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Image Source: Calla Evans Photography

Source Article:
The Truly Incredible Thing That Happens When Siblings Witness Childbirth

Even though some mothers are hesitant to allow anyone in the delivery room — let alone their small children — others encourage their first born to be involved in the birthing processes. And while some are weary about a small child's reaction to witnessing the miracle of life, these tiny human beings might just surprise you.

Monet Nicole, an experienced birth photographer, happens to love when older siblings are present during childbirth and says that in her experience, most do remarkably well. In fact, she told POPSUGAR that they tend to deal with the situation better than adults!

Instead of getting grossed out or in the way — which are common fears amongst parents — these incredible older-siblings-to-be were focused on soothing their moms and quietly taking in the astounding situation. For many children, witnessing the birth of their sibling is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and these exceptional photos capture exactly how meaningful and impactful this experience can be.

Image Source: Monet Nicole

Image Source: BNLovestudio

Image Source: Monet Nicole

Image Source: Calla Evans Photography

Image Source: Monet Nicole

Image Source: Calla Evans Photography

Image Source: Monet Nicole

Image Source: Calla Evans Photography

Image Source: Calla Evans Photography

Image Source: Krista Evans

Image Source: Monet Nicole

Image Source: Krista Evans

Image Source: BNLovestudio

Image Source: Monet Nicole

Image Source: Krista Evans

Image Source: Calla Evans Photography

Image Source: Monet Nicole

Image Source: Monet Nicole

Image Source: Krista Evans

Image Source: Monet Nicole

Image Source: Monet Nicole

Image Source: Krista Evans

Image Source: Calla Evans Photography

Image Source: Monet Nicole

Image Source: BNLovestudio

Image Source: Calla Evans Photography

Image Source: Krista Evans

Image Source: Kiersten Grant Photography

Image Source: Krista Evans

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This is a very important interview. I hope you will consider listening.

HOME BIRTH OR HOSPITAL BIRTH - You Make the Call - Part 1

HOME BIRTH OR HOSPITAL BIRTH - You Make the Call - Part 2

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Psst - wanna know a secret? The Vitamin K injection at birth is causing large numbers of children to develop leukemia (one out of every 500). Are you going to let them inject your child with this poison?

Source Article by Courtney Charles
The Lies About The Vitamin K Shot

Vitamin K is scheduled to be injected into babies within an hour of birth. One of their assaults out of the womb and most parents allow it. It’s a vitamin that we are told will save our baby’s life from the deficiency they are born with, so of course we would agree to it. But only because we are fed lies.

First, it is a lie that it is needed. Listen to this fear campaign delivered by the CDC:

“Babies are born with very little vitamin K stored in their bodies. This is called “vitamin K deficiency” and means that a baby has low levels of vitamin K. Without enough vitamin K, babies cannot make the substances used to form clots, called ‘clotting factors.’ When bleeding happens because of low levels of vitamin K, this is called “vitamin K deficiency bleeding” or VKDB. VKDB is a serious and potentially life-threatening cause of bleeding in infants up to 6 months of age. A vitamin K shot given at birth is the best way to prevent low levels of vitamin K and vitamin K deficiency bleeding (VKDB).…waiting to see if your baby needs a vitamin K shot may be too late. Babies can bleed into their intestines or brain where parents can’t see the bleeding to know that something is wrong. This can delay medical care and lead to serious and life-threatening consequences. All babies are born with very low levels of vitamin K because it doesn’t cross the placenta well. Breast milk contains only small amounts of vitamin K. That means that ALL newborns have low levels of vitamin K, so they need vitamin K from another source. A vitamin K shot is the best way to make sure all babies have enough vitamin K. Newborns who do not get a vitamin K shot are 81 times more likely to develop severe bleeding than those who get the shot.”

How has humanity survived all this time without this shot? Vitamin K does pass through the placenta, it does get passed through breast milk, and moms eating plenty leafy greens, veggies, fruits, and oils are passing plenty to their babies. Interesting however that certain medications can interfere with vitamin K and deplete it or cause other clotting and bleeding issues. If mom is on IV antibiotics (often the case if she is Group B strep positive during the birth), certain pain medication, or had recent vaccines it could deplete her vitamin K levels or pass through to the baby and deplete the baby’s vitamin K levels. Want to know another thing that could cause bleeding disorders in babies unrelated to the “need” for vitamin K? The Hepatitis B vaccine, also scheduled to be given within 12 hours of birth. Actually, most vaccines have the same adverse reaction listed in the package inserts, also called thrombocytopenia or ITP. So maybe if we stopped vaccinating babies they wouldn’t be bleeding to death.

Beyond the lie that it is necessary is the lie that it is just a safe and harmless vitamin. Here it is, the bold-faced lie in print:

“Yes, the vitamin K shot is safe. Vitamin K is the main ingredient in the shot. The other ingredients make the vitamin K safe to give as a shot.”

The manufacturer disagrees, this is in the insert:

“Severe reactions, including fatalities, have also been reported following INTRAMUSCULAR administration.”

Deaths have occurred after intravenous and intramuscular administration. (See Box Warning.) Transient “flushing sensations” and “peculiar” sensations of taste have been observed, as well as rare instances of dizziness, rapid and weak pulse, profuse sweating, brief hypotension, dyspnea, and cyanosis. Pain, swelling, and tenderness at the injection site may occur. The possibility of allergic sensitivity including an anaphylactoid reaction should be kept in mind. Infrequently, usually after repeated injection, erythematous, indurated, pruritic plaques have occurred; rarely, these have progressed to scleroderma-like lesions that have persisted for long periods. In other cases, these lesions have resembled erythema perstans. Hyperbilirubinemia has been observed in the newborn following administration of phytonadione”.

“Studies to evaluate the mutagenic potential have not been conducted with Vitamin K1 Injection.
Studies to evaluate the carcinogenic potential have not been conducted with Vitamin K1 Injection.”

And direct from the package insert we have the ingredients:

Each milliliter contains phytonadione 2 or 10 mg, polyoxyethylated fatty acid derivative 70 mg, dextrose, hydrous 37.5 mg in water for injection; benzyl alcohol 9 mg added as preservative. May contain hydrochloric acid for pH adjustment. pH is 6.3 (5.0 to 7.0).

The shot contains aluminum. Aluminum is toxic when injected. Medscape references 35 published studies discussing the toxic impact of injected aluminum, and those include many skin conditions including eczema, rash, painful nodules lasting years in some cases, and dermatitis, among other conditions. At least 2 British journals confirmed that vitamin K injections significantly increase chances of childhood leukemia, in as many as 1/500. That is horrific. And it is infuriating that the statements pasted directly from the CDC above, ignore, deny, and flat out lie about the risks of this shot.

What parents deserve is full disclosure and informed consent. That would not sound like the typical jargon they hear in the hospital such as “Now we are going to give your baby a Vitamin K shot, it is perfectly safe and may save your baby’s life.”

It would sound more like:

“You have the option of having your baby injected with an acidic formulation of synthetic Vitamin K. We would like to give this to your baby because the Hepatitis B shot we will pressure you to get next to protect against STD’s might cause a severe bleeding disorder. In addition, the several shots per visit over the next 6 months will increase your baby’s risk of bleeding to death. If you would like us to give it, we also need to let you know that it is possible for your baby to suffer a severe reaction, including death or could cause severe skin conditions, such as eczema, and may increase your baby’s risk of developing leukemia through childhood. Would you like us to inject your baby?”


Are you one of the many activists who have recently been attacked, censored, or even banned from social media sites? The people behind this attack are Jewish trolls. This article is an important read because it gives us insights into the way these dark forces operate. A must read. Please share.

Source Article:

WW~Update: Apparently, the original post has been removed from the internet, however, you can find the entire article on other sites but not the images that were attached to the original post. At the time I posted the article on Pragmatic Witness I failed to include Gilad Atzmon’s inspiring Introduction. And since this is one of the top five most read articles on Pragmatic Witness I think Atzmon’s Introduction should be included. My apologies to the readers.


We are all aware of the Hasbara trolls, the Wikipedia Jews and the Israeli Neocon smear outlets. In the following important piece internet expert Jonathon Blakeley explores the vile and destructive impact of Sayanim and Hasbara agents on the social networks. What we really see is a surge of Zio-centric anti- social behaviour in our midst. They are united against humanity, humanism, pluralism, freedom of expression and tolerance basically all those things that are precious to the rest of us.


Hasbara is an Hebrew word defined as explanation. The purpose of Hasbara is to explain and educate western people about the Israeli mission. Hasbara can take many forms, adverts, websites, comments on blogs, letter writing, protests and so on. For a fuller idea of the depth of Hasbara check this tool-kit from the We Believe in Israel Website. (made by BICOM). The difference between propaganda and hasbara? I would say Hasbara is more of a soft sell at first, it seeks to inform, influence and educate the ignorant to the Israeli cause. The narrative of Hasbara has a victimized quality underpinning it, a very passive-aggressive approach, Israel is always defending not attacking. They play the mis-understood victim and invite their critics to attack them. The sub-current being that Israel’s message is not understood. Israel views that the reason for this is either lack of education or stupidity. So the Hasbara agents explain until they realise that they are getting nowhere and then respond with disdain and disgust.

