lucido brings this Class Action on behalf of all persons who purchased Beneful brand dog food in the four years prior to the filing of this complaint and whose dogs became ill or died as a result of eating Beneful. Beneful contains substances that are toxic to animals and that have resulted in the serious illness and death of thousands of dogs.”1

All Three Lucido Family Dogs Became Ill While Eating Beneful, One Died

The Lucido family included three dogs, a 4-year-old German Shepherd, an 8-year-old English Bulldog, and an 11-year-old Labrador Retriever. In late December or early January of this year, Lucido began feeding all three dogs Beneful exclusively. Since the Lucido home was undergoing renovations, the three dogs were staying in three different houses. This information is important because the only thing the three dogs had in common during the timeframe in question was the food they were eating.

By the end of January, all three dogs were ill and tragically, the English Bulldog was found dead in the backyard on January 23rd. A post-mortem exam showed signs of internal bleeding in his stomach and lesions on his liver. The German Shepherd, who became very ill a week before the Bulldog’s death, had similar symptoms and signs of internal bleeding and liver disease. According to the lawsuit, the symptoms were “consistent with poisoning.”

The Lab became ill shortly after the Bulldog’s death, and as of the lawsuit filing date of February 5th, both surviving dogs were still under veterinary care.

Lawsuit Notes Use of Propylene Glycol in All Beneful Formulas, As Well As Contamination by Mycotoxins

According to Lucido’s lawsuit, there are over 3,000 online consumer complaints made by owners of sick or dead dogs that were fed Beneful kibble. The symptoms most consistently mentioned were vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, internal bleeding in the stomach, and a problem with or failure of the liver. You can read a sampling of the complaints in the court filing.

The lawsuit blames toxins in Beneful as potentially harmful ingredients in the food. It asserts that propylene glycol is a component of antifreeze that is a known animal toxin,2 and the substance is high on the ingredient list in every formulation of Beneful. The FDA has actually banned the use of propylene glycol in cat food, and Purina is aware of this as a manufacturer of cat foods.

Mycotoxins have also been found in Beneful according to tests conducted by the Association for Truth in Pet Food.3 Mycotoxins are produced by a fungus that develops on grain products, which are a main ingredient in Beneful. According to the lawsuit, pet owner complaints about Beneful describe symptoms consistent with mycotoxin poisoning.

‘When There's Been a Crescendo of Complaints, You Have to Pay Attention’

Those are the words of Lucido’s attorney, Jeffrey Cereghino, in explaining why he took the case.

Purina’s response is both predictable and patronizing:

"Like other pet foods, Beneful is occasionally the subject of social media-driven misinformation. Online postings often contain false, unsupported, and misleading allegations that cause undue concern and confusion for our Beneful customers."4

The company contends the Lucido lawsuit is baseless. According to a statement in response to the suit, Purina said, “Beneful had two previous class action suits filed in recent years with similar baseless allegations, and both were dismissed by the courts.”

So the Lucido lawsuit is number three filed against Beneful recently, and Purina would have us believe there’s not a shred of truth in thousands of complaints about their product.

US Senate Asks FDA to Investigate

Recently, two US senators weighed in, asking the FDA to open an investigation into the allegations against Beneful.

Senators Dick Durbin (Illinois) and Dianne Feinstein (California) sent a letter to the FDA on March 11th asking the agency to quickly investigate claims that Beneful contains toxins:

“Media reports have referenced more than 3,000 complaints online about dogs becoming ill or dying after eating Beneful. To our knowledge, the FDA has not issued any investigations, warnings, consumer guidance, or product recalls to address these alarming issues.”5

The letter requests updates to the FDA’s implementation of a 2007 law designed to help prevent contaminated pet food from reaching animals. Among other things, the 2007 law requires the FDA to insure that pet food manufacturers report to the agency within 24 hours of discovering they have a contaminated product in their supply chain.

I haven’t been able to find an FDA response to the senators, or an FDA statement or public release of any kind regarding the complaints and lawsuits against Beneful.

Interestingly (or infuriatingly, depending on your point of view), the FDA had time to jump all over a single consumer complaint about a Primal Pet Foods product. Primal produces raw pet food, as you might know or might have guessed. The FDA’s quick action to investigate this single consumer complaint resulted in a voluntary recall of a single lot of a Primal raw frozen formula for a low thiamine level.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – March 13, 2015 – Primal Pet Foods is voluntarily recalling a single batch production code of Feline Turkey Raw Frozen Formula 3-pound bag. FDA tested product in response to a single consumer complaint. Primal Pet Foods was alerted by FDA that the testing of two bags of this lot resulted in a low thiamine level. Neither FDA nor Primal have received any other reports concerning Thiamine in Primal products. No other product manufactured by Primal Pet Foods is involved in this voluntary recall.6”

Protect Your Pet!

As we learned from the Chinese chicken jerky treat disaster, most large pet food manufacturers have no interest in pulling problem products off store shelves unless or until they hear from the FDA. For its part, the FDA has been consistently reluctant to take a hard line with pet food producers the size of Purina.

It’s important to realize that your pet’s first line of defense in avoiding tainted food is you. Depending on pet food companies and government regulators to have your dog’s or cat’s best interests at heart is very risky.

To report an adverse event associated with pet food, you can submit a report to the FDA here. My first recommendation, if you’re worried about contaminated commercial pet food (and what concerned pet parent isn’t, at this point?), is to prepare pet meals yourself in your own kitchen with ingredients you select (and based on balanced, species-appropriate recipes).