Social Strategies

Key individuals are identified, some support Israel others oppose. These are the influencers, on Twitter they are people with over 1 000 followers and over 1 000 tweets. By seeking to influence and control these key individuals, Hasbara agents can influence many many more. Hasbara trolls on twitter try to act as shepherds for the tweeps, making them go this way or that.

A troll traditionally on the Internet is someone indulges in off-topic abuse.

A troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

I believe that calling someone – anti-semite or neo-nazi or racist is inflammatory, unless that is their actual beliefs.

Hasbara Tactics

By controlling information one can control people and the social networks. Hasbara volunteers help to police social networks for Israel. The big media are dealt with through BICOM and AIPAC, whilst the social media are policed unofficially by the Hasbara troll brigade. Priority is to stop influencers being compromised by anti-Israel sentiment.

Hasbara Trolls are generally quite polite at first. They pop up when someone is critical of Israel and it’s policies or interests. They target, write, engage, educate and insult. From my research it seems that there is some kind of hierarchy of trolls, they have leaders who tell them targets and guide them with their spin. Most work voluntarily but some are paid for by wealthy sponsors. They track topical keywords and persons using public websites such as Problems arise if one rejects the explanations being offered by the trolls, then their troll nature becomes apparent very quickly as they resort to smears and abuse.

Hasbara Troll attributes

Supreme point of view
The Hasbara troll knows best
Condescending & Patronising
Socialist (Smart and ‘caring’)
Do not have to be Jewish but Pro-Israel
Internet experts
Like to ask the questions, not answer questions
Control freaks
Inflamed by anyone being critical of Israel
‘Moral’ Guardians
Classic insults: Anti-semite, Neo- Nazi, White Supremacist, Holocaust denier
Adept with social networks well trained on IT

Hasbara trolls use internet alerts to warn them when hot keywords are mentioned. Keywords such as Israel, Jewish, Judaism etc. When those words are mentioned they are alerted and they go to investigate who is talking about what. I have seen this happen many times with Gilad Atzmon, someone will post something from Gilad, shortly afterwards they are bombarded by hasbara trolls. Initially they explain where they had gone wrong and try to ‘educate’ people with their ideology. Usually they say something like

Do you know Gilad Atzmon is a notorious… anti-semite? neo-nazi, holocaust denier. etc.. etc.

The way to spot the troll is the inflammatory language. If Gilad was a anti-semite it should be self evident but he says quite clearly in his book “the Wandering Who” .

“In this book i will try to untangle the knot. I will present a harsh criticism of Jewish politics and identity. Yet it is crucial to mention at this early stage that there will be not a single reference to Jews as ethnicity or race. In my writing, I differentiate between Jews (the people), Judaism (the religion) and Jewish-ness (the ideology). This book does not deal with Jews as a people or ethnicity. If anything, my studies of this issue suggest that Jews do not form any kind of racial continuum. In short, those who are searching for blood or race-related interpretation on Zionism will have to look for it in someone else’s work.” Gilad Atzmon P15 Chapter 1 -The Wandering Who.

Types of Jewishness

Jews (the people) – born a jew, being jewish.
Judaism (the religion) – Jewish beliefs.
Jewish-ness (the ideology) – Jewish ideas

Despite Gilad Atzmon making a clear and unequivocal point above, it has not stopped many zombie zionist hasbara trolls from accusing him time and time again and many others of anti-semitism or being a neo-nazi. What is wrong with these pathetic and misguided people? Can’t they read, or have their brains just curdled in their own cranium. The truth is they choose not to read or listen or debate.

I would actually say, those people who advocate every interventionalist war in the name of freedom of speech, democracy and pluralism, are operating in the west as gatekeepers, censors and resent any form of intellectual debate – Gilad Atzmon

These people are the new Book burners, those that oppose freedom in all its forms. These Hasbara trolls oppose free speech and try to suppress open and free debate and instead replace it with their own hasbara wash & spin.

It is astonishing the amount of times I have seen trolls warning people not to read this book or that book. Why do we have all these twitter trolls trying to influence what people choose to read?

Are they the people of the anti book?- Gilad Atzmon

We must unite to name and shame these despicable individuals as they try to suppress free and open debate. These people pose a great threat to our political systems and must be identified to stop them spreading their vile mis-information far and wide.



Troll techniques

Turn up randomly asking question about Israel, trying to engage/educate.
Guilt by association, they point to some source your are linked to as being anti-semitic or neo-nazi.
Opportunity to redeem – the offer chance to recant from your naive ways.
Smears and insults – if the top 3 fail then it’s just character assassination.
Name bombing – using seo in blackhat ways to denounce and smear people. ie website with 37 mentions of someones name will prob get a Page one on Google.
Hasbara trolls generally follow the rules of social networks, because they want to continue to influence people and subvert open and free debate.

After repeated attempts to indoctrinate you, I mean educate you, the Hasbara trolls then resort to name bombing. Mentioning a persons name as many times as possible on social network sites to create negative report with strong SEO. Basically using the internet to smear people to the maximum.

Hasbara Trolls are well organised and have links they point to to prove their flaky points. Although the links these trolls cite are often from their own hasbara chums and the blogs they reference do not have original source material just second hand re-cobbled quotes.

Gilad Atzmon is not an anti-semite or a Holocaust denier, but there are many who would like us to think so. The question is why? To dis-credit him and his ideas. But it is not just Gilad Atzmon who is the target of the Hasbara trolls the list is long and growing.

To the right are a series of tweets from #Joe86pw, I have observed him part-time trolling on many occasions. Here he spots that Tom Watson famous Labour MP is thinking of buying a new book by Mearsheimer. – “Why leaders Lie” . Joe spots this tweet and shortly after is tweeting a helpful warning to Tom Watson MP (Hackgate MP) about that dangerous book.

In these following tweets we see the “Emma Rosenthal” guiding a troll. @johne326 got upset when I placed him on my troll list. I asked him why he was trolling Gilad Atzmon and he responded to me that it was clear to him that Gilad Atzmon is an anti-semite. All I want to say is this John, ”look up the definition of trolling”. I have never been into politics but sure enough the lovely open-minded “Emma Rosenthal” wastes no time at all in denouncing me as a “White supremacist”.

emma_rosenthal 2:09pm via Web .@jonathonblakele @johne326 by trolling they mean disagreeing, adding to the discourse? oooh wow sensitive white supremacists aren’t they?

emma_rosenthal 2:11pm via Web .@johne326 you don’t get it. it’s ruder to actually oppose racism than to advocate it. don’t be so sensitive!

Just mentioning Gilad Atzmon on twitter is sufficient to attract the Hasbara vermin within a very short time. They all know each other as well and they enjoy bullying dissenters with their chums. Really it is just like being back at school being bullied by the school gang. Usually the lead bully goes into to attack whilst others stand by making encouraging noises. We are ‘told’ that we live in a free society, but we don’t! Free speech and debate are being squashed by the likes of BICOM, AIPAC and a small army of annoying Hasbara trolls. We must work together to stop them. From Truth comes Peace.



Common Dreams’ website traps Hasbara troll spewing anti-Semitism

Israel Cranks Up the PR Machine

Edelstein’s ministry boasts an advanced “situation room,” a paid media team, and coordination of a volunteer force that claims to include thousands of bloggers, tweeters and Facebook commenters who are fed the latest talking points and then flood social media with hasbara in five languages. The exploits of the propaganda soldiers conscripted into Israel’s online army have helped give rise to the phenomenon of the “hasbara troll,” an often faceless, shrill and relentless nuisance deployed on Twitter and Facebook to harass public figures who express skepticism about official Israeli policy or sympathy for the Palestinians.

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Dear friends,

As some of you may already know, I will soon be giving a very important talk entitled "Human Sexuality, Pornography, and the Attack on Human Love," at the Free Your Mind Conference in Philadelphia, PA during the weekend of April 15-17, 2016 (my talk is scheduled for Sunday the 17th). I am extremely excited, and also a little bit nervous, to be presenting this material to such a large audience, many of whom are whistleblowers committed to changing our world. I believe this is going to be a momentous event and it would be wonderful to have you there. Please consider joining us. You can read more about the event here.

The reason for this message, however, is more than just to extend an invitation for you to attend the conference. Indeed, I really need your help. Although the organizers of the conference have agreed to pay for a portion of my travel expenses while I am at the venue (i.e., they have agreed to pay for my room for the three nights while I am in Philadelphia, plus gas), in truth, my travel expenses extend beyond the three nights of the conference as I will be driving from the midwest to Philadelphia -- a 20 hour drive each way. Therefore, I will need to stay in a hotel for two nights on my way there (7 or 8 hours driving is really my limit before needing to rest) and also for two nights on my way back -- for a total of seven nights in a hotel, only three of which are covered. There are also tolls that need to be paid (the Pennsylvania Turnpike is particularly expensive) and my car needs brakes before it is truly road-worthy for this long drive.

An so, I am sending out this SOS to ask if you might be willing/able to help by sending a donation of any amount to help cover the costs of my travel. If you are in a position to do so, please consider donating today. All U.S. residents who donate $125 or more before March 31, 2016 will receive a free copy of my book, "Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine." All those who live outside of the U.S. and donate $160 or more will also receive a free copy of my book. The difference in donation amounts reflects the difference in book shipping costs inside and outside the U.S.

Donations can be made here or by clicking on the paypal donate button below.

Here is a quote from the upcoming talk which I would love for you to attend. The more good people who are gathered together in one place, the more powerful will be the prayers we send out for the shifting of our world.

Thanks for your consideration.

"We have been manipulated to behave from base carnal impulses and taught to seek a very cheap substitute for authentic love -- i.e., "orgasm." But physical orgasm -- no matter how “multiple” or “expanded” it is -- is but a millionth part of what we have the potential to experience when we set our hearts and minds to the real goal, which is LOVE. Love is the target folks. Let’s program that into our navigation systems and find the most direct route to our destination."

---- Excerpt from Jeanice's upcoming Free Your Mind Presentation

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As usual, Putin is spot-on and continues to be an inspiration to the good people of the world. If my readers can get beyond the propaganda and lies about "anti-semitism" in this article and the nonsense about Putin bein an "authoritarian" leader that "educated" (i.e., Jewish) Muscovites are against, the article contains important information. The push toward satanism in America and the mainstreaming, normalization and promotion of homosexuality is a wholly JEWISH agenda. They seek to destroy the family and undermine healthy relationships and human love. DOWN WITH THE JEW WORLD ORDER!!!

Source Article:
America Has Abandoned God, Now Believes in Satan & Promoting Homosexuality -Russian President Putin

MOSCOW — At the height of the Cold War, it was common for American conservatives to label the officially atheist Soviet Union a “godless nation.”

More than two decades on, history has come full circle, as the Kremlin and its allies in the Russian Orthodox Church hurl the same allegation at the West.

“Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a recent keynote speech. “Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan. This is the path to degradation.”

In his state of the nation address in mid-December, Mr. Putin also portrayed Russia as a staunch defender of “traditional values” against what he depicted as the morally bankrupt West. Social and religious conservatism, the former KGB officer insisted, is the only way to prevent the world from slipping into “chaotic darkness.”

As part of this defense of “Christian values,” Russia has adopted a law banning “homosexual propaganda” and another that makes it a criminal offense to “insult” the religious sensibilities of believers.

The law on religious sensibilities was adopted in the wake of a protest in Moscow’s largest cathedral by a female punk rock group against the Orthodox Church’s support of Mr. Putin. Kremlin-run television said the group’s “demonic” protest was funded by “some Americans.”

Mr. Putin’s views of the West were echoed this month by Patriarch Kirill I of Moscow, the leader of the Orthodox Church, who accused Western countries of engaging in the “spiritual disarmament” of their people.

In particular, Patriarch Kirill criticized laws in several European countries that prevent believers from displaying religious symbols, including crosses on necklaces, at work.

“The general political direction of the [Western political] elite bears, without doubt, an anti-Christian and anti-religious character,” the patriarch said in comments aired on state-controlled television.

“We have been through an epoch of atheism, and we know what it is to live without God,” Patriarch Kirill said. “We want to shout to the whole world, ‘Stop!’”

Other figures within the Orthodox Church have gone further in criticizing the West. Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, a church spokesman, suggested that the modern-day West is no better for a Christian believer than the Soviet Union.

Soviet authorities executed some 200,000 clergy and believers from 1917 to 1937, according to a 1995 presidential committee report. Thousands of churches were destroyed, and those that survived were turned into warehouses, garages or museums of atheism.

“The separation of the secular and the religious is a fatal mistake by the West,” the Rev. Chaplin said. “It is a monstrous phenomenon that has occurred only in Western civilization and will kill the West, both politically and morally.”

The Kremlin’s encouragement of traditional values has sparked a rise in Orthodox vigilantism. Fringe groups such as the Union of Orthodox Banner Bearers, an ultraconservative movement whose slogan is “Orthodoxy or Death,” are gaining prominence.

Patriarch Kirill has honored the group’s leader, openly anti-Semitic monarchist Leonid Simonovich, for his services to the Orthodox Church. The Banner Bearers, who dress in black paramilitary uniforms festooned with skulls, regularly confront gay and liberal activists on the streets of Moscow.


Friends - I can definitely vouch for the benefits of Ringing Cedars Cedar Nut Oil with Cedar Resin (Turpentine). I tried the type with 20% cedar resin and in four days, a rather large parasite came out of my body -- which shocked me. I am continuing to use the oil as I keep learning more and more about its benefits, especially for those with autoimmune disorders, candida, or any physical disorder that can be helped by removing toxins, fungus, parasites, and more from the body. The purest and best cedar oil and cedar resin products that I am aware of can be found here: Highly recommended.

Source Article:
Cedar Resin (Sap): Unique Balsam

This unique balsam effectively copes with the majority of gastrointestinal diseases, quickly heals wounds and sores, aids in cases of colds, calms the heart and nerves, and increases vitality. It is a wonderful product for skin care.

Composition: "Cedar nut oil enriched with Resin". There are 5%, 10%, 20% extracts. As higher the extract percent as more powerful the balsam is.

Indications for use: diseases of the skin, the gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, and locomotor system, and bronchopulmonary diseases.

Contraindications: individual intolerance.

"Siberian Cleanse"

This unique system for the restoration of the body was imparted to a woman by a female Siberian shaman many years ago. She said, "If you do this every year, you will never grow old." To what extent this is true is complicated for us to judge at the present. But we can tell you what happens in the human body when resin is ingested.

Over the course of your life you have most probably been on some fashionable diets or specialized cleanses. And you know very well that this was "not your thing"! To do this, you need both the appropriate mood and desire. But what do you do when the mood is not there? Can a method of cleansing be used to achieve the advertised result without any strain? You will probably laugh, but such a method exists, and it is provided by this very same cedar resin balsam.

The "Siberian cleanse" is very simple and, unlike other cleanses, does not cause stressful situations for the body. Gently and slowly, including the process of cleansing and improvement on the cellular level, a person's chromosomal chain begins to be restored! Such a deep effect is rarely achieved with the use of complicated special homeopathic systems of healing.

When you begin to drink cedar resin extract, your immunity increases, since resin is a most powerful antiseptic. The blood shows an increase in the content of phagocytes, which destroy viruses, parasites, and foreign pathogens. The result is the release of the energy potential that previously protected the life of these bacteria and parasites. All the glands and organs of our body begin to work more intensively and more effectively.
wooden cedar nut oil press

Further, the cells of all the body's tissues begin to regenerate, that is, there is a cleansing of all the old material (residue) that the cells could not get rid of earlier. At this moment, the exacerbation of some "old" internal disease is possible. For that reason, in this situation you need to get a sense of yourself: if you begin to feel extremely unwell, then the cleanse must be stopped and begun anew after a couple of months. The second time, the cleanse will proceed much more easily. During the cleanse, there will be a cleansing of the liver and blood vessels, which become more elastic, as a result of which for many people the self-regulation of blood pressure will be restored. There is a complete recovery from cholecystitis, colitis, enterocolitis, hepatitis, gastritis, and ulcers of the stomach and intestine, the microflora of the intestine is restored, and regulation of the metabolism occurs. The general tonus increases, and the person's energy becomes greater.

The sole condition for the effectiveness of the "Siberian cleanse" is this: it is essential to consume more fresh food of plant origin and to lower, preferably to omit entirely the consumption of food from slaughtered animals. When discarding residues, cells should instead receive healthy and pure materials for their renewal and new development. And then, with the aim of the complete improvement of the body, you are entirely able to tolerate two months without the consumption of meat. Whether you allow your body to continue to suffer all depends on how much you truly love yourself.


The first day, early in the morning on an empty stomach, take 5 grams (1 teaspoon) of cedar resin, following which you must not eat or drink for 30 minutes. If you cannot tolerate the bitter taste, you can take it with water. Over the course of ten days, increase the quantity of cedar resin to 15 grams (1 tablespoon) as follows: during the first three days take 5 grams daily, during the second three days take 10 grams (2 teaspoons) daily, and during the remaining four days take 15 grams each morning 30 minutes before eating.