Alternatively, I recommend buying from small pet food companies who offer fresh, whole, species-appropriate, preferably organic, non-GMO diets for dogs and cats.


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Valencia College sued over claims it forced students to undergo vaginal exams

Two former Valencia College students said they were forced to undergo vaginal exams in front of their whole class as part of their ultrasound training, according to a federal lawsuit filed in Florida.

The women, who were not identified in the lawsuit, claim they had to submit to "invasive" ultrasounds of their reproductive organs for their Medical Diagnostic Sonography class.

Instructors at the Orlando, Fla., state school "browbeat" students into consenting, threatening to lower their grades or blacklist them from jobs at central Florida hospitals, according to the complaint filed Thursday. They even allegedly said the students should find another school.

At orientation in fall 2013, a second-year student nicknamed "the Transvag Queen" said she believed undergoing the pelvic ultrasound would make students better sonography technicians, according to the lawsuit.

"Valencia positioned these transvaginal probes as voluntary, but its actual policy and practice was that they were not," the lawsuit asserts.

The probes use sound waves to make pictures of the bladder, ovaries, uterus, cervix and fallopian tubes to detect problems with fertility and other issues.

Starting in March 2014, the plaintiffs "endured these invasive probes nearly every week … without a modicum of privacy," the lawsuit contends. They had to walk across the class in just towels "In full view of instructors and other students," it alleges.

Other students of all genders then practiced on them, first placing a condom over the probe and applying lube before inserting it, the suit claims.

"In some cases, the student would have to sexually 'stimulate' Plaintiffs in order to facilitate inserting the probe into Plaintiffs' vaginas," the suit says. "Plaintiffs experienced discomfort and embarrassment each time they had to endure this forced probing of their sexual organs."

The students say they complained to administrators about these "warrantless" probes but their concerns "fell upon deaf ears."

The students doubted an instructor's "motivations" for these probes because Barbara Ball approached another student during a probing session and said she was "sexy" and should be an "escort girl," according to footnotes in the complaint.

Valencia College spokeswoman Carol Traynor said the school "has upheld the highest standards with respect to ultrasound scanning for educational purposes."

"The use of volunteers — including fellow students — for medical sonography training is a nationally accepted practice," she said in a statement. "Nonetheless, we continue to review this practice and others to ensure that they are effective and appropriate for the learning environment."

Traynor told the Daily News she could not comment on the allegations because the school has not been served a lawsuit.

Linda Shaheen, an instructor named in the lawsuit, referred the Daily News' request for comment to Traynor. The other instructors, Ball and Maureen Bugnacki, did not immediately respond to media inquiries.

Chris Dillingham, the students' attorney, was not immediately available for comment.

The students resigned from the associate degree program. They seek damages for the money they spent on tuition and school expenses, the lawsuit says.

They claim their First and Fourth Amendment rights were violated and say they fear the practice will continue until the court intervenes.

The school's alleged conduct "would make any ordinary member of society stand up and proclaim, 'that's outrageous!'" the lawsuit argues.

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If you're lucky enough not to get sick or die from taking birth control pills, you will probably end up being attracted to people who are not a healthy match (evolutionary or immunologically) for you. Using birth control pills can land you in a false unions (which, once you stop taking the pills, will break down) and may very well contribute to genetic diseases and birth defects. Stay away from these poisons if you want to find enduring, authentic human love.

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The birth control pill is killing women, but no one’s warning them of the risk

The young newlywed put herself at risk for collapse, stroke, heart attack, and death every day when she popped her birth control pill. Tragically, she had no idea there was any danger. Even medical personnel thought her symptoms were no big deal, and on more than one occasion chalked her symptoms up to dehydration. They never told her it could be that her contraception was causing blood clots.

Her name was Kate. She was a 28-year-old business woman whose story is told in “What Every Woman Needs to Know about Blood Clots” posted on the National Blood Clot Alliance “Stop the Clot” website. Kate’s symptoms started while she was in Hawaii on her honeymoon. She suffered pain in her calf that was so intense it woke her up at night. She went to an orthopedic surgeon, who ordered scans, found no problems, and dismissed her. She forgot about it. Seven months later she passed out in an airport following a flight. Medical personnel said she was dehydrated.

Completely unknown to her, Kate had developed deep vein thrombosis in her calf. From there, blood clots began breaking off and going to her lungs. These blood clots in the lungs, called pulmonary emboli, “can be life-threatening and in 10-15 percent of cases, cause sudden death,” according to Dr. Jack Ansell. Dr. Ansell is a hematologist and member of the National Blood Clot Alliance’s Medical & Scientific Advisory Board. The Alliance website goes on to quote Dr. Ansell: “The first sign of a PE can be death.”

Thanks to Kate’s mother, a nurse, who suggested that she might have pulmonary emboli, Kate got help and did not die. She caught it before it killed her. Many other women are not so lucky. They don’t learn the truth until it is too late.

The truth is that the birth control pill increases a woman’s relative risk for developing blood clots 300- to 500-fold—blood clots that can cause stroke, heart attack, blindness, brain damage, and death. Still, women are not warned about the risk of blood clots with their daily steroidal hormone pill. This is serious and senseless deception and negligence.

According to a Canadian Broadcasting Company report in June 2013, birth control pill manufacturer Bayer paid out in excess of $1 billion to settle thousands of birth control pill lawsuits in the United States. Those settlements were all related to two low-dose contraception pills, Yaz and Yasmin. At the same time, an investigation by the CBC revealed that pharmacists suspected the deaths of 23 Canadian women were attributable to those two same pills.