During the next 10 days, take 1 tablespoon of cedar resin with cedar nut oil in the morning 30 minutes before eating, and 1 tablespoon at lunchtime, 30 minutes before eating. During the following 10 days, take 1 tablespoon of cedar resin with cedar nut oil in the morning 30 minutes before eating, 1 tablespoon at lunchtime, 30 minutes before eating, and 1 tablespoon at suppertime, 30 minutes before eating.

After thirty days, the first half of the course of treatment has been completed. During the next thirty days, take cedar resin with cedar nut oil, reducing the dose. In the first ten days of the second half of the course of treatment, take 2 tablespoons of cedar resin with cedar nut oil per day, 1 tablespoon in the morning and 1 tablespoon at lunchtime. In the next ten days take 1 tablespoon of cedar resin with cedar nut oil in the morning 30 minutes before eating.

During the final ten days, for four days take 1 tablespoon of cedar resin with cedar nut oil in the morning 30 minutes before eating, in the next three days take 2 teaspoons in the morning 30 minutes before eating, and during the final three days take 1 teaspoon in the morning 30 minutes before eating.

In total, the course of treatment is 60 days in duration. The dosage is calculated for a person of average build.

In order to consolidate the results, the course of treatment may be repeated in two months. It is recommended to take the treatment twice a year, in the autumn and spring.

Baths and Soaks

Haven't you ever wondered why Russian beauties are always so ravishing and amazing? You see, this is all because their grandmothers and grandfathers, great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers constantly bathed in rivers and lakes that contained all the dissolved substances that were beneficial for their health and beauty: minerals brought by springs from secret caves; rains that bring ozone and free oxygen from the upper layers of the atmosphere; pollen, petals, and flowerheads that fall into the water from an infinite number of various flowers and plants; and the fruit, leaves, branches, and trunks of mighty trees, which have absorbed an enormous quantity of energy over many years.

Today, nothing prevents us from arranging, even on a daily basis, exactly the same type of bathing for ourselves, for our loved one, and from the bath obtaining an unbelievable return in energy, the strength that good health brings, and a ton of delightful pleasure when your body begins to transform itself into a song of amazing beauty....

Run a full bath of warm water (38-40C). Add 15-30 grams (2 tablespoons) of cedar resin balsam. Mix it throughout the water, and immerse your divine body into this artificial cedar lake. If you feel a chill, make the water warmer, but do not get carried away -- the bath should be pleasant and comfortable, but not hot. The most important thing is that you should not be cold. If for some reason you cannot take a bath, you can make a bath like this only for your legs. Only in this case, it is essential to make the water cooler, 34-35C. Nothing prevents you from using other salts or herbs together with the cedar resin balsam. This will only intensify the effect.

When preparing a steam bath for the face, add 1 tablespoon of cedar resin balsam to the hot water. Cover your head with a thick towel and take the bath for 5 to 7 minutes. Be sure to close your eyes!

A bath has a wonderful therapeutic effect in insomnia, increased nervous excitability, as well as in skin diseases, abscesses, gout, rheumatism, sciatica, acute respiratory diseases, asthma, and lung diseases. A bath tones and strengthens the heart and nervous system, assists in the restoration of strength in recovering patients. A bath can also be used by healthy people as a means of maintaining their forces.

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Cedar Resin: Nature's Miracle

The majority of articles and abstracts about resin point out that it is named "zhivitsa" in Russian thanks to its ability to heal wounds effectively and rapidly (the verb "to heal" in Russian, zazhivit, has the same root). This is, of course, true, but there are other, more substantial reasons for such an evocative name. According to Jack Tresidder's dictionary of symbols, resin signifies immortality, a symbolism based on the popular belief that resin is the undying spirit of long-living trees.

Many examples may be cited of the special relationship of various peoples to this mysterious substance, but the purpose of this article is to solve the riddle of this unanimity: perhaps our ancestors knew something about resin that we are only just beginning to learn through the misty veil of time.

So, where shall we begin? I, for example, would be interested to discover just what botanists and chemists think about resin. If you do the maximum amount of sifting through the scientific slang, you find the following. Resin is a substance excreted by plants during normal physiological metabolism, and also in the event of physical injuries for the healing of their own flesh. It is produced by special tissues of the roots, leaves, wood, and internal bark — the sapwood. The living epithelial cells in which resin is formed divide, forming resin channels or passageways. These channels are often strongly branched, so that in the event of an injury to one of them, the wood resin begins to flow to the injured portion from far away. Scientists are surprised that sometimes wood resin is found inside cells and cell membranes. It is not being used as reserve nutrients, so what is the biological sense of the presence of wood resin there where it should not be? I have a hypothesis that the wood resin appears in cells and cell membranes when the necessity arises for the plant to defend itself against the unfavourable effect of the environment. When reacting with oxygen, wood resins easily oxidize, and in the oxidized state become unusually resistant to external influences (it is interesting that this circumstance is well known to scientists, but they have not succeeded in analyzing it and coming to any conclusions). Wood resin exerts a similar action on the human organism as well. When you ingest resin, you are insured for several hours against the harmful influence of toxins entering from the environment.

What is resin made up of? Volatile substances make up 30–35%: resinous spirits and their ethers (turpentine and its derivatives), and oxygen compounds. There is a wide spectrum of fatty and resin acids (including succinic acid), plant matter, vitamins C and D, and also substances of an obscure nature, known under the name of rubbers. Wood resins included in the composition of resin are substances that are hard and amorphous — that is, they do not have a crystalline structure. They do not dissolve in water, but yield to organic solvents, such as alcohol, and fatty and essential oils.

Wood resin molecules are connected to each other not by chemical bonds, but by intermolecular cohesive forces, which are easily disrupted when heated or dissolved. In the process, on the surface of solutions appear free, unconnected molecules of the resin components that have a large supply of free energy. Because of this energy, they are able to capture and hold molecules of other substances that approach the surface of the solution. This property of wood resin makes it possible to concentrate or intensify its properties by the addition of other natural components.

So, let us repeat, wood resin is found in the state of a volatile solution in plants, and this substance is called "resin (zhivitsa)." Over time, the essential oil evaporates, the resin hardens, losing its stickiness and strong aroma. Even so, a small quantity of essential oil still remains. Even amber, which has lain for tens of millions of years in the earth and become hard as rock, contains approximately 6% essential oil. It can be completely removed only by distillation, that is, heating it to a high temperature.

The amazing long life of wood resins can be explained by their suppressive action on microflora, which, on the one hand, cannot use wood resin as a nutritive substrate, and which, on the other hand, dies under the effect of its bactericidal properties. And the main thing is these properties may be preserved over the course of millennia.

You must agree that all this is interesting. And for a person who has experience in using resin, this explains much. Once ingested, it accurately but relentlessly, like an experienced employee of a cleaning service, cleans out everything that it considers unnecessary and foreign in the living organism, moreover, notice, it protects the organism from the aggressive effect of the environment, which in our time is never ending.

And now, let us clarify: what is "everything"? No one will deny that what is unnecessary in our organism includes parasites, moulds, fungi, all types of pathogenic microorganisms and radionuclides.

A special miracle is the "behaviour" of resin with respect to bacteria. Performing the function of an antiseptic and antibiotic, it acts intelligently and selectively, and recognizes useful microflora, supports and restores it, but destroys and recycles pathogenic microflora, which, by the way, suppresses the development of "native" microorganisms.

And viruses! Here I propose a short tour of the subject.

All representatives of the earth's flora and fauna have genetic links to viruses. Of the human genome, 30% consists of information copied by virus-like elements, which can cause mutations, including such significant ones as chromosomal reorganization. Some of them, that is, the most promising, obtain a selective advantage. This is constructive, since the organism must manage to adapt to the continually changing conditions of existence. And in our time, changes in the living environment have acquired exceptionally high-speed characteristics. Notice that for the present we are speaking about natural changes related to evolutionary processes.

This suggests the conclusion: a certain category of virus-like elements are the material carriers of the program for the development of all living organisms.

But there are thousands of varieties of other viruses. Killer viruses. Their prime living environment is the intracellular and intercellular space, there are also those that damage the cell nucleus. In the event of an infection in the cell, special mechanisms for antiviral defence are activated. The affected cells begin to synthesize signal molecules—interferons—which take the surrounding healthy cells to an antiviral state and activate the immune systems. The damage produced by the multiplication of the virus in the cell can be detected by systems of intracellular monitoring, and this cell will have to terminate its life in the course of the process known as apoptosis (programmed cell death).