Miranda Scott, only 18, was working out at the University of British Columbia gym when she fell over backward and died. Her autopsy showed that she died of blood clots throughout her body. She was taking Yasmin at the time of her death. Her mother is now part of a Canadian class action lawsuit against the drug manufacturer, along with hundreds of family members and women who have been harmed or killed by the pill.

Yet, even as Bayer pays out huge settlements, it says it “stands by” its birth control products. Even Elizabeth Kissling, writing for the radical feminist magazine Ms, is troubled by the cover-up and lack of education and testing women are given before being prescribed the pill.

“Today . . . young women are again dying from something purported to help them, something that affects mostly women. Thousands more are experiencing life-threatening, health-destroying side-effects, such as blindness, depression, and pulmonary embolism,” Kissling said, citing accounts of young women who had suffered all these consequences.

She referenced a first-person account posted on, that highlighted this shocking quote by a young woman who almost died from pulmonary embolism caused by her birth control pill. “‘Isn’t this bizarre?’ [the young woman] asked doctors in the hospital. They shook their heads and informed me that they regularly encountered otherwise healthy young women with blood clots, almost all caused by birth control.”

The pill kills truth. It exists and is prescribed to women amid a swirl of chaos; amidst contradictions and lies; and amidst dead, blind, and profoundly injured women. Prescribing doctors tell women birth control is perfectly safe if they don’t smoke. Emergency room doctors tell women they “regularly encounter otherwise healthy young women with blood clots, almost all caused by birth control.” Billions of dollars are paid out by drug companies to settle lawsuits, while they say they still stand by their contraceptive pills.

Women need to know. Join American Life League and a host of sponsors around the nation on June 6 to expose the lies and shine the light on the truth about the pill. For more information, visit our website, To sign up to sponsor the National Day of Action and/or organize a local event, click here.

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I can't say for sure in this case, because they've kept their identities secret, but the Israelis are really big on creating life from corpses (see here, here, here, here, and here) and that is exactly what this is -- trying to conjure up life from the dead. It is satanic, despite the fact that the grandmother would probably love the child. She is trying desperately to resurrect her dead daughter -- which absolutely goes against natural law, especially if done through Luciferian reproductive technologies.

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Mother Wants To Become Pregnant With Her Own Grandchild

A mother who lost her daughter to cancer, wants to use her dead daughter’s frozen eggs to impregnate herself, according to her late daughter’s wishes.

A High Court battle is looming where the 59 year old woman and her husband are challenging an independent regulator’s refusal to allow them to take the eggs to a US fertility clinic.

The couple claim the dying wish of their daughter who passed away in her late 20s from bowl cancer, was to have her eggs fertilised by a donor sperm, and implanted into her own mother’s womb.

A high court judge was told how the daughter, while “suffering terribly” from terminal cancer, never wavered in her wish that her mother should carry her child after her death and would have been “devastated” if she had known her eggs could not be used.

In what may be the first case of its kind in the world, the 59-year-old mother, referred to as Mrs M for legal reasons, is challenging an independent regulator’s refusal to allow her and her 58-year-old husband to take her daughter’s eggs to a US fertility treatment clinic.

The couple say it was the dying wish of their daughter, an only child who died of bowel cancer in 2011 while in her late 20s, that her eggs be fertilised by donor sperm and implanted into her own mother’s womb.

The daughter initially had her eggs frozen after being diagnosed with cancer in the hope that she herself could have children in the future, but lost her battle for life.

Her parents want to export the eggs to New York, where a clinic has indicated it is willing to provide fertility treatment at an estimated cost of up to £60,000.

Jenni Richards QC, appearing for Mrs M, said the family’s identity should be kept secret because the case raised “very delicate, sensitive and personal issues” and in particular it was important to protect the identity of “an as yet unborn child”.

Richards said the daughter, referred to as A, had grown up in “a close and happy family unit”, and having her own family was incredibly important to her. But she was diagnosed with bowel cancer at the age of 23 and had no boyfriend in her last years.

Richards said: “From the outset, one of the issues that troubled A were the implications of her illness in terms of her ability to have a child.”

The QC read from a statement from Mrs M in which she described how her daughter told her she knew she was going to die. She said she wanted her mother to carry her child and for her parents to raise the child, knowing it would be “safe”.

Last year the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) refused to issue a “special direction” allowing the eggs to be removed from storage in London and sent to the US. Its statutory approvals committee said there was insufficient evidence to show that the daughter wanted her mother to use donor sperm to carry her child.

Mrs M is asking Mr Justice Ouseley, sitting at London’s high court, to rule that the decision was unlawful and an interference with the family’s human rights.

The HFEA says there was no clear, written consent and it was entitled to use its discretion to refuse to issue a special direction.

The daughter completed a form that gave consent for the eggs to be stored for use after her death, but failed to fill in a separate form that indicated how she wished the eggs to be used. This technically meant her consent became invalid.

The application for permission to export the sperm was made to the HFEA by IVF Hammersmith, which is based within Hammersmith hospital in west London and which is currently storing the eggs.

Richards argued that “disproportionate and unreasonable” emphasis had been placed by the HFEA on the fact that the daughter did not sign the additional form specifying the use of her eggs.

The family’s right to have their private and family life protected under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights had been violated by the “too restrictive” way the authority had used its powers, even though the daughter had made her wishes clear to her mother and others, said Richards.

In 2009 a cousin had announced to A that she was pregnant and A had told her: “I have already got my babies. They are on ice.”