The virus's survival directly depends on its ability to overcome antiviral defence systems. Therefore, it is not surprising that many viruses in the process of evolution have acquired the ability to suppress the synthesis of interferons and deceive the apoptosis program. In essence, the virus begins, with impunity, to reprogram the host cell. Some of these may enter a latent state, practically not interfering with the processes occurring in the cell. They are activated in certain conditions. The multiplication strategy of several bacteriophages, for example, is constructed in this way — as long as the infected cell is in a favourable environment, the bacteriophage does not kill it, but in this case is inherited by daughter cells and is quite often integrated into the cell's genome. When the cell enters into an unfavourable environment, the pathogen takes control of cellular processes in such a way that the cell begins to produce the materials from which new bacteriophages are made (the so-called lytic, or cell-destroying stage). The cell turns into a factory capable of producing many thousands of bacteriophages and, having multiplied repeatedly, they burst the membrane, thus killing the cell. This phenomenon is related to the appearance of certain oncological diseases.

In general, all diseases are caused by morphological change — gross non-inherited changes in the phenotype of the organism under the influence of extreme environmental factors. And here I have in mind the aggressive nature of the environment caused by inappropriate human activity.

So, the claim exists that viruses that take root inside a cell, especially in a cell nucleus, are impossible to remove, even with the use of the most modern methods of cleansing.

This claim is true, but just not for resin. Since it easily penetrates a membrane, resin destroys and removes from a cell not only all viruses, but poisons as well, toxins of varying origin, including those from intensive chemotherapy, and foreign bodies, for example, radionuclides and heavy metal salts.

Moreover resin neutralizes the consequences of such human "inventions" as alcohol, tobacco, vaccinations, modern methods of processing and storing food products.

Ultrasound examinations are quite another topic! I have the impression that few people know about the harmful influence an ultrasound examination has on the organism. Although the truth is not hidden from us. The results of experiments done by biological scientists are published, although not widely. A chromosome, placed in clean water, emits pleasant melodic sounds, moreover the musical phrases never repeat. The sound is coded information, and in this circumstance, it is genetic. After a chromosome is acted upon by ultrasound of the frequency used in an ultrasound examination, the melodic sound is replaced by a plaintive drone. This means that a portion of the genetic information has been destroyed.

What to do about this? A majority of people have experienced ultrasound examinations repeatedly! And it is especially a pity for pregnant women.

In these cases, wood resin is genuine salvation. When wood resin comes into contact with the human genetic system, it eliminates the destructive programs that have taken root in the genome and restores the lost natural programs.
This property to some extent is possessed by all biopolymers, but the most universal in their action on the human organism are the resins of the Siberian cedar and larch. The results of many years of practical experience confirm the possibility of genetic rehabilitation. I shall illustrate with this example: a novice user of a personal computer, having removed files from his Trash, thinks that he has gotten rid of them forever, but any programmer can restore the lost information in a few minutes. Thus also, a person cannot irretrievably lose anything that Nature has endowed him with.

Within this topic it is interesting to compare the properties of resin and water. Water is a very sensitive, mobile, and responsive substance. It may be conveniently used as a carrier of information — it can be recorded, overwritten, cleared, and given the properties necessary for the solution of a concrete problem. Resin, on the other hand, carries standardized natural (or divine, if you like) information, and a person cannot influence, erase, or reprogram this information. Thanks to this property, resin indeed fulfills its basic mission: to revitalize and revive, clean, restore what was lost, and protect from harm. That is, to preserve.

Nikolay Mechin

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NEW: Some Facts about Cedar Resin and Resin Extract

Cedar trees secrete resin as a defense to close wounds from insects or other forces. The sap provides a protective layer or sealant over the injury. The sap hardens forming an amber glob which turns dark in color over time. On fresh wounds, you'll notice a whitish layer of sap covering the damaged area. With time, large clumps form making it easier to harvest. Resins contain antimicrobial properties that help prevent decay and fungal infections, and resins also seem to decrease water loss during droughts or plant injury.

Humans have gathered and used resins from cedar for thousands of years. Native Americans used cedar sap for medicinal purposes. The resin is either chewed on or made into a beverage by mixing with water. It is known to be very effective in treating stomach ulcers and rheumatoid arthritis. It also alleviates joint pain, while reducing inflammation and increasing mobility. It was used in ancient Babylon to treat stomach problems, inflammations and ulcers.

During the Civil War, a Confederate surgeon named Francis Porter used cedar resin as a stimulant, diuretic and laxative. There is evidence that colonial Americans used cedar sap as a cold and cough remedy and in the treatment of cancer, and physicians even recommended ground cedar resin mixed with water for ulcers, smallpox and syphilis. The Chinese used the resin from a cedar tree to treat abscesses.

The most popular product that is made with Cedar resin is medicinal Turpentine balsam or Resin extract on a base of Siberian Cedar Nut Oil 5%, 10% and 20%.

According to the "Plants for a Future" "The turpentine obtained from the resin of all cedar trees is antiseptic, diuretic, rubefacient and vermifuge. It is a valuable remedy used internally in the treatment of kidney and bladder complaints and is used both internally and as a rub and steam bath in the treatment of rheumatic affections. It is also very beneficial to the respiratory system and so is useful in treating diseases of the mucous membranes and respiratory complaints such as coughs, colds, influenza and TB. Externally it is a very beneficial treatment for a variety of skin complaints, wounds, sores, burns, boils etc and is used in the form of liniment plasters, poultices, herbal steam baths and inhalers... It is useful in treating burning of the body, cough, fainting and ulcers."

Resin extrtact has been used medicinally since ancient times and is still being used as folk remedies up to the present. The most common applications are for infections and infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, cancer, arthritis and rheumatic diseases in general. Resin extract therapy may be one of the best ways to eliminate pathogenic microbes and parasites from the blood and bowel. It appears that the success of Resin extract is due to its detrimental effect on these fungi and CWD microbes, which then allows the immune system to eliminate remaining pockets of other pathogens and abnormal cells in tumours and affected organs.

According to Wikipedia: "Turpentine was a common medicine among seamen during the Age of Discovery, and one of several products carried aboard Ferdinand Magellan's fleet in his first circumnavigation of the globe." To expel tapeworms, a powerful dose of one to two tablespoons of Turpentine was given, usually mixed with the same amount of castor oil and taken floating on milk. This was repeated every second or third day until the fragments of the worm ceased to appear in the stool. For children, the prescription was less drastic: one teaspoonful of sugar, three to four drops of Turpentine and one teaspoonful of castor oil.

Jennifer Daniels, MD, discovered that American slaves had a secret remedy that kept them free of diseases: a teaspoon of turpentine balsam mixed with a teaspoon of white sugar, taken for short periods several times each year. She adopted this as a successful Candida therapy: Slowly pour a teaspoon of turpentine balsam over sugar cubes or a rounded teaspoon of white sugar to soak it all up. Then chew the cubes or soaked sugar and wash the mixture down with water. Dr Daniels generally recommends doing this twice a week for several weeks, but initially daily with long-term Candida. Continue until the problem is fixed - which can happen surprisingly quickly.

Dr Daniels states that before starting turpentine balsam therapy it is essential to prepare by drinking lots of water, adopting a suitable anti-Candida diet and cleaning the bowel. At this stage, it is necessary to have three daily bowel movements, otherwise the pathogens may get into the blood. She also believes that the use of sugar in this case is beneficial in stopping the sugar craving so common with Candida and in attracting the Candida to the "poison".

In her report, Dr Daniels also wrote that the first edition of The Merck Manual of appropriate and accepted treatments for recognised diseases, published in 1899, states that turpentine balsam therapy is effective for a wide range of conditions including gonorrhoea, meningitis, arthritis, abdominal difficulties and lung disease.

Resin extract is often recommended as best for cleaning the blood, as it is quickly absorbed in the stomach.

How To Use Resin extract

How Resin extract is taken and for how long is rather flexible. Some take it as needed, while others have a full course every year just as a precaution. A good way is to start with half a teaspoonful, then continue with one teaspoon for a week or two; if not much seems to happen, then gradually increase up to one tablespoon for a while until ending with one teaspoonful, for a total duration of about six weeks or until your problem has sufficiently improved. It may be advisable to have a shorter or longer follow-up course two months later.

Commonly, Resin extract is taken once a day either before breakfast or at bedtime. One woman supposedly cured her terminal cancer, with metastases all over the body, by drinking a glassful of Turpentine balsam followed by fruit juice. She wrote that it caused extreme diarrhoea and vomiting for three days. High doses of microbicides may cause too much fungal die-off too suddenly, resulting in a "reaction" with nausea and fatigue. While this is generally good and part of the healing process, it is better to increase the dose only gradually to avoid or minimise strong, unpleasant reactions, although diarrhoea is very common at some stage. During a reaction, temporarily reduce or skip the remedy until recovered.

Resin extract is best taken on an empty or nearly empty stomach, as it floats on anything that is in the stomach and then may continue repeating for a longer time.

For arthritis, Resin extract is used as a rub or in a pack placed on painful areas. This is very effective in drawing out inflammatory pain from arthritic joints and promoting their healing. Also, tumours may be covered with Turpentine balsam packs.

For toe and nail fungus as well as fungal infections of the skin, the affected parts may be soaked in Resin extract.