Mrs M stated her daughter had told her as her health deteriorated: “They are never going to let me leave this hospital mum – the only way I will get out of here will be in a body bag.

“I want you to carry my babies. I didn’t go through IVF to save my eggs for nothing. I want you and dad to bring them up, they will be safe with you. I couldn’t have wanted for better parents. I couldn’t have done this without you.”

Mrs M’s statement added: “I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that, as far as A was concerned, her eggs held a life force and were living entities in limbo waiting to be born.

“She was clear that she wanted her genes to be carried forward after her death. She had suffered terribly and this was the one constant in her remaining years from which she never wavered.”

An aunt had also said A had told her that she wanted her mother, and no one else, to be her surrogate – “and was quite adamant she should do so post death as well”, said Richards.


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IVF After Death; Post-mortem Sperm Retrieval

"Across all cultures and religions, the idea of afterlife has been contemplated since the beginning of time.

While there are differing beliefs about what happens to the soul or spirit of a person after death, the physical body remains here on Earth. Many times, people are able to choose exactly how they want their body to be treated after they are gone. Some people decide to donate their bodies to science for research, and some donate their healthy organs to patients in need of organ transplants.

While these thoughts may be morbid in a sense, death is the only event we can be sure of in life, and these things are necessary to discuss.

One particular community has recently gotten involved in the business of afterlife, and it’s not at all what you’d expect.

Infertility specialists, those responsible for helping to create children for thousands of people every year, have started to debate the concept of conceiving after death.

But with these new advancements in infertility treatments, come more responsibility and a lot of debate about the ethical aspects of this controversial concept.

While it is acceptable for wives, girlfriends, fiancés and parents to use a man’s sperm with their prior consent, the situation gets a little more complicated when it involves an unexpected death.

Post-mortem sperm retrieval, as it is officially known, was attempted for the first time in 1980 after a man was left brain dead following a car accident.

The procedure is just like sperm retrieval, (used in infertility treatments involving male infertility factors) where the sperm is surgically removed and then frozen. Then, if she chooses, the partner of the deceased can use the preserved sperm to conceive a child using infertility treatments such as IVF with ICSI (intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection) microinjection.

The first successful pregnancy and birth using this infertility method happened in 1999.

Today thousands of people are requesting this procedure as a way to carry on the life of their lost ones through children; infertility specialists have the science part down and are able to help patients achieve successful pregnancies, but post-mortem sperm retrieval is a whole lot more than just science.

For some people, considering the creation of life after death is absolutely necessary. Before deploying on a possibly life-threatening mission, many soldiers choose to freeze their sperm using cryopreservation. This way, their wives at home are able to have a baby using in-vitro fertilization (IVF), even in the event of their husband’s death. Cancer patients are also encouraged to save their sperm and eggs, just in case they want to have children in the future.

So what happens when the person with cancer dies? One case in California involved a cancer patient who froze his sperm before chemotherapy and radiation, with the full intent of having a child with his wife. After his death, the patient’s wife had a hard time accessing her husband’s sperm. Although she is now pregnant, this issue continues to haunt her.

Another story in Israel revolves around a deceased man’s parents. Although the 27-year-old man was single in every sense of the word, after his untimely death, his parents wanted a grandchild using his sperm and a surrogate mother. They had his sperm extracted, but they are still waiting for permission from the Israeli government.

In-vitro fertilization (IVF) in Israel is already a widely accepted medical procedure. According to Time Magazine, “Israel is already IVF-crazy; health insurance pays for as many IVF cycles as needed to achieve the birth of up to two babies. In 2003, it codified guidelines surrounding posthumous reproduction that allow a spouse or partner to use a dead man’s sperm unless he has specified that was unacceptable.”

But even with the openness of the Israeli government to infertility treatments, these wannabe grandparents have caused quite a stir.

Theresa Erickson, attorney for the pregnant California women said the situation in Israel is “much less straightforward”. She told Time Magazine, “Creating a grandchild is much different than creating a child. Imagine what the child will think: My dad’s dead and he never even knew I existed. It’s a pretty sticky ethical and moral dilemma.”

The Israeli couple feels differently. They expressed their opinion to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, “If we were entitled to donate the organs of our son, why are we not entitled to make use of his sperm in order to bring offspring into the world?”

While both points are valid, it’s hard to predict where society will stand on this tough issue over the next few years. With the popularity of infertility (IVF) treatments on the rise, this topic had to come up for discussion eventually. As for now, we’ll have to wait and see how governments, citizens and medical professionals react to all aspects related to creating life after death through IVF.

To learn more about infertility (IVF) treatments, find an infertility specialist in your area.

More links:
Rubinstein E.. Postmortem sperm retrieval and its use. Israel Attorney General Guidelines. 2003; 2202: 1–13

Posthumous sperm retrieval: analysis of time interval to harvest sperm

THE BIOLOGICAL WILL™, prepared by Adv. Irit Rosenblum

Israeli attorney, Irit Rosenblum, Founder and Head of the "New Family" organization, is devoted to protecting the rights of those whom new technologies and changing social mores have enabled the creation of new forms of family life. She has devised and has been putting into use a new legal instrument, the "Biological Will", which she describes in the following document.[6]

Now, children can be conceived after the death of one or even both parents through The Biological Will™, a legal testament that I developed that documents the intended use or disposal of any individual's sperm, ova or embryos in case of death, incapacitation or infertility. It is a solution to the questions of gamete and embryo ownership, donor consent, legal parentage, and inheritance rights of posthumously-conceived children.

Israel has no law on posthumous reproduction. The legal ability to use the sperm of the dead was forged through my 12 year confrontation with the legal system. When I set out to carry out the Biological Will™ in 2002, there was no legal procedure. The Attorney General opposed. The legal debate lasted until today; even though I won all the court cases in which I appeared..

The legal system gradually began to adopt my position that genetic materials are property that can be willed and inherited and can be used to posthumously conceive children if it was the donor’s will. The two more court cases I had the privilege to represent in 2009 and in 2011 made waves in the legal system, until the AG reversed the State’s position in 2013. AG Yehuda Weinstein, for the first time in 12 years of struggle on behalf of parents’ of the deceased, announced that he is willing to accept my position which respects parents' court standing.

I was privileged to litigate numerous groundbreaking cases in Israel, in which the deceased’s parents won the right to carry out their son’s Biological Will™ by choosing a single woman to conceive with their son’s sperm, and raise the child as her own. The world’s first case of posthumous reproduction with a partner unknown to the donor is Keivan Cohen in Israel. In 2007, Cohen’s parents won the right to designate a woman to conceive with the sperm that was extracted after his death in 2002. In November 2012, a single woman gave birth to his daughter, twelve years after his death. The Cohen case paved the way for a string of legal precedents in Israel. In 2009, a family court approved the verbal Biological Will™ of Idan Snir, and empowered his parents to transfer his sperm to a single woman who wished to raise a child from a known sperm donor. In 2011, an Israeli court approved a written Biological Will™ in which a young Israeli empowered his parents to choose a single woman who wished to conceive with his sperm. These cases are significant because the Israeli legal system affirmed the young men’s right to father children after death independent of a female partner. In 2009 I appeared in the world’s only case of posthumous maternity. In 2011, a global precedent was set when the world’s first baby born by Biological Will™ was born to a surrogate mother, who gestated the embryo created by the father and the late mother. In November 2013 the event iconic was the birth of the soldier’s daughter 11 years after his death, leaving his Biological Will.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


The Dark Side of Pet Vaccination

Source Article:
The Truth About Pet Vaccines Your Won't Hear From Your Vet

Domestic dogs and cats today are suffering from an unprecedented and very disturbing epidemic of chronic degenerative disease much of it caused by the very pet vaccines that are supposed to preserve their health.

These animals are routinely presenting with a variety of symptoms and diagnoses that are eerily similar to those being experienced by their owners.

One of the major factors adversely affecting the health of our pets has to do with the quality (or rather lack thereof) of the pet food we feed them.

Besides poor quality food that is not in keeping with the natural diet our furry friends require, chronic and very serious health issues are also emerging due to the shocking overuse of pet vaccines.


The umbrella term for health damage caused by vaccines is vaccinosis.

Many people today, along with a precious few forward thinking veterinarians, are realizing that the excessive numbers of vaccines routinely given to domestic pets are wreaking havoc on these animals’ health. This is because vaccines have the ability to disrupt, dis-regulate, and in some cases even virtually destroy an animal’s natural, innate immune function.

Without a properly functioning immune system, an animal is much more vulnerable than it would be otherwise to a wide variety of health problems.

Adverse Reactions to Pet Vaccines

From rashes and behavioral issues, to seizures and even vaccine injection site tumors, the list of adverse vaccine related health complications is long and varied. However, because many people don’t make the connection between the administration of a shot and subsequent symptoms, and because the veterinary industry at large often does not acknowledge such a connection, adverse vaccine reactions often go unreported.

For these reasons and because many people have been erroneously conditioned to believe that vaccines are completely safe and effective, there’s a serious lack of understanding about the issue of vaccine damage among the general population.

There needs to be more awareness about this problem and people need to know that besides acute conditions, the damage caused by vaccines can also be implicated in longer term, chronic ailments.

Some of the more progressive vets who are at the forefront of researching vaccine damage, including Dr. Patricia Jordan, author of the book Vaccinosis: Hidden in Plain Sight, are discovering evidence that vaccines actually cause damage at a genetic level.

If true, this means that vaccine damage not only occurs to those pets that are vaccinated, but that such damage occurs to their DNA, which is then passed onto their offspring and so on down the line, potentially conveying inherited vaccinosis to many more individuals in future generations.

Pet Vaccines a Toxic Chemical Cocktail

One of the reasons why vaccines can cause damage to our pets is because of the toxic ingredients they often contain. Among these are:

Thimerosal — Thimerisol is an organic compound often found in pet vaccines and used as a preservative that contains mercury, which is an extremely toxic heavy metal.Mercury is a powerful neurotoxin and is one of the most potent poisons known to man. Mercury has been shown to impair the function of many internal systems including the brain, central nervous system, endocrine system, kidneys, and other organs.

Aluminum — Aluminum is another metal used in vaccines that has been implicated in neurological ailments in humans. Aluminum is added to vaccines as an adjuvant, which means its purpose is to enhance or boost the effectiveness of those shots containing killed viruses.

Formaldehyde — Formaldehyde is classified by the EPA as a probable carcinogen, and is used as a tissue fixative in some vaccines.

Phenol — Phenols are highly poisonous, caustic substances derived from coal tar which are used as preservatives in vaccines.

Viruses — Viruses are microscopic infectious agents containing genetic material which can only replicate within the tissues of living organisms.

Animal organ tissue — Cell tissue derived from all manner of animals, including monkeys, rabbits, cows, sheep and pigs, are used to culture viruses contained in vaccines.