Candida infections or thrush in the mouth or vagina may be treated by coating or rinsing with Resin extract.

However, for cleaning the bowel of cancer, Candida or parasites, it may be necessary to take up to a tablespoonful of Resin extract at a time.

Turpentine Balsam Mixes

1. Turpentine balsam 1-2 drops in Garlic extract - will benefit asthmatics-people having difficulty breatheing.

2. Turpentine balsam and honey. 1tsp of turpentine balsam balsam in 3-4 oz of honey ( increase honey if to strong) and use orally for anti-inflammatory-breatheing-anti fungal-viral-bacterial-antioxidant.

3. Turpentine balsam and Peanut oil rubs - use 1 oz of turpentine balsam balsam with 4-5 oz of peanut oil—mix well or shake vigourusly - glass container - apply to damage or congested skin as well as - Open wounds—festering infections—stiff joints - apply topicall in the bronchial area for penetration to break down lung infection.


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In modern conditions of environmental pollution, acute and chronic lesions of the liver of chemical etiology are becoming increasingly more widespread.

The participation of the liver in the neutralization of toxins entering the organism defines its leading role in the maintenance of the chemical homeostasis of the organism in a condition of continuing pollution.

In this case, the chronic stress of the biotransformation processes in the liver over time leads to their decompensation, a result of which may be the development of disturbances in the basic functions of the liver (detoxification and protein synthesis).

The existence of phases in the development of these processes has been noted - from the adaptive hyper function of the liver to the development of an insufficiency syndrome and an exhaustion phase, with an increased predisposition to the development of chronic processes (including forms of hepatitis and cirrhosis with a decrease in the quantity of functionally active liver cells, and leading to atrophy) [b].

In this case, the first phases are asymptomatic, then nonspecific symptoms appear in the form of a lessening of fitness for work, lowering of mood, strength, etc.

On the basis of these concepts, a disruption of the reactions involving the biotransformation and detoxification of foreign chemical substances in the liver is increasingly more frequently associated with the development of a number of environmentally caused pathological processes, including chronic fatigue syndrome.

And in our time this is becoming ever more widespread among the population and is acquiring the proportions of a serious problem.

Correction at this stage consists of providing building material (proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, minerals, etc.) in quantities corresponding to the proportions of the chemical loads on the hepatic cells. In these conditions, it is necessary that all vitally important elements for maintaining the function of the cells, and especially the cells of the liver - the detoxification laboratory - regularly enter the organism.

The use of natural Ringing Cedars of Russia Siberian cedar oils, which are capable of providing the organism with the necessary set of natural nutritive components, is an important link in the correction of metabolic disturbances associated with environmental pressure.

Ringing Cedars of Russia Siberian cedar nut oils are a concentrate of a complete vegetable protein with a high content of the essential amino acid methionine, which plays an important role in the functional state of the cells of the liver. Methionine facilitates the excretion of fatty impurities from the cells of the liver; it converts, by methylation, toxic substances into nontoxic, which are subject to removal from the organism with the bile through the gastrointestinal tract.

The detoxifying function of hepatic cells is also maintained by the amino acids ornithine, threonine, taurine.

Ringing Cedars of Russia Siberian cedar nut oil provides the organism with polyunsaturated fatty acids and creates the conditions for the formation of complete cellular membranes, thus exhibiting a hepatoprotective effect.

The antioxidant properties of ascorbic acid together with the vitamins A, E, and F increase the membrane stabilizing effect and regeneration.

The mineral composition is characterized by a high content of macroelements: phosphorus, potassium, magnesium. The value of phosphorus, as an element participating in the building of phospholipids - the most important substances for maintaining the normal function of hepatocytes - makes itself evident in the reduction of fatty impurities in the hepatic cells and in the prevention of adipose degeneration of the liver (fatty hepatosis), which is frequently the initial stage in the development of chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis.

The regular ingestion of functional nutrition cedar products improves the functional state of the liver and bile ducts, and can be used for the prophylaxis of the pathology of the biliary system in conditions of environmental danger.

Program of support to the liver.

First month.

Ringing Cedars of Russia Siberian cedar nut oil, 1 tea spoon 1 times a day.
Ringing Cedars of Russia Siberian cedar nut oil enriched with resin 5%, 1 tea spoon 1 time a day.

Second month.

Ringing Cedars of Russia Siberian cedar nut oil enriched with resin 5%, 1 tea spoon 2 times a day.

Third month.

Ringing Cedars of Russia Siberian cedar nut oil enriched with resin 5%, 1 table spoon 1 time a day.
Ringing Cedars of Russia Siberian cedar nut oil enriched with resin 10%, 1 tea spoon 1 time a day.


Modern studies of the food allowance have revealed substantial deviations in the structure of the diet of the population from the formula of a balanced diet: a deficiency has been noted in micronutrients - vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fatty acids, and an entire series of organic compounds of plant origin; with regard to macronutrients, the food allowance is deficient in proteins and dietary fibers, and has an excess of animal fats.

The existing deficient structure of the diet exerts an unfavorable effect, first of all on the defensive strength of the organism - there is an increase in the risk of the development of different environmentally caused diseases.

Modern science possesses persuasive data to attest that, with the use of functional nutrition, it is possible to support an optimum level of vital activity and avoid many illnesses.

Ringing Cedars of Russia cedar nut products intended for prophylaxis and health improvement are manufactured according to modern conserving technologies, which make it possible to preserve all biologically active natural components in their primary form.

The series of health-improvement products based on Ringing Cedars of Russia cedar nut oil includes:

Cedar nut oil;
Cedar nut oil enriched with cedar resin 5%;
Cedar nut oil enriched with cedar resin 10%;
Cedar nut oil enriched with cedar resin 20%

Thus, functional nutrition of Ringing Cedars of Russia cedar products - cedar nut oil and cedar oil with cedar resin - are composed of a harmoniously balanced complex of biologically active substances, which exert a combined versatile action on organs and systems that are critical for the maintenance of the cleanliness of the internal environment of the human organism. They do not contain preservatives or toxic substances; and therefore, there are no contraindications to their use, with the exception of any individual intolerance to separate components.

The high biological activity of the natural components of cedar products under Ringing Cedars of Russia brand name and the complex action of balanced nutrients are responsible for the health improvement properties of these products in conditions of the influence of harmful environmental factors.

The use of Ringing Cedars of Russia cedar products intended for prophylaxis and health improvement is recommended for the inhabitants of large cities and environmentally unfavorable regions for prophylaxis and rehabilitation in the face of the influence of harmful environmental factors by maintaining the function of the liver and the immune system, as well as the organs of the excretory system.

N. A. Agadzhanyan, PhD, Professor.
Clinical and Experimental Lymphology Scientific Research Institute of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
Novosibirsk, 2011

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Siberian Cedar Nut Oil enriched with Resin - An Effective Remedy in the Treatment of Intestinal Dysbiosis
According to data from the G. N. Gabrichevsky Moscow Scientific Research Institute for Epidemiology and Microbiology published in 2013, Siberian Cedar Nut Oil enriched with Resin(Resin Extract) can treat the most widespread disease in the world - intestinal dysbiosis. Resin Extract assists in eliminating pathogenic intestinal flora and at the same time it stimulates the growth of beneficial microorganisms, thus restoring the activity of the gastrointestinal tract and the immune system.

The intestine is an important immunological organ, whose own lamina contains as many lymphoid cells as the spleen. Among these cells have been identified T-cells, B-cells, small lymphocytes, and plasma cells. The latter synthesize primarily class A immunoglobins, and are the source of antibodies that are secreted by the mucous membrane of the intestines. The numerous small lymphocytes control the production of antibodies and, in addition, carry out reactions for cellular immunity. The immunological function of the intestines is mediated by the action, above all, of the lymphocytes located in Peyer's patches and in the mucous membrane.

The normal flora of the intestines is a balance of beneficial microorganisms (bifidobacteria and lactobacteria) and potentially pathogenic flora (anaerobic streptococci, colon bacillus, enterococci, etc.).

In certain conditions (intestinal infections, antibacterial therapy, lack of a balanced diet, environment, stress), the composition and quantity of microorganisms may change in the direction of the growth of potentially pathogenic flora in the intestinal cavity. The result is the occurrence of disorders involving the metabolism and digestion, and malfunctions in the functioning of the immune system. This type of pathological condition is called dysbiosis.

According to European statistics, intestinal dysbiosis is diagnosed in 92% to 95% of the population. The consumption of antibiotics and hormones is the most frequent cause of the development of dysbiosis. The first signs of dysbiosis are heaviness and swelling of the stomach, irregularity of bowel movements and appetite, and a manifestation of various allergies.

Siberian Cedar Nut Oil enriched with Resin destroys pathogenic flora.

The growth of pathogenic flora acts oppressively on beneficial bacteria. Precisely for that reason, the use of probiotics for the treatment of dysbiosis is not effective. Beneficial microorganisms cannot take root in an environment that is antagonisic towards them, and die quickly. Before the colonization of the intestines by beneficial bacteria, it is essential that it be partially cleaned of pathogenic flora. Resin Extract is capable of stopping the growth of pathogenic flora and reducing its quantity to normal levels, thanks to its unique cleansing action. The effective treatment of dysbiosis occurs owing to the fact that the phytoncides, resin acids, and essential oils that make up resin, thanks to their powerful antibacterial and fungicidal properties, quickly and effectively arrest the reproductive process of pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Resin Extract thoroughly binds putrefactive and fermentation-causing bacteria, pathogenic microbes and viruses and removes them from the gastrointestinal tract. And it also rids the organism of dead flora, which accumulates and poisons a person from within, especially after a dose of antibiotics.

Siberian Cedar Nut Oil enriched with Resin acts carefully, does not irritate the mucosa of the intestines and, which is especially important in the treatment of dysbiosis, does not harm the beneficial microorganisms. Such unpleasant symptoms as indigestion in the form of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea are effectively removed, and the symptoms of allergic reactions also diminish.
dysbiosis treatment with pine nut oil

Siberian Cedar Nut Oil enriched with Resin promotes the growth of beneficial flora.

A gastrointestinal tract cleansed of harmful substances is the ideal environment for the growth of beneficial intestinal flora. Resin Extract contains significant quantities of phosphoric and citric acids, oleic, linoleic, and linolenic fatty acids, as well as vitamins E and F, which promote the normalization of acidity (pH) and growth of the positive flora of the gastrointestinal tract, which, in turn, stimulates the production of immune cells. In this manner, Siberian Cedar Nut Oil enriched with Resin not only treats dysbiosis, but also restores natural immunity. The period after a cleansing treatment with Resin Extract is additionally just the right time to drink probiotics to hasten the colonization of beneficial flora in the gastrointestinal tract.

PhD., D. P. Nikitin,
G. N. Gabrichevsky Moscow Scientific Research Institute for Epidemiology and Microbiology

Monday, March 7, 2016


Someone needs to take a wrecking ball and wipe out the Luciferian Jew-run media and medical academics who promote the poisoning of children. They are suggesting it is dangerous to refer to breastfeeding as "natural" because it may "be counterproductive and drive some people away from vaccines." Check this out!!! You cannot make this shit up! And they are not afraid to talk about their agenda publicly, on

Source Article:
Are there unintended consequences to calling breast-feeding 'natural'?

CNN)Breast-feeding: "It's only natural." It's a message women may have seen on Facebook or a state health department website, or heard on the radio, as part of a campaign launched in 2013 by the Department of Health and Human Services.

But, according to a pair of experts, this type of campaign could backfire in a big way. When federal and local health departments use the term "natural" to promote breast-feeding, it could inadvertently fuel concerns over other aspects of health and society that are seen as "unnatural," such as vaccines, genetically modified foods and assisted reproductive technologies, the experts warn.

"We're not making any statements against the recommendation of breast-feeding overall, but are instead suggesting that the language of 'the natural' in breast-feeding promotion is slippery and potentially harmful to other public health goals, like vaccination," said Jessica Martucci, a researcher in advanced bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. Martucci is co-author of an article on the topic that was published on Friday in the journal Pediatrics.

Breast-feeding is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatricians and other major medical organizations because of its many health benefits, such as reducing the risk of infection in infants and helping mothers recover after pregnancy.

Yet if Martucci's argument is correct, these groups may want to reframe how they talk about breast-feeding. In support of its 2012 policy statement on the topic, the AAP called breast-feeding a "natural and beneficial source of nutrition" for an infant.

The price of pushing breast-feeding

On the one hand, invoking the "natural" side of breast-feeding may have helped create the breast-feeding renaissance we have today. After falling from popularity and losing out to formula milk in the 1950s and 1960s, breast-feeding started making a comeback in the 1970s in response to notions of "natural motherhood," trends that Martucci has written about on a blog and in her book, "Back to the Breast."

But is there a price to pay for pushing this view of breast-feeding? Could it lead people to believe that breast-feeding is best because it is free of chemicals and artificial ingredients? The article points to research and anecdotes suggesting that some Americans reject vaccines because they are manufactured and believe that boosting immunity naturally is better or safer.

One study found that the most common reason parents claimed nonmedical exemptions for required school immunizations was concern that the vaccines might be harmful. But immunizations protect children against deadly diseases, and their safety had been extensively demonstrated.

"Part of the reason that some people are hesitant to vaccinate is part of a worldview that has a tendency to like natural things and have a preference for natural risks over manmade risks," said Daniel Salmon, deputy director of the Institute for Vaccine Safety at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The idea that vaccines are not natural could play into the concerns that some people have that they are not safe, added Salmon, who led the study looking at why parents claimed exemptions.

It is possible that promoting breast-feeding as natural could have the inadvertent effect the authors of the current article suggest, Salmon said.

"I think people that develop breast-feeding messages, whether the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or state health departments, should be -- and I'm sure are -- aware of that possibility and how their messages could impact other areas of health and public health," he said.

'Natural' doesn't mean 'easy'

While promoting breast-feeding as "natural" may be counterproductive and drive some people away from vaccines, there is no evidence so far this is the case, and it would probably only affect a small minority of people anyway, said Dr. Arthur I. Eidelman, a visiting professor of pediatrics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, New York.
Showing moms that bottle feeding is beautiful, too

"(The authors) are using this article to label the breast-feeding group in a very negative way, and to equate breast-feeding with people who don't want to take immunizations," said Eidelman, who was lead author of the 2012 AAP policy statement on breast-feeding.

Nevertheless, it is worth having a discussion about the best ways to market breast-feeding, Eidelman said. Up until a couple years ago, the phrase "breast is best" was commonly used, but now it seems to have been replaced with the idea that the practice is "nature's way," he added.

Invoking nature may be undesirable in breast-feeding messages for other reasons than that they could support parents' avoidance of vaccines and other manmade inventions, Eidelman said.

" 'Natural' implies it comes easy, but it might not come easy, especially the first time around, in terms of learning how to properly position an infant and the right way for a baby to latch on," Eidelman said.

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Dear friends - please join me at the upcoming Free Your Mind Conference in Philadelphia, PA, April 15-17 where I will be giving a talk entitled "Human Sexuality, Pornography, and the Attack on Human Love." This is going to be one of my most important talks to date and there will be many other powerful speakers at this conference who are committed to spreading The Truth. Presenters include Jordan Maxwell, Max Igan, Mark Passio, Bob Tuskin, Freeman Fly, Jamie Hanshaw, Cathy O'Brien, Mark Phillips, Jay Parker, Mark Devlin, Jim Marrs, Ken Rohla, Laura Eisenhower and many more. I believe this is a conference everyone will benefit from and enjoy. Please consider joining us as we gather in consciousness to shift the grid on our planet back to its pristine condition. Hope to see you there.

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The above picture is an image of the "fetal scalp electrode" (otherwise known as a torture device) that is literally screwed into the head of a newborn while the baby is still in the womb. This device is used when women are attached to an "internal fetal heart monitor." According to the article below, a whooping 85% of US women are attached to fetal heart monitors (some internal and some not) during labor and delivery. This technology involves the use of ultrasound which, as I posted a few days ago, is causing brain damage in the baby, predisposing children to autism, contributing to infertility, and damaging DNA.

ALL of their technology is lethal, and this includes their toxic drugs. Technological birth is one of the most violent assaults on our species and it is being inflicted on us for the express purpose of ALTERING us and rendering us slaves to a cult of demonic overlords.

It's wakey wakey time folks. We should never let these demons get their hands on our children.

Source Article by Aria Whitebeam:
Invasive Interference During Birth

I will introduce the methodology of cardiotocography, the machinery involved in monitoring babies during labour and sometimes in pregnancy. Although I shall concern the research I am sharing with labour alone, I will highlight the gruesome application in general. I will then go through the possible risks associated with this highly invasive technology. I will provide the evidence that suggests long-lasting physiological and psychological effects after pain is suffered when in infancy. I will end showing the opinions of the pioneer of invasive births, the Jewish Dr. Joseph DeLee whose shocking techniques were used on mass.

Cardiotocography is a fetal monitoring system that can be external or internal. If used externally, it can cause discomfort to the mom and incur more interventions for the baby. The external monitor gives massively inaccurate readings, which could lead to internal readings then being monitored, which claim to have a more accurate reading; more accurate than a really bad one anyway. A big concern is that the readings coming from the machines are incorrect, making them useless.

A massive 85% of US women are monitored using cardiotocograohy during labour (Essential Medical Facts Every Clinician Should Know, Taylor, 2011). Those women should be aware of the side effects of such interventions.