Huge or Tiny Pet — Same Dosage

Many pet owners would be surprised to learn that the dosage contained in one vaccine is the same regardless of the size or weight of the pet. This means that a 5 lb Chihuahua is given the exact same dosage as a 100 lb German Shepherd.

Insanity of Yearly “Boosters” for Pet Vaccines

Despite the fact that most all specific vaccines designed for people are generally only administered once rather than repeatedly year after year, it has become common practice in the veterinary industry to vaccinate pets with the same vaccine over and over again – often on a yearly basis – in the form of what are called booster shots.

Because each individual vaccine triggers a firestorm of activity within the immune system, vaccinating pets repeatedly like this over time can end up eroding the animal’s immune function.

It’s important to understand that routine vaccinations are a source of considerable financial revenue for both veterinarians and pharmaceutical companies. However vaccinating our pets repeatedly year after year is, in my opinion, most definitely not in the best interest of the animals.

Bypassing the Body’s Natural Immunity

Our pets’ bodies are equipped with a very sophisticated array of innate immunological mechanisms that are specifically designed to defend against pathogenic exposure.rgans such as the skin, nose, respiratory system, mouth, and digestive tract are all common pathways through which potentially harmful microbes must pass before they have the opportunity to become infectious. These organ systems work in concert to identify incoming pathogenic threats and either neutralize and/or create effective defenses against them.

However, most all pet vaccines administered by vets are done so via subcutaneous injection. This means that such shots deliver viruses, which are pathogenic materials, along with other toxins directly through the skin into the body’s underlying tissues, unnaturally forcing these substances to bypass some of the body’s most important and effective natural defense systems.

This circumvention and short circuiting of the immune system can trigger chronic autoimmune disorders, including the kind of ongoing inflammatory response present in conditions such as IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), arthritis, skin rashes and others.

Make an Informed Decision on Your Pet’s Behalf

More and more evidence is coming to light these days showing that pet vaccines are a scientific fraud and that they’re little more than a huge money making scam because they are neither safe nor effective.

Due to such evidence, I can’t urge people strongly enough to do their own research in order make an educated decision before choosing to have their pets automatically jabbed simply as a matter of course.

Additional Resources (scroll down page slightly)


Excerpt from Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine:

"...Andrew’s parents suffered greatly at having to watch what was happening to their child. Despite their attempts to protect him by asking that he be removed from their machines, medical staff refused to comply. Andrew’s body was kept alive so that medical interests could study him and gather information. The overwhelming suffering that this caused Andrew and his family is difficult to comprehend.

Of course, bonding with a child who is trapped in a NICU, locked in an incubator, and can only be stared at but not interacted with because the child is kept on paralysis drugs for hours and days at a time is EXTREMELY difficult. The fact that doctors accused this caring mother of not bonding properly with her child is a total disgrace. Both parents were likely in a state of shock as a result of having to watch their child endure medical atrocities day after day with no ability to help or protect him. The trauma of Andrew’s NICU stay had likely escalated to a point where the parents were terrified to make a deeper connection with their child for fear that that connection would cause everyone more pain.

Just imagine the desperate loneliness of a helpless premature infant whose parents are unable to bond with him and who is trapped in a hideous technological environment where people are daily torturing him and using him as a means to gather medical data. It makes me feel physically ill just thinking about what they did to this innocent child and realizing that this happens every day in neonatal intensive care units across the United States.

Horrifyingly, statistics now indicate that a whopping 20% of all babies born in the United States are obliged to spend time in a NICU. Like Andrew, many of these babies are treated like objects and used for medical “science.” Some are also used for training purposes by student doctors who are instructed by their superiors to practice their undeveloped medical skills on the bodies of these wholly unprotected and very sick infants.

“’You want to do the honors?’ Heineman, the senior resident asks.

‘Sure. I’m gonna have to learn sometime,’ shrugs a first-year resident named Kennedy.

On the warming table before them is the premie who was brought in by transport a few hours ago. His condition has worsened, and they have decided to ‘put a line in him,’ slang for threading a catheter into one of his arteries through the stump of his umbilical cord. The catheter, a very thin, flexible tube, will be left in place indefinitely to provide the staff with an instant method of obtaining blood samples, taking blood pressure, and administering fluids and electrolytes.

A nurse swabs the child’s abdomen with a 1 percent iodine solution and places a piece of tape at the base of the cord to control any bleeding. Then Kennedy begins to tie a ribbon around the umbilicus to make it stand up. It has the color and consistency of an oriental rice noodle.

From a sterile tray, Kennedy takes up a scalpel and the catheter. He must cut the umbilical cord on a bevel, to expose the artery for insertion. It’s like preparing electrical wire for splicing.

‘I don’t cut it there, do I?’ Kennedy asks uncertainly.

‘Sure. You cut it right there,’ Heineman replies.

Reassured, Kennedy slices off the top of the umbilicus… Working carefully, Heineman fits a tweezers into the tiny artery opening and by parting the tweezer blades, dilates the hole. ‘All yours,’ he says, and Kennedy goes to work. He slides the catheter into the artery, causing the baby to flinch visibly. Slowly he feeds out more catheter, but it goes in only about three inches before it stalls. Kennedy looks perplexed. Withdrawing it slightly, he pushes it forward again. ‘Nope,’ he says, ‘won’t go in.’
‘That’s all right. That happens,’ says Heineman. ‘Try again.’
Once more Kennedy inserts the catheter while Heineman dilates the artery. Again the baby flinches, and again the catheter stops.
‘It’s okay,’ Heineman says soothingly. ‘There’s a lot of turns it has to make in there. It’s like a drainpipe.’