The reason for using this technology is to monitor the heart rate of baby and show any signs of foetal hypoxia insults, which means the deprivation of an adequate supply of oxygen. The machine normally only gives a heartbeat reading, and from this assumptions about oxygen levels are made. There is a catheter that can be attached to monitor the pressure of the uterine contractions, but is rarely used.

The causes for concerns, which lead to constant monitoring, are shown in the purple slide (click to enlarge).

External monitoring involves a machine strapped to the stomach of the woman in labour, taking continuous readings, of which there are many, often making the information hard to decipher. Foetal scalp electrode monitoring is when an electrode is put into the womb through the cervix and clipped, screwed, or hooked onto babies head, taking information on the baby’s heart beat and any variables shown. It seems that if anyone gets a hook in the head they may just have an increased heartbeat anyway, making this perhaps counter-productive.

You can look up any pain with increased heartbeat and you will learn that “your heart will respond in a reflexive manner to the pain by increasing heart rate.” (Livestrong)

So maybe, just maybe this entire process taking readings that show stress levels, is actually causing increased stress because of the environment the poor baby is being born into. Oh my god, do we have no sense?

“Internal monitoring is performed by attaching a screw-type electrode to the fetal scalp with a connection to an FHR monitor.” (American family physician).

However, the machine and the practitioner often misread the data and then alarm bells ring, more interventions are introduced, and a previously unstressed mom and baby are now in distress.
Or maybe they are not in distress, who knows, as these graphs are so hard to read.

“One major risk of any type of fetal monitoring is the presence of false positive and false negative results. A false positive result is when the information is interpreted as indicating distress but there is no fetal distress.”(Healthline, 2012).

So how common is a false reading and does this make them totally worthless?

“Abnormal FHR patterns in continuous electronic fetal heart monitoring are sometimes a difficult problem for the attending obstetrician because of the high false- positive rate. Overestimation of danger to the fetus is of common occurrence.” (Manual of Obstetrics, 2005,pg387)

This false positive reading then shows the foetus is in distress, when it is not in the kind of distress they are looking for. There is a massive increase in caesarean sections, vacuum and forceps-aided deliveries. The side effects of such interventions and assistance causes;

“FSE was used in 37,492 (22%) of deliveries and was associated with increased risk of subdural and cerebral hemorrhage, injury to scalp due to birth trauma, cephalohematoma, jaundice, asphyxia, and sepsis (TABLE). In a secondary analysis, FSE + VAVD was associated with a substantially higher risk of composite trauma including scalp injury, subdural and cerebral hemorrhage, subgaleal hematoma and cephalohematoma” (American Journal of obstetrics and gynecology, 273: Complications associated with fetal scalp electrode, Tetsuya Kawakita et al, 2015)

Let’s go through these potential dangers and find out what FSE (Fetal scalp electrode) is causing:

cephalohematoma’ is a pool of blood underneath the skin from damaged blood vessels, causing anaemia (Iron deficiency).

The cephalohematoma can cause ‘Jaundice’, which is common for most infants, as their livers are not mature this will normally self-correct as the baby ages. However, jaundice is also a warning sign for underlying problems, such as ‘Sepsis’ which is an infection;

Sepsis is a life-threatening illness caused when the body is overcome by infection. It is often called septicaemia or blood poisoning when the body is fighting a severe infection that has spread via the bloodstream.” (WebMD).

When a person has septicaemia his or her body will go into immune overdrive and release many white blood cells. The body will become weak after swelling. Eventually there will be a deficiency in oxygen.

Asphyxia is intended to be reduced by FSM, but can also cause it. Asphyxia is a lack of oxygen to the brain and can lead to suffocation.

Scalp Injury is the most frequently caused complication with using the FSE but can be extensive and one hospital decided to review standards of practice after a literary review and their hospital experience showed “severe scalp laceration due to a scalp electrode.” (Expert Review of Obstetrics & Gynecology ,Volume 8, Issue 2, Pieter Folkert de Groot et al, 2013)

Subdural haemorrhage is when blood is collecting between the skull and the surface of the brain and applying pressure to the brain this can cause unconsciousness and fatality. Cerebral haemorrhage is when there is bleeding within the brain, and surgery is required if extensive. Bleeding within the brain causes the death of cells, and carries high risk of fatality.

Other reports using continuous CTG machinery showed that the patients without CTG had lower cerebral palsy in infants, those with continuous had higher rates. (Intervention Review, Zarko et al, 2013)

It concerns me that once upon a time doctors used skills, skills that they are no longer taught. Midwives are scared of trusting themselves and rely heavily upon machinery. Although the NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guidelines state that women must be with a midwife and a monitor simultaneously, and that monitoring is not to do the job of the midwife, many women can be left alone and monitored from an adjoined pc, showing several monitors at once to a practitioner observing.

So we willingly hurt babies; are there any long lasting damages for the newborns, which have suffered a painful birth and are born with lacerations all over their heads?

“Physiologic studies in animals indicate that very early pain experiences may have more than immediate consequences in infancy. Ongoing lowered pain thresholds in the injured area indicate that changes occur in the still-developing spinal cord. Early stress may lead to a reduced immune system response, resulting in consequences such as delayed wound healing and potentially an increased susceptibility to infection. Increased pain sensitivity, decreased immune system functioning, increased avoidance behavior, and social hypervigilance are all possible outcomes
.”(Journal of Perinatal Education, Are There Long-Term Consequences of Pain in Newborn or Very Young Infants, 2004)

This concludes that changes in the central nervous system occur as well as psychological trauma, leading to avoidance behaviors. In other words, weakness. Traumatising the young may cause a mass future populous that does not protect themselves or others; they will avoid conflict by fleeing and perhaps freeze still in shock when seeing a situation in which one should act. Like the ‘bystander effect’, people passing other people in danger and doing nothing to help. Social hypervigilance is a hypersensitivity that leads to an anxiousness, which the person is on constant threat alert, which may cause inappropriate or aggressive behaviours. We’re creating a world full of angry or/and passive people, with erratic behaviours who cannot socialise well… actually, that’s what we already have. But birth didn’t do you any harm, I hear some say. Really? Because most of us are barely functioning, with a massive aversion for responsibility and a desire for escapism. This is just where they want us to be, distracted and weary.

Dr. Joseph DeLee was an early advocator of interventions in labour. He aided the change of childbirth from a normal process to one that has become only clinical, and viewed as a medical condition. Dr. Joseph DeLee advocated unconscious and drugged labour with forceps intervention as a delivery method for all. It is a slight twist on the take of ‘twilight sleep’, which endangered many; it was highly publicised as ‘painless birth’ with blissful outcomes, and with this propaganda it aided the shift of women willingly into hospitals, the delusions during labour, and of course the cages used to hold hysterical women were not publicised.

DeLee believed that avoiding damage during labour is unlikely, that all labour causes tears and rips, and that a woman was pretty bad at birthing. This Jewish ‘father of modern obstetrics’ introduced detached maternity wards and promoted hospital births as being the safest option, although mortality rates remained for baby and increased for mom.

“Maternal mortality rates were highest in this century during 1900-1930 (2). Poor obstetric education and delivery practices were mainly responsible for the high numbers of maternal deaths, most of which were preventable.” (CDC, 1999)

As the hospital births increased, then theoretically if DeLee was correct, the numbers of mortality should have decreased, but they did not and his defence was uncleanliness. I agree with him fully that sanitation is a correlating factor to ensure healthy births, but he cannot shake that his interventions where harmful.

He wrote on his views of labour: “Labor is pathogenic, disease producing, and anything pathogenic is pathological or abnormal… I have often wondered if women should be used up in the process of reproduction, in a manner analogous to that of salmon, which dies after spawning.” (Dr Joseph DeLee, The Prophylactic Forceps Operation)

Luckily he is incorrect as I am living proof of humans being able to birth more than one or two generations and be able to point out that he is stupid!

So this lovely individual who continued hospital suffering, by strapping women to a bed, giving them Morphine and Scopolamine, rendering them unconscious, removing their baby with forceps then stitching them up in the hope that they would, “abolish the memory of the labor as much as possible” (Dr Joseph DeLee, The Prophylactic Forceps Operation).

Before his death he claimed his techniques were not to be mass used at the time of his papers, as there were not enough competent practitioners. If I write down the ingredients to make a cake I created, with step by step instructions, and then publish this in the bakery world and deliver it to the hands of bakers directly, I may have to come to the conclusion that bakers will bake the fricking cake!

It appears there have only been minor changes since then. Women are still drugged up, strapped to a bed and very often forceps are used. Long gone are the leather straps to tie women down, but now we have an even better method, in which women fear for the life inside of them and are having machinery willingly strapped upon them. We no longer kick and fight, we just lay down in dangerous trust… what was that I said about avoidance behaviours?

I would like to add another article at a later date and delve into twilight sleep and the beginning of the birth of maternity and obstetrics in hospitalisation itself, as the main purpose of this text was to discuss the side effects of invasive monitoring.