Before he can try a third time, Kennedy must slice off more umbilicus to get a fresh opening to work with. Having done so, he tries again to insert the catheter. ‘Uh, uh,’ he moans, frustrated. ‘It just won’t go.’

Off comes more umbilical cord. Then Kennedy makes a fourth attempt, and a fifth. Each time the baby tenses. Each time the catheter stops.

On the sixth try Heineman says, ‘That’s it, I think you have it this time.’ Kennedy feeds the catheter higher and higher into the artery, like a plumber’s auger. He wears a look of triumph. But then suddenly the catheter stops. ‘Son of a bitch,’ he says.

On the seventh try there is hardly any umbilicus left to cut. Kennedy fails again and gives up in exhaustion. The baby has begun crying bitterly. Tears are streaming down his face.

At this moment, the chief neonatologist happens to come by. He announces that he will show both Kennedy and Heineman an advanced technique for umbilical catheterization. And he indeed works the catheter in almost completely before it once again stalls. They finally decide to switch to a radial arterial line, a catheter in the arm instead of the navel. It is less desirable but the only option at this point. ‘We have a saying,’ remarks Heineman. ‘If you can’t get the procedure done, then he probably didn’t need it anyway.’”

Notice the baby’s body is likened to inanimate plumbing and electrical equipment and the doctors express no concern about the pain they caused this vulnerable child. Notice also that the baby was jabbed in its umbilical artery EIGHT TIMES before its ordeal was finally over, with the last jab being an egoic attempt on the part of the “chief neonatologist” to demonstrate his medical prowess and finesse, which was an epic fail. After several minutes of painfully tormenting this tiny child, the doctors jokingly conclude that the baby did not need the procedure after all.

Obviously, it is not OK for doctors to make light of their violence, nor is it OK for them to be so desensitized that they cannot see the harm they are causing. This kind of indifference is considered “normal” in medical circles and is a necessary part of becoming a doctor. Desensitization begins in medical school which, at its core, involves trauma based mind control programming designed to cause dissociation in medical students and turn otherwise normal individuals into high-functioning psychopaths (more on this later). The pain that these doctors were able to inflict on this vulnerable child without concern is a sure sign that their training/ programming worked...

On top of all this, records indicate that for decades, infants were being systematically tortured by being forced to undergo radical surgery without being given any form of pain relief. The infants were (and still are) being PARALYZED during surgery so that they cannot move or scream, but they can feel everything that is happening to them while the agonizing procedures are taking place. Despite medical staff pretending this is perfectly normal and OK, clearly it is not. It is a form of medical torture which can be easily ascertained by reading the following accounts.

“Up until the mid-1980s, preemies were not even considered to feel pain. As a result, they received horrible medical procedures – chest tubes, heart surgeries, etc. without anesthesia… we saw it happen to an infant in the unit we were in. Paralyzed with a drug, and a chest tube inserted. No anesthesia.”


“Anyone now 23 years or older who had major surgery as a baby is at risk for chronic post-traumatic illness because the surgery was probably done without anesthesia…

The baby was given a curare drug for total paralysis while the respirator tube was inserted into the windpipe and the paralysis was maintained throughout the surgery. The paralyzed baby was wide awake with no pain control. Imagine what it must have been like for the infant: unable to lift a finger; unable to move away from the searing pain of the scalpel; the sensation of being turned inside-out as the heart or intestines are grasped; and the over¬whelming pain. People that have survived these early traumatic experiences usually cannot recall them verbally while they cannot forget them nonverbally…”


“…Jill Lawson… demanded to see hospital records after her son's death in 1985. She said, ‘Somehow it was possible for professionals who perceived a baby as too fragile to tolerate general anesthesia, to perceive that same infant as able to withstand open-chest surgery without pain relief’ (Lawson, 1988, p. 2)… At two weeks, Jeffery, ‘during his hour and half operation had two holes cut on either side of his neck and one in his chest, he was cut from his breastbone around to his backbone, his flesh lifted aside, ribs pried apart, blood vessels tied off and lungs retracted, tissue stitched together and a ‘stab incision’ to secure chest tubes’ (Lawson, 1988, p. 2). He died a few days later, as a result of the shock that over-whelmed his entire system causing his brain to bleed and his organs to fail. The hospital's senior neonatologist responded to Mrs. Lawson's inquiries by stating, ‘it didn't matter because he was a fetus,’ explaining that children less than 2 years of age ‘do not feel pain’…”

Such is the arrogance and extreme insanity of esteemed members of the medical profession who have continued to insist, for more than 100 years, that babies don’t feel pain. After looking closely at what these children have been subjected to while under the “care” of the American medical system, should we really be surprised that:

“Johnson et al. report a threefold overall greater risk of subsequent mental health problems in those children born prematurely… childhood psychiatric disorders should be added to the list of serious potential risks for children born extremely pre-term… [T]his study highlights an increased risk for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, anxiety and autistic spectrum disorders... Anxiety disorders… occurred at a rate four times higher in the preterm versus term population...”

Sadly, those doing this study don’t think to point fingers at the medical profession itself as being THE CAUSE of these psychiatric and neurological problems. Yet clearly, this is precisely the case. As we have seen in just a few short pages of this book, babies who spend time in a NICU or who are exposed to interventions like induction, Pitocin, and/or cesarean section have a highly increased chance of autism. There are actually numerous procedures being linked to autism (and other problems like ADHD) and they include:

• the clamping and cutting of the umbilical cord immediately after birth;
• vaccines (especially those like the MMR vaccine that contain aborted human fetal tissue);
• exposure to ultrasound during pregnancy; and
• circumcision..."

To purchase the book, follow this link.


Source Article:
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>After the AVN Awards and all the mainstream exposure, everyone wanted to interview me, even people who had passed on the offer before. One of them was Al Goldstein, the publisher of Screw magazine, who was writing for Penthouse at the time. Joy set up something after the awards show, and Goldstein came by to introduce himself. He’s an obese, greasy, slovenly man, and was very touchy-feely with both of us. When he discussed the interview, he seemed to be dropping hints about going on a date or getting sexual favors from me in exchange for the article. He didn’t say it explicitly, but it’s the feeling Joy and I got…. Goldstein never forgave us for canceling the interview. And so I made my first enemy in the business. He published a screed against Joy and me on the front page of Screw, accusing us of practically every offense imaginable – and a few that were unimaginable. He even attacked my family.

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daily reminder that the number six million is basically holy to Jews

Regarding the ‘six million’ number you should know the following: In the Hebrew text of the Torah prophesies, one can read “you shall return”. In the text the letter “V” or “VAU” is absent, as Hebrew does not have any numbers; the letter V stands for the number 6. Ben Weintraub, a religious scientist, learned from rabbis that the meaning of the missing letter means the number is ’6 million’. The prophesy then reads: You will return, but with 6 million less. See Ben Weintraub: “The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism”, Cosmo Publishing, Washington 1995, page 3. The missing 6 million must be so before the Jews can return to the Promised Land. Jahweh sees this as a cleaning of the souls of the sinful people. The Jews must, on the return to the Promised Land, be clean — the cleaning shall be done in burning stokes”
Jewish prophecies in the Torah require that 6 million Jews must “vanish” before the state of Israel can be formed. “You shall return minus 6 million.” That’s why Tom Segev, an Israeli historian, declared that the “6 million” is an attempt to transform the Holocaust story into state religion. Those six million, according to prophecy, had to disappear in “burning ovens”, which the judicial version of the Holocaust now authenticates. As a matter of fact, Robert B. Goldmann writes: “. . . without the Holocaust, there would be no Jewish State.” A simple consequence: Given six million Jews gassed at Auschwitz who ended up in the “burning ovens” (the Greek word holocaust means burned offerings), therefore, the prophecies have now been “fulfilled” and Israel can become a “legitimate state”. –Unknown

Holocaust Revisionism—————————————————————————————————————–

Table of Contents

01) Holocaust Revisionism Articles
02) Holocaust Revisionism Documentaries and Videos
03) Holocaust Revisionism Websites
01) Holocaust Revisionism Articles

The Anne Frank Diary Fraud

Anne Frank’s Diary – Some Honest Questions

As Many as 90% of Those Claiming to Be Holocaust Survivors May Be Frauds

Australian Man’s Holocaust Story Labelled a ‘Lie’

Brighton Beach Holocaust Fund Scammer Jailed for Neary Two Years

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Jewish Soap

A Prominent False Witness: Elie Wiesel

Made in Russia: The Holocaust

Money Running Out for Needy Holocaust Survivors

Moshe Peer’s Astounding Holy Shoah Tale

The Most Famous Holocaust Photo a Fraud

The Nuremberg Trials and the Holocaust

Nuremberg Trial Proceedings Volume 1
Article 19
>The Tribunal shall not be bound by technical rules of evidence. It shall adopt and apply to the greatest possible extent expeditious and nontechnical procedure, and shall admit any evidence which it deems to be of probative value.

Nuremberg Trial Proceedings Volume 1
Article 21
>The Tribunal shall not require proof of facts of common knowledge but shall take judicial notice thereof. It shall also take judicial notice of official governmental documents and reports of the United Nations, including the acts and documents of the committees set up in the various allied countries for the investigation of war crimes, and of records and findings of military or other Tribunals of any of the United Nations.

The Origin of the ’6 Million Jews’ Figure!/2012/07/origin-of-6-million-jews-figure.html

Photo Manipulations in the USSR

The “Six Million” Myth

Soap Story

Test Your Holocaust Knowledge

Zyklon-B and the German Delousing Chambers
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Auschwitz – Why the Gas Chambers are a Myth

Buchenwald a Dumb Dumb Portrayal of Evil

David Irving The Holocaust Truth, The Whole Truth ~ And Nothing but the Truth

David Stein on the Holocaust

Ernst Zundel – Holocaust Debunked

Zundel vs. Zionist – Truth vs. Lies

The Holocaust Big Lie

Holocaust Faker Explains Himself

The Holocaust Lie by David Irving

Holocaust Revisionism: The Truth by Thomas Dalton, PhD

The Holocaust Testimonies You Didn’t Hear

Holocaust Hoax Exposed!

Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax, The

Made in Russia: The Holocaust – Carlos W. Porter

The Montel Williams Show – David Cole and Mark Weber

Nazi Shrunken Heads

One-Third of the Holocaust

Six Million Jews 1915-1938

Sylvia Stolz – Lawyer Who Was Jailed for Presenting Evidence in the Zundel Trial

Spielberg’s Hoax – The Last Days of the Big Lie

The Phil Donahue Show – Holocaust Denial

The Truth Behind the Gates of Auschwitz

The Truth is No Defense

Understanding the Holocaust as a Legend
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